Howie D. Comments From Lupus Fundraiser

Contributed by elgato1019_1:

A fan named Kat journaled her experiences on the Lupus Cruise 2002, an annual fundraiser sponsored by Howie D. and the Dorough Lupus Foundation. She talks about meeting Howie, his sister Pollyanna, and their parents, as well as some info on BSB’s upcoming schedule. She said, “Howie was DJing at the club so we got a lot of BSB dance mixes… and he sang along. Lots of fun.” Howie also told her, “There were no Backstreet Boys calendars this year because they are in the midst of changing merchandise companies, but expect a LOT of things once the new album is done. Howie said they go back into the studio as soon as AJ gets back from his honeymoon, so around March 1. Howie is taking 10 days off to shoot a movie, but other than that he has been writing his fingers off, doing songs for the Boys and for other artists.”

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