Howie Dorough Interview And ‘Lie To Me’ Performance

paid a visit to Young Hollywood’s studio at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons for an exclusive interview and acoustic performance of his latest single, ‘Lie to Me’. In the interview, Howie D. discussed what it’s like being a Backstreet Boy, going solo, and the creative process behind the recording of his new album, ‘Back to Me’.

“I’ve actually been working on this record for 5 years on and off,” Howie told Young Hollywood’s Kinsey Schofield, “I’m really excited to finally have something that I’m very proud to put my name on.”

Asked whether the recording process on the solo project was lonely compared to recording with BSB, he said, “We all came from individual backgrounds initially, and we all knew god willing if the took off for us in the early days, we’d hopefully be able to use it as a launching pad for each of us to spread our wings and each of us do some individual projects. It was definitely a different creative process, I can definitely say that because the fact that being in the group that I am almost two decades, there was a comfort zone that you have with my partners. Even if one day you aren’t feeling the greatest or woke up on the wrong side of the bed to be able to have other partners, the comrades, to share and lean on for extra help.”

Watch the interview below the cut.

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