Howie Dorough ‘Lie To Me’ Video Behind The Scenes

Howie Dorough behind the scenes during his 'Lie To Me' music video shoot of the is premiering a behind-the-scenes video for his second single ‘Lie To Me’. The song and accompanying video features Howie D and Canadian pop-rock quartet, Neverest.

“I felt like this was a great collaboration,” Howie says in the video about working with Neverest. “We’ve wanted to do something together for awhile. My second single just felt like that right song. It’s got that pop-rock feel. It’s got a Neverest vibe. So I’m honored to have this guys on the video with me and to sing the song.”

After the shooting ended, Howie said, “We just wrapped up the video for ‘Lie To Me’. Thank you guys. It was an honor. I’m glad we made this happen, finally, officially a collaboration. Howie and Neverest. I hope you guys enjoy the video.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

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