Howie Dorough On XL 106.7 In Orlando

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Renea, a friend of mine, heard Howie on her local radio station yesterday and gave me a summary of what was said. I thought you all might like to read it so here it is:

I was listening to XL 106.7 in Orlando yesterday as I was coming home from the post office on my CD player. I just turned it on while I was walking and I heard “As Long As You Love Me” playing in the background, and then I heard the announcer announce Howie, and of course, almost dropping the CD player, I had to steady myself and not walk into traffic.

He used to give reports to XL often, but things have slowed up, so they tracked him down. He’s in LA right now, where he and some of the guys as well as other people are WRITING FOR THE NEW ALBUM! They want this album to be perfect, so they’re taking their time. He said that it was supposed to be released in August, but right now they’re shooting for Dec/Jan! He talked about how he and the guys are doing their own things right now, but everything’s fine!


In Howie’s own words!

He talked about how proud he is of Nick, and how he had fun on the set of Nick’s video.

He talked about their endeavors, such as his acting, him and Kev producing and writing for the group as well as other people. He mentioned how proud he is of Brian and the new baby on the way. He didn’t mention AJ or the wedding.

He talked about his character on tonight, here he plays a conceited and arrogant celebrity. The DJ said that this was quite a stretch for Howie, being the he’s “Sweet D”, and such a laid back and nice guy. Don’t wanna give you guys anymore details on how the show will go.

The DJ also asked him about being single, and if he’ll be the last BSB to go. He said he’ll try and beat Nick. He has Tabu so that can keep him single. The second oldest will beat the youngest at staying single!

(That’s basically all the good stuff that Howie said on XL 106.7)

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