Howie Dorough & Raz B Form New Girl Group NMD

from the and former B2K star Raz B have formed the new girl group ‘NMD’ (No More Drama), celebrating the news by eating a giant pizza at Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood on Saturday (August 8). features former Clique Girlz member Ariel Moore. Check out pictures at

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14 thoughts on “Howie Dorough & Raz B Form New Girl Group NMD

  1. Kayla says:

    Are those the final girls? They are all so different and so pretty! I can’t wait!

  2. Ricardo says:

    Looking good….. Can’t wait to hear them….

  3. tenia says:

    if I’m not mistaken its not just Howie Dorough and Raz B. the group is also being put together by Ariel’s dad Louie and her producer, Eddie Galan

  4. Z MAN says:

    I hope these are not the girls they look like street walkers compared to Ariel. Not a girls band I would follow.

  5. girlygirl says:

    I hope the girls that sing with Ariel are true triple threats and can make up for what they lack in looks.

  6. Mickey says:

    They don’t look like street walkers. They look nice to me. They could be a little prettier but its about how talented they are right?? One thing I know is Ariel will only pick nice girls with real talent.

  7. Mickey says:

    Oh ,, and I just found out if you look on her website or Myspace you will see all 7 finalists. She is going to let her fans help her pick the final 4 for the group. That is awesome.

  8. Music Mania Productions says:

    The girls look great. I’m sure they are multi talented, being that Howie Dorough is involved. The group has got star quality. Looks, talent, personality. Its going to be a true success. Labels will be competing for them to sign guaranteed. The word on the street is that some pretty big labels are excited about them…some of the biggest labels in music history. Rightly so. Good luck girls. You are going to do great

  9. Ricky says:

    she really should pick rosie,
    everyone wants her 2..
    and they would work great together

  10. Tiffany says:

    Agree with Ricky.

  11. Ashley Tisdale says:

    Hey guys!
    check out my new movie aliens in the attic,
    I did see Rosie’s audition and I thought it was great,
    Ariel should give her a chance :) they look like
    girls that WOULD work well together

  12. Anna says:

    Hey that’s Alissa-Mae! I am so excited for her. Her and Des were the original G-Girlz! She so deserves this!

  13. P2E Mgmt says:

    “P2E” P2Entertainment will be posting photos of NMD’s Debut performance at this evening.

    Some can be viewed at Alissa-Mae’s Facebook as well. “alissamaemusic”

    Their performance was awesome! They are definitely the “NEXT BIG THING”! The crowd was amazed and many are excited for them. They are all incredibly beautiful, sincere and talented girls and we wish them the very best and success! They have have worked hard for the last 3-4 months!

    Kudos to Louie and Amanda Moore of MooreFun Entertainment and Howie of the Back StreetBoys! They have been wonderful Managers.

    P2E Mgmt

  14. brittney coates says:

    I like all your voice so much I can’t wait to hear it on 106 and park and on the radio

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