Howie Dorough Will Present At The Latin Grammys

Contributed by elgato:

Howie Dorough, Natalie Cole, Julio Iglesias Jr., and Carlos Ponce have been added to the list of presenters for the Latin Grammys. The Black Eyed Peas will join Juanes on stage for a duet. As announced previously, other presenters include Jessica Alba, JC Chasez, Daisy Fuentes, Juan Luis Guerra, Adam Rodriguez, Rosalyn Sanchez, Tyrese, and Sofia Vergara. Comedian George Lopez will host the show which airs 3rd at 9pm on CBS.

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5 thoughts on “Howie Dorough Will Present At The Latin Grammys

  1. FaustoAguilera says:

    Oh no the troll is resurfacing from the bridge again! RUN!

  2. Howie_Ds_Duchess says:

    It makes me very happy to hear that Howie D. will be one of the presenters. To the girl who posted that Howie is a troll needs a serious attitude check. Don’t hate the man cause you’re jealous.

  3. Stallion says:

    Howie is a FAKE just like the other Backstreet Boys.

  4. elgato says:

    Fake? Yeah, that’s why Chris Rock made fun of Nsync for LIP-SYNCHING at the VMAs. Because Nsync CAN’T sing

  5. mharinck says:

    yay!!!!! ….I can’t wait 2 watch that award later especially 2 see my Sweet D. :)

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