Howie Tells Fan A New Backstreet Album Will Come Out In ’04

Contributed by elgato:

Asylem from the forum at met Howie Dorough at the Latin Awards recently. She says, “I just hugged him and took the picture (he rubbed my back) and I was like aww sweet! lol …oh yeah and my friend asked him when they were coming out with their album he said next year and I asked what about your solo album, he said he’s still working on it. When I took a picture he was with 2 girls, and when I saw him inside he was with just one of the girls, they didn’t look like a couple though. I sat right behind him and when he turned around I said hi again and he’s like hey! …. I kept seeing him but he looked bored throughout the whole show. He left early. Oh, and he didn’t present he just watched. Yeah he is way better lookin in person, he winks a lot, lol. He was very nice except I didn’t think he would be short he was a tad bit shorter than me and I’m like 5’8-5’9 or maybe he was about the same as me I don’t remember.”

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5 thoughts on “Howie Tells Fan A New Backstreet Album Will Come Out In ’04

  1. elgato says:

    Nick just said they’re recording in March/April.

  2. Cicero says:

    Anyway, I was wondering what happened to the BSB. I was just asking some people here what was up with them, and was saying how I hadn’t heard a single thing about them for years. I wonder how this album will turn out. I mean, I think the boy band craze might be over, so this will be interesting. Still, I won’t discount them right away — I liked ‘Show Me the Meaning…’ and ‘Fire’ (Is that its title?). And I read that ‘N-Sync was going to start recording to, so it looks like the former rivalry will be back! I remember that BSB was beating N-Sync at first, but then N-Sync *really* took off. Should be fun.

  3. BsBKer says:

    It’s called “I Want It That Way.” I can’t wait for the album :)

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Howie is INCREDIBLY short for a guy! He and I are about the same height….and I’m 5’6″… I know this cause I met him and hugged him and such! He’s SO short! But he IS so much hotter in person, and so incredibly sweet! I can’t wait for the next record. They are really gonna blow people away! I can hardly contain myself here! It’s gonna be off the hook!

  5. fyb_0000 says:

    Great sounds like fun I’d like to hear some new stuff. I Want It That Way is a really cool song and I can never get sick of it. Their first single should resemble that.

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