Hugh Hefner: Miley Cyrus Can Pose Naked In Playboy When She’s 18

Playboy boss Hugh Hefner is making a creepy offer to on the heels of the ‘Hannah Montana’ star’s controversial photo spread in Vanity Fair magazine. 82-year-old Hef told ‘Extra’ the Disney star, 15, would be “welcomed in the magazine” for a naked pictorial when she’s legal. As for the Leibowitz images, Hef opined, “I think to make such a big to do over something as innocent as those photos, I think is a reflection on how schizophrenic America is about sexuality.”

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6 thoughts on “Hugh Hefner: Miley Cyrus Can Pose Naked In Playboy When She’s 18

  1. anonymouszz says:

    Miley is mad hot and sexy I would sex her all over the place

  2. anon says:

    I want to fu** her so badly seeing pictures would really bring her into light. Her body is perfect. I NEED PICTURES HEF!!!

  3. miley_lover says:

    I hope she does

  4. randy says:

    That’s just a bit disturbing Hugh. Miley Cyrus ain’t gonna be posing naked in your lifetime Hef

  5. ? says:

    way to ruin my life

  6. Don says:

    Yes Miley please go nude I want to see you naked in Playboy please do it for your fans it will really help your career!

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