I Attended Britney Spears Camp Where She Didn’t Show Up

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as some of you may know. has a camp for the performing arts that kids go to perform and at the end of the camp Britney comes and watches them. And as most of you know Britney was not at the VMA’s and she was supposed to be at the camp but this was the scene from the camp (from a mother of a camper)…..

Well I went to the camp yesterday and guess who was not there… You’re right, Britney. The first time in 5 years that she didn’t show. When I first arrived there was a police officer at the entrance, and the security was fairly tight so I assumed she must be there. Well while we were waiting in the parking lot there was talk she wasn’t there because she re-injured her knee. I didn’t really think that was true, I thought maybe they were throwing off the paparazzi or something. But when they finally let us in and we walked over to the stage tent, there was a big truck with a huge satellite and a big TV in front of center stage and then I knew she wasn’t there and they we’re going to have her watch via satellite.

I was a bit aggravated to say the least because I couldn’t understand why she would not be there for these kids. When the show started, the camp director got up and said Welcome, (bla bla) then she said Britney is really sorry she couldn’t be here in person today but as you know she RECENTLY had knee surgery and could not fly here to join us today. Ruben, I almost fell off my chair! How long ago was recently… she had knee surgery 2 months ago and has since been seen taking it easy, but still doing simple stuff like shopping or going to the beach. There would have been no additional pressure on her knee to hop on a plane, sit the whole way then be driven to the tent only to sit in a chair and watch.

Anyway the show started and I could see the TV from where I was so I kept looking over to see her reaction to different things and every time I looked, she wasn’t even paying attention. She was talking to Kevin, looking in the other direction, etc. The thing is, as the kids were on stage they could see that she wasn’t even looking. Eventually though, she held up a sign that said she couldn’t see the picture. Well they never got connection back so she missed 80% of the show, and didn’t get to talk to the kids afterwards. They were really disappointed and some of them were saying that she just didn’t feel like coming because if she can go out and about with Kevin or shopping or whatever then she could have come here and she’ll probably walk the red carpet at the VMA’s but couldn’t come see the kids. I didn’t say as much, but I agree. I don’t know if Britney’s scheduled to be at the VMA’s or not but if she shows up there then I totally agree she should have and could have been at the camp.

On the upside, the kids did awesome!! With or without Britney the kids put on a great show, there was some real talent under that tent. The kids were excited, the crowd was cheering. And Britney’s mom was there… She got up in the beginning to say she was glad to be here and this was exactly what Britney wanted, to see these kids getting exposure, having fun, and learning. Which they did! Lynne was very nice to everyone. I got my picture taken with her. My cousin Alyssa had such an awesome time; she made new friends, gained new confidence, had fun, and made memories that will last a lifetime!! And that’s the bottom line, forget about Britney.

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4 thoughts on “I Attended Britney Spears Camp Where She Didn’t Show Up

  1. Ronald Johnson says:

    I was one of this kids at the camp, and I loved it! The year she didn’t come her mother came which was really cool. I was 15 at the time! Beautiful Experience man


  2. Shannah says:

    I was there that same year; I LOVED the camp. wish it was still a running camp.
    i was 11 at the time.

  3. FISH PATTY says:

    I was there too. awesome memories, with or without Britney. JOEL’S PLACE!!!!

  4. Katie says:

    I was in Joel’s Place too!!! Even though i wasn’t an extreme fan of Britney at the time, I was pretty disappointed at the fact that she didn’t even seem like she was interested in watching the show.

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