I Blame Coco Discusses ‘Playwright Fate’

Coco Sumner of I Blame Coco talks about her song 'Playwright Fate'Track seven in I Blame Coco’s exclusive track-by-track look at Coco Sumner’s debut album ‘The Constant’ features Coco giving viewers the lowdown a song she wrote last year called ‘Playwright Fate’.

Sting’s daughter said of the track, “‘Playwright Fate’ is a character who chooses and governs what happens in his story. Governing moods and fate. A puppetmaster. A puppeteer. All songs come from my subconscious, and they make sense later.”

She added, “The characters in the song, the cat and the cat’s wife, they’re not happy and they want to die, but they want to die beautifully. It’s a nice way to look at death. Death shouldn’t looked at as morbid or sadly.”

Video of the commentary has since been removed.

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