I Blame Coco ‘Self Machine’ Video Behind The Scenes

Coco Sumner behind the scenes on her 'Self Machine' music video shoot are out with behind the scenes footage from the shooting of their ‘Self Machine’ music video, featuring comments from Coco Sumner complaining about a lack of sleep and talking about shooting a scene in double speed, while director Alex Smith described the treatment.

“We just got to the location and it looks a bit like the ‘Twin Peaks’ set,” Coco said. “I’m a little sleepy. We played the Big Weekend yesterday, and I didn’t really sleep last night.”

“Coco likes science fiction, futuristic ideas, and the idea of a space set so the idea was a swimming pool with no water in it suggests that it becomes obsolete,” Smith said describing the scene. “A lot of people like the idea of an empty swimming pool, but I was thinking about if you’re creating a surface of water with plastic dragging in, artificially creating a texture like water. The gang are creating a swimming pool within an empty swimming pool I suppose. Floating in water but not being in water.”

Talking about a quickened scene she was about to shoot, Coco said, “In order to keep the performance in synch, they play at double speed, so I have to sing double speed. I sound like a chipmunk. It was like what music is going to be in 20 years, when kids don’t have any attention span whatsoever.”

Watch it below.

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