I Blame Coco: Tour Has Been Amazing So Far

Coco Sumner checked in with fans on her official web site blog on Thursday (October 28), talking about ’s current UK tour. The daughter of Sting writes:

Hello everyone.

We’re half way through our UK tour. Currently driving to the Motherland in Newcastle. Its been amazing so far. Robyn joined us for another surprise feature for our London Scala date. It was a very handsome evening.

Highlights for me so far have been Glasgow, Machester and London. Supporting us we’ve had Rodeo Massacre, R O M A N C E and Kyla La Grange. All three bands have been amazing so keep your eye out.

‘In Spirit Golden’ is coming this Sunday and the album is out the Monday after in the UK. Very excited about the releases. Feeling positive. Our European tour has just been confirmed! That’s about it people. Enjoy.

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