I Have Britney To Thank For The Teen That I Am Today

Jennifer Zimmerman of Benicia News shared her thoughts on her favorite role model of all time: . “Her glowing face and perky twins have graced the cover of almost every major magazine,” Zimmerman explained. “Pubescent boys and trendy teens can’t get enough of her. While she uses her feminine wiles to seduce her drooling fans in orgiastic videos, under- and over-aged men place her posters above their beds while blooming females purchase padded bras. Her transition from innocence to skank has been intriguing. It was almost like watching a beautiful flower bloom in a glass box, although, I never
expected the flower to wilt as fast as it did. I definitely have Britney to thank for the teen that I am today.” The full article at benicianews.com has since been removed.

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