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I know everyone is sick of these essays, especially about , so this is more directed towards Brit’s fans. I could give a damn if you want to write back mean or stupid sh** to me cause I’ll just read your comments and enjoy them. So please explain to me why Britney fans have NO sense of humor?

You get so upset when a little joke or comment is made about your blonde lip-synching “queen.” The last straw for me was the Amy Lee interview. So what she talked about Britney? She’s not psychotic or crazy. IT WAS A JOKE.

Britney is not that f**kin special! A lot of people make jokes about hundreds of celebrities. Why is Britney any different? Any little thing that is said about Britney, you all want to take offense to. You don’t know her and nine times out of ten you’ll never meet her.

I can understand defending your favorite artist to a certain point. But to me it seems that Britney fans would defend her to death. She is human, she makes mistakes, she not perfect and you should never act like she is. I guess I don’t understand how the world got to the point where everything that Ms. Spears does is news.

I will admit that I even get caught up in the whole drama of Britney’s life and I read all these stupid article about her on popdirt because those Britney fans never let me down and always write something retarded. Now I had this conversation many times b/c two of my friends are Britney fans. So, I just need somebody else’s opinion. You guys can take this the wrong way or not but I’m simply making an observation that I’ve notice since coming to popdirt.

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