I Met Jessica Simpson And Nick Lachey

Contributed by slave4u19:

My Thursday started out as any other day, you know the usual stuff except that at 6:30pm I would be meeting and her husband of 98 Degrees. I won tickets to an exclusive radio station promotional concert (q100 in Atlanta). I was so excited. Me and my boyfriend stood outside the little venue with probably like 70 other people that had also won tickets. You couldn’t buy them only win them. We finally went in and after waiting for like 30 minutes Jessica finally came out on stage and sang for like 45 min. all her new songs and her classics. She was so cute and so nice, asking the audience questions in between songs. She played acoustic so it sounded different but great. She said that this was the first stop on her mini tour and her first time playing acoustic so that we were really in for a treat. After she was done playing Nick came on stage with her and they answered questions for like 20 minutes or so. They were so funny and cute together. Then they signed autographs for everyone there! It took forever to wait in line but when I got to them I was so excited. I told her that she was gorgeous and she said, “Thanks don’t make me blush though” and I asked him about his home town in Ohio because that is where my family is from. I had such a great time and I was always like a foot away from both of them. Took lots of pictures! Just wanted to tell my story to all the fans out there. Later y’all!

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8 thoughts on “I Met Jessica Simpson And Nick Lachey

  1. weebongo says:

    Her new album moved up more than 50 spots on this weeks Billboard chart. I’m not sure if the huge jump is because of the show’s Final or her new single getting lots of play. I haven’t heard it yet but I hope it’s not another ballad.

  2. Maddie says:

    I bought her CD, because I really like “Sweetest Sin” and I can say the whole album is really neat, very nice…..Thanks to the show, they both are getting a bit more publicity, they need that. I think that Nick is also talented, he has a nice soothing voice……it’s true they do make a very cute couple…… I wish them both the best.

  3. WaneInTheZone says:

    I’d love to see Jessica perform live, Especially songs from her album cause it’s nothing less than amazing. ‘I Have Loved You’ is a powerhouse ballad my favorite on the album, ‘Underneath’ actually brought me to tears. What songs did she perform slave4u19?

  4. MariahsMan says:

    I’ve always liked Jessica. I think she’s very under-rated when it comes to talent…cause the girl can sing! People hate on her cause she’s ditzy on the show, but we all have moments like that everyday…she just has a camera crew filming her’s. She and Nick are doing something right cause they have the highest rated show on cable TV. Nick has a good voice too.

  5. Maddie says:

    They both deserve good things, they are young and marriage is not easy but they are trying to make it work. I also think that agreeing to the show was the best move. I agree Jessica is underrated, she does a very sweet voice, and I love her clean, not vulgar image and specially the fact that she saved herself for marriage NOW, THAT’S A GOOD ROLE MODEL, she has a nice family (mom, dad and sis) they get along, they’re close……and I love the fact that Nick was gentleman enough to respect the fact she wanted to get to her marriage a virgin…….I take my hat off to them….. Very unlike Britney that tries all kind of stupid stunts to be talked about, and even though I love Christina, a little make over wouldn’t hurt, she needs to tone it down a bit, I think she’s already doing that……. Everyone deserve what they get in the long run, only time will tell who’s real and who’s not.

  6. fantasylover says:

    I agree with everybody here. She may be a ditz on the show, but I love how she treats her fans. She is not full of herself, like some other pop stars. And I also agree that she is underrated. And I love her and Nick’s relationship. And I truly wish them the best in their marriage. Marriage is a hard thing to work on, but if they love each other like they look like they do, and not have their careers get in the way of their personal lives, then they should be okay. I watch their show every week, and even though they bicker sometimes, and Nick is sometimes annoyed by Jessica’s ditzyness, I see the genuine love between them, especially on the season finale. They were so cute. Again, I wish them the best in their marriage and in their careers. And slave4u19, congratulations on meeting them!

  7. shadybaby says:

    SCREW NICK AND JESSICA. I am so tired of hearing about Jessica Simpson and Nick. They cannot sing they are stupid immature adults who got married when they were high. Jessica cannot sing for nothing and Nick is gay and is probably sleeping with his brother. Watching sports and trying to do every thing yourself doesn’t make you more of a man Jessica’s highest showing for her album was #10 and her so called husbands bombed so to get down to the point Jess and nick’s career is slowly and steady go down face it when the show is over nobody’s gonna remember them.and have they won any awards or nominations for their latest albums? I don’t think so.Jess is just another dumb blonde with hubby’s plastic and nick abuses her and just has her around for the sex.

  8. PandaBear2003 says:

    Have you MISSED the performances when her DANCERS GROPED HER? Because sorry honey that’s VULGAR. Being seen wearing NO UNDERWEAR is VULGAR, and JUST BECAUSE SHE STATED she was a VIRGIN before marriage is NO PROOF IT”S NOT another lie she was MADE TO TELL by her MANAGEMENT! NICE family? You dad talking to you about SEX when you are 12 is SICK not nice. Having your DAD talk about YOUR SEX LIFE ON TV is GROSS AND DISTURBING not nice and your DAD stating he had to CUT OUT TWO scenes of his DAUGHTER in a pool because HER TOP WAS UNDONE is BEYOND demented. Because WHO goes without her top when there are CAMERAMEN AND YOUR DADDY around? And Brit she doesn’t SEEK Out the media the MEDIA seeks her out because of WHO SHE IS, unlike JESSICA who is ONLY where the press goes. “Everyone deserve what they get in the long run, only time will tell who’s real and who’s not.” I could NOT agree more, time will tell and SHOW Jessica is A FRAUD!

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