I Pity The Britney Spears Haters

Contributed by getalifeyall:

Poor, Britney Spears haters… I really do feel sorry for all of you. You probably think she’s gonna disappear in the next couple of years. Most haters thought she would have already been gone by now. But sadly for you all, you’re gonna be seeing her for a long, long time to come.

You see, you don’t break record sales, be in the Guinness Book of World Records, make headlines daily, be a multi millionaire before the age of 18, and disappear within a couple of years. Oh no, no. You stay on top for the rest of your life, because you are a legend; and that’s what Britney is.

Generations always have their legends… their Elvis or their Madonna or their Beatles and we have Britney. Not Christina Aguilera, not Mandy Moore, and not Jessica Simpson… Britney Spears. She is our legend. So you people really need to deal with it, because she’s never going away. Ever. And even as a fan, I can see how Britney would piss people off.

She’s much prettier than pretty much every female on the planet. She looks like Barbie and she’s about as perfect as it gets. Why do you think even sophisticated magazines (Esquire, etc.) want her on their covers? She’s beautiful and perfect. She doesn’t only appeal to the skanky Maxim set like a certain someone does, she appeals to everyone. And that voice of hers isn’t the best. I can name off plenty of singers better than her. So it must boggle people’s minds that she’s doing circles around them on the Billboard charts. And as amazing as Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera can sing (far better than Britney), they’ll never be a legend like Britney. They’ll never outsell her, they’ll never out perform her, they’ll never get the media to focus on them and not her. Why? Because Britney’s a legend.

So Britney haters, please stop the madness and bow down to your generation’s legend; because she really isn’t going anywhere.

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11 thoughts on “I Pity The Britney Spears Haters

  1. Whatomat says:

    “She doesn’t only appeal to the skanky Maxim set like a certain someone does”, (who on earth could you be talking about?? :-)) I am not into essays but Britney’s hater have been posting them like mad recently. To getalifeyall you forgot to mention how she is the first female to have 4 number 1 albums in a row in the US. Nobody else has done this, not Whitney, not Madonna, not Mariah….all singers who I respect. I know Brit doesn’t have the strongest voice on Earth but I like her and so do a lot of other people obviously and she is a great entertainer….enough said!

  2. hellahooked says:

    I so agree with this!! Britney is a legend and poor little Christina Aguilera will always be a shadow.. aww

  3. monarc20 says:

    First of all not only is Mariah a much better singer then Britney Mariah writes and Produces all her own music unlike Britney or Christina. You said Britney’s a better Performer then Mariah which is just insane I mean you have to be deaf and blind. The only reason people watch Britney’s performance’s is to see how good she will Lip the Song, If she’s gonna strip completely nude this time and if she is still being taught cheesy Dance Moves. Sorry to break it to you but Mariah is the Biggest Selling Female Artist In History and she’s even beat the Beatles for the most week’s at #1. So how could you say she will never out sell Britney when Britney has only sold 45 Million Album’s and Mariah has sold 180 Million Albums…..Hello wake up and smell the coffee!

  4. hellahooked says:

    Mariah has a better voice but she sure ain’t a better performer.. you are the insane one

  5. monarc20 says:

    Actually Mariah did write all her 15 #1 Hit’s except for “I’ll Be There. Plus she’s wrote every other song she’s ever done except for a few remake’s. An Mariah is definitely a better Performer a Performer in music term’s mean’s some who sing’s Live not someone that Lips every performance. So let’s face it, it’s no secret that Britney is a Studio creation, with a hot body which they gave her, when she got Breast Implants at 16. If your gonna say she’s a better performer cause she dance’s more then Mariah then you are proving my point that she has no musical talent so she tries to put the spotlight on her dance Moves. Which anyone can learn and Mariah does dance when she performs songs like “Fantasy” except she sing’s live while doing it.

  6. Gabs says:

    I love Britney, I love Mariah. Mariah is a Singer. Britney is a Dancer. Mariah can’t dance very well, Britney can’t sing very well. They both have their strong points. Mariah has written most of her own music. Out of all her #1s, she has not written 1 or 2 of em. So don’t hate on Mariah. She has achieved many many things.

  7. Jeannie says:

    There are a few things I want to address about this essay. “She’s much prettier than pretty much every female on the planet.” That’s a pretty big and unfair generalization. Not everyone wants to look like Britney. Everyone is unique. “She looks like Barbie and she’s about as perfect as it gets.” What exactly are you basing that on? You have no idea what her personality is like, and you’re judging her purely on her looks. Sounds rather superficial to me. Good looks do not equal perfection. “Why do you think even sophisticated magazines (Esquire, etc.) want her on their covers? She’s beautiful and perfect. ” My guess is that it’s for her image. Most people look at magazines for their pictures. The pictures are usually the deciding factor on whether or not they read the article that goes along with it. “She’s beautiful and perfect. She doesn’t only appeal to the skanky Maxim set like a certain someone does, she appeals to everyone.” Face it, she just doesn’t appeal to everyone. That’s how it goes. As I said, beauty does not equal perfection. And as far as her beauty goes, it’s all a matter of opinion. “So Britney haters, please stop the madness and bow down to your generation’s legend” Most people don’t just bow down to someone. I don’t see her as a legend. She hasn’t done anything amazingly profound. Do you bow down to people in fast food, retail, etc, because they’re selling their products and doing their jobs? She’s doing her job and selling records. What needs is there to bow down? She’s human, not a god.

  8. jazzprofounder says:

    Thank you very much for speaking your opinion. I thought that comment was completely unfair towards the judgement of beauty and “perfection”, which isn’t all Britney is about, and was kinda tacky in getting to the point.

  9. Jeannie says:

    I’m all for someone being beautiful. If I think someone’s pretty, I will be the first to admit it. I have my own thoughts on beauty, as does everyone else. I just didn’t appreciate them insinuating that I look like a dog compared to Britney. Especially when they haven’t even seen me and can’t judge like that.

  10. pilgrim_pete says:

    I Pity you all .. I’m a fan of both artist, and have been lucky enough to see both of them live and have to say Christina is totally amazing live. Her vocal performance was stunning, as to was her Dancing etc. Sadly I can’t say the same about Britney, she failed to impress me both vocally and by her general performance. I also have to say that Britney’s new album is extremely poor in content, I couldn’t name one song which equals any records off Christina’s Album ‘Stripped’. So you are wrong in saying that Britney is a legend and Christina isn’t. You’ll find that Christina has and always will outshine and out-perform Britney Spears.

  11. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Great post! So true, and it really shows Christina fans in their true light: obsessed, delusional, bitter and full of jealously dimwits. Face it, Britney is, and forever will be, a staple in Pop Culture, and Christina…well, at least she still has that Grammy she can hold onto. lmao…It’s truly funny when you compare what they’ve achieved professionally. Once again, Britney puts Christina to shame…Tell me, exactly HOW much does it burn, Chrissy fans?

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