Icon Madonna Flops Even With Britney Spears’ Star Power

Contributed by MistySlut:

How does an Icon fall from grace. Whoever told that she can be the new Bob Dylan should be fired. ‘American Life’ is a joke – an unfunny one at that. Madonna made it very easy for critics to unleash a backlash on her. It’s not just with the critical over saturation of the overrated ‘Music’ and a horrendous box-office flop follow-up, there’s also the ridiculous stunt she pulled with her video for the title track (also the first single from the album). After two decades of Madonna, we can see through her now transparent marketing tactics. As a result, her talking about Hollywood insincerity in ‘Hollywood’ with lyrics like “I lost my memory in Hollywood/I’ve had a million visions bad and good/There’s something in the air in Hollywood/I tried to leave it but I never could”. Amazing. Who would’ve thought Hollywood has something bad in the air?

That’s the biggest problem with this CD: two flop singles and the vapid lyrics end up making Madonna come off like a raving insincere street prophet rather than the musical emissary to deliver us from our drudgery. Also, it is hard to believe her when she sings “I’m so stupid/Cause I use to live/In a tiny bubble/And I wanted to be/Like all the pretty people/That were all around me/But now I know for sure/That I was stupid/Stupider than stupid” (I’m So Stupid) when one just has to open the pages of a magazine and see that she’s still living in a bubble, and worse, a bubble filled with frivolous pretty luxuries. Why is she whining about how sad and miserable she is? Why make a CD about your blues if you’re sincere? The Salvation Army is over there, they could use a few million dollars in donation.

Musically, this CD combines the most self-indulgent boring excesses of ‘Music’ with really juvenile lyrics. Think of this CD as eleven tracks of ‘Don’t Tell Me’. There’s a charm to Madonna’s deadpan “rap” in her classic single ‘Vogue’, but here, her deadpan “raps” are closer to parodies. How can one keep straight face when she’s mouthing lines like “My mother died when I was five/And all I did was sit and cry/I cried and cried and cried all day/Until the neighbors went away” (Mother And Father) without any hint of self-awareness as to how atrocious those lines are? She’s passing off first-grade poetry as music from one of the most accomplished female performers of the century. This is not only unacceptable but also humiliating.

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7 thoughts on “Icon Madonna Flops Even With Britney Spears’ Star Power

  1. Mimi_Red says:

    I hate to say it but I agree…we should have known Madonna was going downhill when she did not release the original version of American Life. That was so against what she used to stand for. However I think both Brit and Madonna are using each other to save each one’s slowing career.

  2. MistySl says:

    While, I think Madonna has been an important part of pop music. She is look-over all the time when it comes to legends awards. But, she has changed, she has matured and people find it boring. You made a attempt to give old-school Madonna with the Britney Kiss, but it didn’t work. She needs to find some woods and go and not return. She’s so boring.

  3. XtinaFighter says:

    Both Madonna and Britney are over! nothing will help them get as famous as they used to be! they keep making music that just gets worse and worse as the years go by!

  4. looker says:

    Who the hell is Madonna, oh I remember her sorta. That’s what we will all being saying if keeps on putting out lame a-s out of date electro-pop albums. She desperately needs some new producers and to drop the mock Brit accent.

  5. MariahsMan says:

    No offense to anyone…but do you guys post these discouraging articles about artists to try and persuade people to stop liking them? Mariah and Madonna could have 100 more “flops” and it wouldn’t phase their fans a bit. Why would you only like an artist for their statistics? In all honesty, yes Mariah and Madonna’s popularity is slipping among the general public. But the true fans are still there. No one stays on top forever. Both of them are legends in their own right, and always will be.

  6. Unfortunate420 says:

    So what is this now? Madonna’s 3rd time she has supposedly been dropping off the stardom wagon…..my point? All stars go through the ups and downs of the music industry….wanna know something? I’ll tell you a secret…shh don’t tell anyone….there is a little thing called music politics……yeah its what the stars sometimes to refer to….the stuff that they say was a big shock when they made it big……yeah…..take it from someone who grew up knowing the politics and what-nots……its all part of it…As for Britney…..her 3rd CD “flop” sold more then most CDs sell…..this kind of stuff happens…..Madonna and Britney…..and even though I hate to say it Christina too are all here to stay…..one more quick example……does anyone know who Bon Jovi is?? Yeah…..he made a huge….huge comeback with It’s My Life……People just post things on this site that are opinions and have no factual backing and expect that they are gonna hurt Brit and Madonna lovers feelings…..get over it….people like who they want.

  7. MariahCareyFreak says:

    I can’t believe you sit there at you’re computer and write crap about Artist who are Icons! What are you? Who are you? and why should care? You’re opinion means nothing to me or any True Mariah Carey Fan! Because you don’t feel the music! You like beats and jams! I like Music with emotion with heart with soul! You say what you want about her soft singing but I like it and my opinion matters as a fan! If you don’t like it then just let it go! Damn! Have you sold 150 Million albums Had 15 #1 Hits and wrote most of you’re songs! What the hell do you know about music? How do you think you can tell a Musical Artist who has been in the business 13 years what to do! Please shut up! You don’t know anything about Music! Okay you know about Music? who sang “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”? Or “Kiss An Angel Good Morning”? I’ll tell you later who it is! Mariah Carey is the greatest and I could care less what you idiots say! HATERS KISS MY ASS!

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