‘Idol’ Drop-Out Vazquez Pushes Star Power Too Far

The New York Post reports that while was making out with a member of her band she’s been dating for the past few weeks, ‘American Idol’ dropout Mario Vazquez was told to keep his distance from Ashlee and after bugging the sisters to pose for a picture with him. “He told Ashlee and Jessica, ‘I know what it’s like to be a celebrity and to be harassed. I’m so glad to be in a private area,'” a spy revealed. “And then he wanted to take a picture with them! They said no like four times. Finally, security asked him to leave the area.”

Mario Vazquez Still Mum On ‘American Idol’ Departure

March 16, 2005 – Mario Vazquez continues to stay mum on the reason behind his ‘American Idol’ departure, as fans, the media and even the show’s personalities speculate. “With fans, I know they might be disappointed,” Mario told Access Hollywood. “But I just hope they can respect the fact and, just… the little bit of privacy that I have, I’d like to keep it. And I hope that can appease their questions about why.”

Simon Cowell Not Impressed With ‘Idol 4’ Talent?

March 16, 2005 – The New York Daily News reports that a spy at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills heard Simon Cowell grousing about the new finalists on this season’s ‘American Idol’ to his tablemates: “There’s not a single star on the show. Absolutely none!”

Why Mario Vasquez Dropped Out Of ‘Idol’

March 15, 2005 – Craig Ferguson joked during his Late Late Show monologue on Monday night, “Mario Vasquez, the content voted most likely to win ‘American Idol’ has left for personal reasons. Translation, he broke up with Ryan Seacrest.”

Tom Joyner Suspects ‘Idol’ Set-Up With Vazquez Pull-Out

March 15, 2005 – The Tom Joyner Morning Show discussed the shocking announcement over the weekend that Mario Vazquez dropped out of ‘American Idol’. Tom is thinking the thing is a set-up to get people talking about the show again, and that they’ll bring him back later in the season. Audio has since been removed.

Mario Vazquez Discusses ‘American Idol’ Exit

March 15, 2005 – Mario Vazquez spoke with ‘Extra’ to explain his decision over the weekend to drop out of ‘American Idol’, even though many considered him the favorite to win the hit show’s fourth season. “It was a very, very hard decision on my part,” Vazquez said. “My intuition told me there were things I really needed to take care of, personal areas in my life, which meant I couldn’t continue on in the competition.”

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