‘Idol’-esque Project Leads To Web Domain War

Motown/Universal recording artist/producer Ryan Leslie has hooked up with World of Britney webmaster Ruben Garay to help launch ‘The Untitled WoBx Project – The Creation of a Superstar’. Country artist turned pop rock hopeful Raven Quinn Davis, the young woman apparently slated to be turned into this star, apparently is in the middle of a tug-of-war of sorts between Garay and the current webmaster of her official fan website.

In a series of e-mails posted at Davis’ fan site, one addressed from Ericka to Ruben said, “You’re not Raven’s father, quit trying to control her life. You do realize the only reason she wants anything to do with you at all is, because of your connections and the fact that you’re probably spending a great amount of money on her.”

Ruben responded, “You’re not part of anything in regards to Raven anymore, she doesn’t want you doing anything for her, and you’re in no way involved in her stuff anymore, so don’t bother.”

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