If Jason Mraz Was President

checked on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz), answering 12 questions from fans, including what he’d do first if he was the U.S. President. Mraz responded:

As hypothetical president of the United States, I would remove guns from personal/protective use. Even hunters would have to get creative and use spit balls or something, as guns would no longer be allowed for their sport. I would also remove guns from the media. No movies, television, or video games would be allowed to show them. I think removing firearms from the social consciousness would quickly bring about new thought.

In my opinion, the material age is over, and we are fast approaching an era of giving and sharing. But, some won’t give up their goods and space without a fight, and I worry that he with the most ammo will win. The US bullies other countries about WMD’s while it is us who have more than 7000 nuclear missiles and warheads, more than any other country on the planet.

The next thing I would do with all the money saved on not making weapons, is invest in education, building more schools and hiring more teachers AND raising their salaries. It is important for teachers to be provided for and to feel inspired to do their selfless duty, that of raising intelligent, caring, creative, and connected souls.

And third, as President of these United Shapes, I would focus on clean water and chemical free natural foods. The better we eat and drink, the less likely we are to get cancer and require a lifetime of medical attention. Health and vitality lives in all of our hearts. We just have to know how to tap into it. Our bodies are born to work perfectly, we just need better access to real food; food that isn’t wrapped in plastic, made by a machine, or smothered in chemicals.

Do I have your vote?

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2 thoughts on “If Jason Mraz Was President

  1. Anne Pham says:

    lol silly… someone tagged the Fiji bottle so that’s why it shows up on my account. lol I see things are indeed becoming much more calmer. I’m very glad. lol Actually… That makes two. =) Aahhhh!!! My period of living has begun. It’s been pretty swell. Oh! That response to comparison’s and not being “bad” at anything. LOL You could also just simply put it… How could you put yourself down if there is nothing to compare yourself to or with if you are the only one you can actually compare yourself to?! lol Because you are an individual soul as everyone else and therefore, even if you tried… it would be ridiculous none the least because you are your own mirror image. =) That’s pretty much the only way you could however set goals for yourself. Out doing the one who loves you most. YOU! =) Take time outta your day and re cap what occurred in comparison to yourself yesterday and see where that leads. Meh!
    So funny! =) The universe knew I needed it to sleep in and well… do a lot of traveling… lol so a friend of a friend of a friend =P cut me a deal on a yellow Toyota seca. Crazy lil thing.. gosh… it’s still just sitting in the front…motionless. Geee… the old me would have went bonkers but meh! whatever. Tis life! But wouldn’t ya know… The adventures of Anne Pham for ya. =) One of my soul mates once said to me that if I were locked up in a room with only a deck of cards, I wouldn’t ever get bored. Gee.. that reminds me of the time I created one of those stacked up house of cards. Boy! When my minds set on something.. I dunno.. it’s like I’m in a trance. Just like a puzzle. Immersed into activity.

    Yeah.. I was actually thinking about the same thing. Don Quan di Marco or however it’s spelt. Such an awesome character. aaaahhhhh! I tend to giggle to myself in highly imaginative day dreaming… Ways I can continuously become reborn through karma… lol yeah…! I know that’s just out of my own control on a higher level of consciousnesses but hey! it’s good to get a bit excited ere and there about just doing the oppzies. But then… it’s just again rational thinking ay!? =) Creating karmatic influences through all that is within. The universe loves me. Everyone and everything on this planet loves me. Just! lol They’re shy. =P
    Not submitting and being influenced by other peoples insecurities have been a great laugh. Just nod and smile. Their own perceptions are by them ay!? =) lol Can’t stand around for all eternity proving or justifying. No need. No point. Hmmm… maybe you should look into the recycling and garbage industry for some inspiration and motivation. =) Coming up with ways to put resources into better use. Like for instance? The Spray bottle!!! How many ways could ya use that one thing and effectively decrease the amount of water usage? =) And use of eco bio degradable products like detergents etc. =) Educating children in primary school about relaxation and meditation with the use of the breathing exercises. =) Pretty much… Everyone’s an hour glass… just well… hmmmm surviving and shallower perceptions… Hmmm… Every feature of the body portrays your soul.. your mental being too. I dunno… it could be a project to think about. Would get you all over the nation all over again and the youth are the future. =) You could be like the wiggles… but then being the way you are and already confining yourself to a certain target market… I dunnozz… lol I guess politics will come into the way and just rape ya ass! AH!!! such nonsense…Any way to throw you off…
    oh oh!!! I have been encountering a few other cool cats recently. And just by instinct and brilliant observational skills *cough coughs and waits for applause =P* lol I spotted them out and confirmed. Clients and the like. People I cater for.. I do so feel like an alien around everyone else. lol It’s as though… Hmmm… I’m not fond of throwing oil into flames if I can put it that way… Most conversations before and around me still do trod on thin ice… Sure enough though! I’m happy as long as they’re happy to do whatever! =) lol Even if it still sounds like a mad house and a total war zone!!! So be it! =) Can’t get people to admit things. lol Brings me back to that one line “Vision: The art of seeing things invisible” =)
    I’m aware that the sizes in clothes are different in the US. =) oh!!! and yes! about that comment on being president and the US. YUp! The Cold War… Sept 11th. The US. ‘s relationship with both Iran and Iraq. lol And my previous mention about the increase of white stars on the flag. Like!!! how many divisions do ya need man!!!??? It’s just a piece of land on the same planet! The worlds getting smaller and globalization is the key… so what on earth is this suppose to represent?!? lol Meh! anyway! Back to it! From a CHILDREN’S SIZE 10 Aust.!!! believe it or not! I’ve successfully gotten to a size 6-8 Aust. Adult. I dunno… Just wanted to share it with a friend. =D Getting the balance. Patience is after all my karmatic lesson this time round.

    Anyway! Enough said!

    Cheers big ears

  2. Anne Pham says:

    =D I just wanted to say… You sure do take it all in ay? =D Makes me feel all warm inside that what I say does count. Even if it’s just a mere fraction. A percent of anything even if it’s just 1% is still 1% =D
    hmmm… I had an emotional few hours today.. Hmmm… I’m wondering how you yourself are going over there. Hmmm wanna know what it was? I can laugh it off now but hey! lol it’s something that just comes up ere and there. Being thrown back into survival mode once more… Hmmm… Can’t throw people into the deep end if they do not have the capacity to learn and grow… or float… Hmmm… I guess that one image.. All my life I never knew what it was… Why I never fit into any picture, any group, anywhere. lol A cat in a dog house… Surrounded constantly by savages… No one and no where to go… And I did in the past submit myself to stupidity and ignorance.. wanting to be accepted. lol The whole they’re stupid, but happy… Knowing it all…doesn’t really do much for ya ay? lol you’re just alone all the time…and yeah… I was alone… and yes the only times anyone ever came my way was because I had something to give. I could solve everyone’s problems. I could fix what was broken. I have the knowledge.. the wisdom.. guts.. a can do spirit…resourceful..and slowly but surely I was nearly sucked out dry… lol yeah.. Everyone was always in awe and envy…but I really just wanted to be in the masses.. stupid but happy.. lol hhhaaaa… but the saying someone should do something about it, I’m someone, I should do something… Because no one else will..stand up for anything or anyone just because! everyone did what everyone did because everyone was doing it… lol and I guess that’s where I always differed. lol 1 vs. whatever stood in front of me. lol And the funny part was? I never saw it as I was against or opposing people… BUT hey! the cool part was? they didn’t know why or what they were standing up for…lol So?.. it was always too easy. because they always needed numbers. They never knew what they were holding on to. And when it came down to any kind of debate? it ended up in emotional name calling… lol that’s when I step out of the ring and just walk away.”You can only go so far on bullsh**” lol =D BUT! BACK THEN? LOVING AND BEING SO EMPATHETICAL? SO DRIVEN TO HELP AND HOLD TOGETHER LOVE? … AND AT THE SAME TIME? SACRIFICING ALL OF ME FOR THE SAKE OF OTHERS KNOWING THAT AT THE END OF THE DAY I WAS ALONE? HMMM REALLY HURT… BECAUSE… I WAS ALWAYS LEFT ALONE FROM THE BEGINNING… LOL SEEMED LIKE NO MATTER HOW GOOD I WAS… IT WAS TO BE THAT I HAD TO SUFFER! LOL SOUNDS STRANGE AY?
    Yeah! I used to chain smoke like a mofo.. gross!!! I’m so glad that’s over!!! =D Those photos were during my deterioration. Hmm…. the reason I had an eating disorder was because I loved the world so much and the anger that submerged from my up bringing… Hmmmm… I didn’t have much support. Guess that’s why I’ve always found myself very very lucky to be in the state of mind that I am. I’m quite proud of myself really. And so should you be also! =D Diamonds in the rough. lol Peculiar lives brought us to the state we are in/at =P Our resilience is one thing that definitely got us here. =) YUP! My whole family smokes!!! gosh!!! it’s ridiculous!!! And as much as you try to stop them… They come up with illogical reasoning… again… you can’t bar a choice as you do not want anyone else to bar you from making one… BUT! because I’m a non smoker. It’s slowly rubbing off on them. And because I do run and get out in the fresh air. They are too slowly conforming! >=) muahahahhahhaha! But again… the reason why I shriveled up to such a size lol over 10kgs of the weight I’m suppose to be was because I hated myself for being angry with the world. The world I love so much. hmmm… I mentioned this before ay? I only learnt self love recently… which brought me into a fickle of things because it was the foundation of everything…and I conjured up all my strength and courage to pull it off and get from total isolation, petrified of the world to being back into society, in months. =) I’M VERY VERY GLAD! =) Hmmm… I also can’t help but feel very very proud too that? I’ve lived more in 23yrs then most in a lifetime. =D The picture of me smoking a cigarette isn’t a ciggi… *cough cough* and YES! You know what I am so you know where my views lie. =) lol As I know what you are and the imprints you lay out stand by the same morals and principles. Poison is poison. =) That’s also why I cringe living in this confined space. As much as I appreciate what I have. Compromising the fact that I am living in a dog house with 4 actual dogs of carers the like surrounded by a fog of smoke… hmmm… I do so love them…doesn’t mean I “have” to like them.. =) A dis-functional family… so so bizarre in their doings… lol IT’S GOOD TO LAUGH!!!! Can’t get harmony if everyone sings the same note ay? =) I could also say that they eating disorder was also because of my logical thinking. Toxins… Nothing could be digested and I wasn’t happy either and that was when I strongly needed help from close friends. Having their company was enough. I can eat when I’m happy. lol A bit silly ay? But that’s also something to do with your body. My body was for 23yrs in survival mode. Only in recent time had I found my centre and able to respond to it effectively.
    lol funny… why am I even bothering to explain myself ay? =) Now I’m just being silly.
    Anyway! Good to share and care. =)

    lol I gave my friend Sok some relationship advice awhile ago as I’ve always been called upon to. This time though I simply used the exact saying and rephrased it. “I know when you look at him you say to youself “he’s so stupid! But! I love him!” lol I guess all in all? No matter what? The more you seek for it? You’ll never find it! It just finds you in the end. =) Being thrown into idealisms again… meh! lol But like I said… it’s your intuition and instincts that lead you. Curiosity. =) And the rest? like the saying… you must find a compromise and meet half way no matter what ay! lol =) But the difference? That I’m sure you hold too is? We are not in for make do’s. lol We want the real deal! lol I swear dude! I’ll be over the moon for ya when the time comes ay! =) I still challenge that remark Zamyatin portrays in his book. I do believe one can have it all. =) So as long as you hold on to YOURSELF WHOLEHEARTEDLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY. =) It’s fate right? =D Strange and bizarre occurrences.. =D OK… NOW I’M OVER EXCITED.


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