If Jason Reeves Was A Tree

Jason Reeves performs checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonreeves) on Tuesday (November 25), imagining if he was a tree. The Iowa City singer songwriter tells readers:

My television set screams the troubles of the times. Paying vague attention through the filters of my mind, words like “go hungry” and “crashing economy” and “turn for the worst” stab through like a blade in perfect clarity. It is strange for me to hear this with eyes locked in the other direction, lost in the patterns of the leaves. I’m going to change my machines and listen to music instead. I’m drinking tea from China. Who knew the desperation of a race could disintegrate into the sipping of a simple drink. I am an old soul circulating. I feel like if I were perched on the peak of a pristine ridge, facing the mists of the mountains of Asia, I would see the exact same thing that is printed upon the closed linings of my eyelids. I would hang like an hawk in the clouds that create them, watching for little signs of life. If I were a tree clinging to the dirt to survive, I would learn to love the light. I would dance in the rain. I would grow until I died and never once complain. I would do it all again. The green river of revelations. Sip slowly. I would move north up the coast. And build a tree house village bound by bridges. I would make a cabin home. Lost within the trees to witness heaven’s wisdom breathe and grow….

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