I’m Not Down With It

Contributed by StayGoneBeautiful:

I have to say that I appreciate the support that I got from some members, and even the criticisms I received from the others. If lowering standards is Christina Aguilera’s bag, then she should go for it. But it would seem that instead of wanting to be equal to men, she should want to be better, bigger, and more dignified. God know she’s more talented than most of the male artists out there and can definitely hold her own. Instead of prancing around half-naked, find another method of edifying and empowering women. Men have gotten away with objectifying and exploiting women for far too long, that’s true, but it’s because women have allowed it. The women in those videos, and artists like Christina and the others that I mentioned are the ones that allow it. I’m not saying that it’s wrong for Christina to enjoy her sexuality, and attempt to challenge antiquated ideas. I believe Christina is a wonderful person, but she doesn’t represent me. If you agree with her completely, that’s fine. There were a few members who got a little miffed at me, and I can honestly say that I don’t care. I know what I said is valid. I’m just saying that I’m not down with it. But, I do want to end this with an encouragement for EVERYONE: “Stand up for what you believe in, even if you’re standing alone.”

I knew that when I wrote that article, every member wouldn’t agree with me. There would be the hardcore “X-tina” fans who wouldn’t fail to call me out of my name and naturally would miss the point, and those people who, like Christina, enjoy challenging the conventional way of thinking. Also, I’d like to add that although I find it a bit repulsive, MTV had a moral responsibility to subject its viewing audience to Christina’s video in its entirety. If you can show that filthy Juvenile(99) video for example, then you can show Christina’s not-as-offensive video. Some members’ comments (i.e. rachel, babet) helped me see that some of my views were a bit misguided.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Not Down With It

  1. tena says:

    Madonna is the queen of pop and Christina will never touch her. One of the reasons, because Madonna has been around for 20 years and has already done everything that Christina tries to do, better, with intelligence. She writes better songs, dresses better, was breathtakingly beautiful in her prime, has an amazing body considering she is 44 years old. She makes Christina’s body like a 50 year old’s. Christina, who wants to not be seen as pop, is the queen of tackiness, and phoniness. Her message of empowerment should just show through her music and actions, not announcing every 5 minutes that she is grown up and that she is for girl power. And her music in no way shows any opinion, except that she takes insult to being called a slut. Guess what not everyone is buying it. Most of the reaction she is getting outside SOME of her fans, that she is a slut, a hoe, etc. She made no point. As far as the controversy, all she managed to do was make two tasteless videos. Both had to be edited for mass consumption.

  2. tena says:

    Actually, at the start of her career Madonna had a lot of preteens among her fans. This was shown on one of her specials. It’s just that she grew with her audience and appeals to adults more.

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