I’m Not Usher, I’m Not Justin Timberlake

Actor and Singer Eric West might be in the upcoming Linday Logan and Nick Cannon movie, but the pressure he maybe feeling is from Usher Raymond and , The pop singer was interviewed by the Buzz 99.3 in South Jersey today, when asked if he feels he can be the next Usher or Justin he replied saying “I’m not Usher, and I’m not Justin Timberlake, nor are they Eric West, we all are different artist, and it’s unfair to compare us to each other.” He went on to say, “I respect both Justin and Usher as artist, and congratulate them on their success, but as an artist, I have to spend time worrying about my music and putting out something that my audience will appreciate and not worry about what Justin and Usher are doing, at the end of the day I have to please myself and my fans, that matters more than Christina VS Britney, Janet VS Madonna, Justin VS Usher”.

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