I’m Really Tired Of Britney Spears

J. Grant Swank, Jr. of the conservative website MichNews.com says “I’m really tired of Britney Spears.” He writes, “Yep. I came to that conclusion viewing this evening’s PrimeTime interview with Diane Sawyer. Britney. Watching that hour I said to my wife, ‘That girl’s a ready candidate for suicide.’ Ooops. What possessed me to say that?! Well, it’s the multi-dimensional, juxtapositional personality who’s developed in the last 21 years. How can she hold it together sanely?”

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11 thoughts on “I’m Really Tired Of Britney Spears

  1. hellahooked says:

    Well, that’s good your tired of Britney Spears.. Very good! Do you want a medal now?

  2. WaneInTheZone says:

    Some conservative a-hole sitting in his lazy boy sofa is bored with her, Well that’s too bad because Britney is pop royalty and very much in demand. You better get over it or change the channel to CSI.

  3. tazzsgirl says:

    ok suicide is a little harsh but you see Britney fans can not understand J. Grant is a Rhode scholar has a IQ of about 155 Britney fans have a IQ of about -5 and think Rhode scholar is some place in Ohio

  4. musikluver says:

    and we’re also tired of you nobody is bickering and whining because you’re not where she is! and you will never be…. so get over it! LOSERS!

  5. B0rntoplay says:

    A conservative website…did you expect any better? Seriously, they are practically afraid of Britney and Christina. They like think they are the embodiment of evil.

  6. tazzsgirl says:

    Right we conservatives think they are the anti Christ please its bad enough we are cleaning up the mess you liberals left

  7. B0rntoplay says:

    Haha. That was really tough to read since I can only read English. Sadly, Dumbass is not a language I understand, but I did my best to make sense of it all. Try using punctuation, it helps. Mess, huh? Well, if you call that wonderful economy Clinton left a mess, then I guess you are right. I am an Econ major, and our economy was doing fine(GDP was increasing every year) until Bush destroyed it with his tax cuts for the rich. Check your facts before you start yapping. And if you talking about liberals doing nothing about Saddam, well, Sr. Bush had the first shot at him, and let him go. So really, you need a reality check. Listen, I’ve had plenty of intelligent conversations with conservatives before, and all you are doing, with your poor English and factual errors, is making them look bad.

  8. tazzsgirl says:

    okay putz lets go at it since I am a political major lets start with Clinton’s economy with his corporate tax cuts and lessening\n laws that started the robbing of peoples 401k and were executives like enron. Tyco and world com. started depleting the funds cooking the books you think all this stared 30 seconds after bush was sworn in not to mention 9/11 which tanked the economy but a student should know that right lets go into the first gulf war were the Arab states fore warned that if we went further into Iraq let we will lose their support also how we had to keep Israel at bay so they wouldn’t enter the war which in both counts I think we were wrong know lets go back to bill and how he had 3 different opportunities to get bin laden in Sudan lets us know that bin laden was there and if we wanted him ok but bill passed or about the first tower bombings that he did not want to address. (yes the 9/11 was the most tragic ) but Clinton’s watch had the most terrorist attacks against Americans in history the towers, USS Cole the 2 embassy bombings and the military barracks in Saudi Arabia what was Clinton response sending a couple of roman candles at terrorist camps ok lets go back into Iraq they threw out the UN inspectors again bill did nothing wait that’s not true small bombing levels wipe out a few factories .even he said Iraq had WMD and possible nuclear threat.or go to North Korea were madam Albright agreed to the worst arms treaty (she was the first woman Secretary of state but she is considered one of the worst) and as we know now N. Korea was screwing us all along.oh I forgot Clinton’s trade agreement sending factory jobs overseas I am so surprised you did not cry about the 2000 election must whinny ass liberals do so skippy there you have it all the facts the liberal press won’t print get your head out of CNN and Peter Jennings. and if you don’t like my English heh this is popdirt most people spell cat with a K

  9. B0rntoplay says:

    I’d love to reply, but I cannot understand what you are saying. Sorry, most people may spell cat with a K, but I however do not, and would expect that someone in college wouldn’t either. How did you get all the way to college without knowing how to write? You are a poli sci major…that’s a lot of writing. How do you get by?

  10. right_wing says:

    A candidate for suicide? wtf? and then people wonder why the rate has gone up so much, maybe because of people like these throwing it around in bullsh*t areas that don’t need it. That’s great buddy, advertise it to the young public, who needs kids right?

  11. Danisha says:

    The point of the article wasn’t ‘I’m Really Tired of Britney Spears.’ What the writer is pointing out is Spears’ almost pathological tendencies. I didn’t see the Sawyer interview but a lot of people are saying she seems depressed and even more fake than usual. The industry grapevine is that she’s on speed. Whether or not she’s a candidate for suicide may be somewhat of a stretch, but it wouldn’t surprise me is she pulled a Mariah soon.

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