In Defense Of Britney, Not In Offense Of Christina

Someone has to take up for one of the most influential, cultural icons of our generation:Britney Spears.

“Britney Spears”- easily the most commonly used 3 syllables in the free world. Everyone has had something to say about since her very first single. She’s managed to stay at the forefront of America’s consciousness for the better part of a decade. Love her or hate her, you have to concede her self-imposing, marketing genius. Many of talented, beautiful stars have fizzled trying to maintain the buzz that Britney keeps going without even trying (half of the time).

We can call her “over” and “done” until our grandparents are blue in the face, but nobody who has truly fallen out of the market stays at the center of musical, cultural, controversial (etc) topics the way Britney has, if their stardom, intrigue and appeal have really expired. This essay is not a plea for people, who despise the Toxic one, to swoon over her popularity-only for you to revere it to the degree it deserves.

Also, how can any woman-love or hate Britney-not be infuriated by some of the invasive stories run on Britney? So many reporters and columnists basically claim that she is some kind of pregnant loser. How is that posssible or fair?! She’s sold over 60 million albums, sold out arenas that NONE of her peers could think about selling out alone, her perfume line crushed ALL of her contemporaries’ attempts etc. All of this makes Britney one of the most successful women of my generation, and as a woman, I find it highly offensive that she is being scorned simply because she settled down and conceived a couple of children. If you can’t take time off after you’ve banked millions, gotten married and bought a Malibu mansion-when can you?!!

Britney Spears has earned her maternity leave and everyone should respect that.

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