In MTV Voting Special, Christina Aguilera Shows Power

Joanna Weiss of the Boston Globe reviewed Drew Barrymore and Christina Aguilera’s docmentaries for the MTV ‘Choose or Lose’ campaign, giving Aguilera’s ‘Sex, Votes, and Higher Power’ special the best marks. “Indeed, there’s something oddly admirable about Aguilera’s special,” Weiss wrote. “First and foremost, it has a point: Yes, kids, the government affects something you find fairly important. In her hometown of Pittsburgh, Aguilera interviews teens and 20-somethings about sex and its consequences. There are young women who had accidental pregnancies; a victim of domestic violence; recruits of the ‘Silver Ring Thing’ who have pledged to stay virgins until marriage. Because this is serious stuff, Aguilera has dialed the tart-o-meter down to roughly ‘6.’ The sweaters are high-necked but oh-so-tight, and the skirts cut off at the top of the thigh. Her hair is curled and primped into a bun, professionally tousled. She’s adopted an intent ‘tell me more’ look and an NPR accent.” Read more.

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