In Response To Britney Vs. Christina Debate

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I know that this is just adding fuel to the fire but its something that I have to voice my opinion on and that is the never-ending debate of: vs. . Both are extremely talented and they show that talent in their own ways. Xtina is the preferred singer and Brit is the one people prefer to see when going to a show because she’s an excellent performer.

But what bugs me is how some die-hard fans (of both) use those talents as a way to back their claim up just to insult that artist/fan/hater. Now I myself prefer Britney out of the two and yes, I admit WE Britney fans can b immature at times. But some die-hard Xtina fans or just haters in general can be REALLY superficial and close-minded, and that’s something nobody has bothered to point out.

And by superficial I mean that those users always throw the Grammy win in Britney’s face and to her fans. Who are you people to judge an artist by what awards he/she have/haven’t won. This is something I firmly believe and that is you don’t need Xtina’s pipes to show that you have genuine talent and that you belong here. Other superficial things are calling Britney talentless which is the FARTHEST thing from true. What do you think got her to this place, a smile to go along with a pretty face, no a person doesn’t get to the top like that. She was an AMAZING singer when she was younger but her voice has deteriorated. But she’s still talented. Look @ & Janet, both weren’t the best of singers but they were still successful.

I know that writing this hasn’t helped the cause but what I’ve chosen to point out is something I hope you think about. I’m not trying to take ANYTHING away from Xtina’s talent and everything I’ve talked about also goes vice versa.

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13 thoughts on “In Response To Britney Vs. Christina Debate

  1. iluffslimshady says:

    Xtina will kick her slutty ass any day
    Britney is a Freaking loser ……. I mean
    rapping in 1 of her songs??..PPFFT pathetic!

  2. britneysbaby2002 says:

    I read it, and it was very true, and very good! Showing both views… I think it’s awesome!

    I think you need to try open your mind a little grace.. Just because you didn’t like it, doesn’t mean she has to “keep your thoughts to your self because that “essay” was totally stupid” Maybe you thought it was, OK.. That’s fine! But don’t tell her she can’t voice her opinion… She is entitled to, just like you did with this!

  3. Xtinasman says:

    Not to throw this in anyone’s face but Christina has won 3 Grammys. Not just one.

  4. grprincess says:

    Well good for her. She can display those Grammys at her whorehouse.

  5. FireorIce says:

    Whorehouse, last time we learn she had been with only one guy. Now dating someone new, she doesn’t sell her relationship to the press.

  6. FireorIce says:

    Well, as a consumer I have right judge. I mean she suppose to be selling her music, so you darn right I going to judge. Yes, you are trying force your opinion on me, by accusing me of being unfair to Britney and not giving her a chance. When I fact I gave a list of reasons why.

  7. CARPEDIEM says:

    Carpediem’s Mistress… I’m a Britney and Christina fan, so I really don’t understand this debate. Different people have different tastes, some prefer Brit, others prefer Christina, while others dislike them both. Why argue about it, you will never change each others mind. Oh and just because someone has sex, that doesn’t mean they are sluts or whores. Are any of us virgins here? I don’t think so.

  8. FireorIce says:

    Last time I check she wasn’t going out with Fred and Collin for publicity. There goes your screwing around theory.

  9. luluvon_2000 says:

    See this is what some people are talking about! You can’t generalize all of X-tina’s or Britney’s fans because you don’t know all of them, ok. I happen to be a very big Christina fan (Britney is talented also, but I prefer X-tina) and I know I’m not a slut and I’m very intelligent and sane! I’ve seen talk shows on followers of both Christina and Britney and believe me, neither of them were flattering. So please don’t generalize people, ok!

  10. Kizzardkid says:

    I got bored after the 1st sentence, I don’t know why you guys waste your time writing stupid ***** like this, its not like its gonna affect anyone. Ugh!’

  11. ktkins143 says:

    I kinda agree, I don’t think she’s too good of a performer, because when I want to see somebody -perform I want it to have the live appeal- and she just doesn’t have that. Its all overproduced, too much choreographer, backup dancers, props, flashy outfits, etc. I don’t like that—I like the rawness of live performance, live music, live band, just an artist ruling their stage, on their own, moving with the music as they please, not against it

    I like her music, but Id rather not see her perform…the “dancing” that a lot of artists do now is not dancing, it is kind of robotic looking, and the back-up dancers always end up hauling their buts to make up for the skill…or lack their of of many artists and I do agree again, Madonna does have the better voice, she has a pretty rich and soulful voice (she just doesn’t use it as much now) and I do think she is extremely intelligent

  12. RavenMcCoy80 says:

    What brought Britney to where she is now is not accepting “no” for an answer, and a mother who spoiled her rotten. A cute face and a big voice might have helped her out.

    Point is, Britney’s not a grade-A singer. She’s a “performer.” She wants to put on a show and not focus so much on the quality of her musical skills. I’m not a fan of hers, but I’ll admit–the Dream Within A Dream tour was staged VERY well.

  13. Ariel says:

    First of all the only trash around here is you, filthy *****. You should burn in the hell yourself. It’s mental patients like you running around are what Hotstuff was talking about.

    It’s interesting you think you know what Christina may do in her private life, do you stalk her 24/7?

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