In Response To ‘Pop Unpopularity’

Contributed anonymously:

First of all, no one really hates pop stars. If they did, they wouldn’t be popular in the first place. Its all about respect. Nirvana, The Beatles, 2pac etc. were all respected.

Why? Because they were more than just some fabrication that a bunch of old white guys thought up. These artists were always the ones who chose to pursue music because they loved it, not because they loved what it brought them (ie: fame, money).

Not only that, they are hmmmm… whats that word… talented.

Now lets be serious, is having a pre-pubescent voice talent? Is writing lyrics at a 5th grade level when you’re in your 20’s after numerous albums talent? Is lip-synching half-naked while humping the floor talent?

When you like someone, that just means that you can stand them. Being respected is when people actually think you’re a human worth aspiring to be, like they want some part of you instilled in them. That’s why pop its a guilty pleasure; because pop is music that celebrates the materialism and the immaturity of our society and the last thing people want to be is totally materialistic and immature.

Why do you think a lot of pop stars hesitate to call themselves pop stars, teen queens, boybands?

Anyone can be liked, but not respected.

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