‘In The Zone’, A First Week Flop… I Don’t Think So

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Some people on popdirt have been contending that Britney Spears new release has been a flop in its first week despite selling 609,000 copies in the US and topping the album charts. They argue that the sales are lower than the sales of her last album Britney, which sold 750 k in one week and less than half of what Oops I did it again sold (1.3 million) But these people like to forget is the general in music sales over the past years, which has affected all artists especially pop singers including Brit’s other successful peers Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera.

The best and only way to judge sales of In the Zone is to compare them to this years other releases. And according to Associated Press newswire which did just this “In the Zone” is not only not a flop but a huge success.

Consider these facts from the AP article and the net:
1. In the Zone had the fourth best selling debut week of the year, behind only 50 Cent’s “Get Rich or Die Tryin”‘ (872,000 copies), Linkin Park’s “Meteora” (810,000) and Clay Aiken’s “Measure of a Man” (613,000).

2. In the Zone has had the biggest debut week sales for any release by any female artist this year.

3. It had the second biggest debut week of any POP album this year, behind only Clay Aiken which sold only 4,000 more copies in its first week and can expect almost no sales outside North America.

4. The album faced tough competition in its first weeks release from the Beatles who many people expected would easily take number 1 in the charts.

5. The 609,000 copies sold is far higher than the first week figures from artists who are often compared to Britney or associated with her.
Justin Timberlake Justified sold 440,000 in its first week
Christina Aguilera’s Stripped 330,000
Mariah Carey’s Charmbracelet 241,000
J.Lo’s this is me…Then 314,000

Now when you consider the sales in light of all these facts only someone truly hateful or blind could even begin to suggest that “In the Zone” was anything but a huge success in its first week.

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8 thoughts on “‘In The Zone’, A First Week Flop… I Don’t Think So

  1. hellahooked says:

    I agree with this. People are pretty stupid to say that, ‘In The Zone’ is a flop. What kind of stupid fool are you? I think she sold 1.5 worldwide, in it’s first week… pretty impressive!

  2. monarc20 says:

    I don’t like Britney but I won’t hate on I just don’t thinks she’s talented. The media always picks artist apart and compare their Album sales to their most successful Album which isn’t fair. They do that to Mariah all the time but her Latest Album “Charmbracelet’ has now sold over 5 Million Copies World Wide. On thing though the writer of this Article said Mariah is compared to Britney which isn’t true Mariah’s a legend has the best voice of are time so she can’t be compared to Britney it wouldn’t be fair.

  3. amusicfanofsoul says:

    It may be a flop it may not. but you shouldn’t judge now…lets see in the long run how much sales are. lets see if she meets up to her competitors. so far she has dropped dramatically in the U.K. so I guess it’s already considered a flop. but less she if she maintains the success of In The Zone here in the U.S.

  4. youhavenoidea says:

    Anyway music sales have been decreasing on the whole since the late 90s. So you can’t actually compare how many sales from a CD released now to one released maybe 5 years ago. Eg, In the zone and her 1st one (don’t know the name). In terms of today’s music sales, it is successful. CD prices have been increasing, so why buy a CD when you can download it for free? Because I’m sure a lot of people have downloaded it instead of buying it! The simple fact is people don’t buy CDs as much anymore

  5. getalifeyall says:

    I dunno about the rest of the world, but when I first started getting CD’s they were $17.99 and $16.99. Maybe $14.99 if they were on sale. Now I can go to Best Buy or Target any day of the week and see brand new releases for as low as $9.99. So why do people continuously say CD prices are increasing? Are they in the rest of the world and just not here? Because I just don’t see the big deal in paying $9.99 to support your favorite artist and hear their CD with the best quality available.

  6. weebongo says:

    Mariah hasn’t been a success since sometime last decade. Everything she does now is a flop. Her Remix album already fell off the Billboard Top 200. Every song from Charmbracelet was a huge bomb. Only one even made it on the Hot 100 singles chart and that one peaked somewhere in the 70’s.

  7. babet says:

    Take 609000 and divide it by all the publicity stunts she did…..that equals to…….. about 5. whats even more obvious that she would debut at number one would be that she had that little TV special right before the release of her album. doesn’t that give her the advantage? her whole label must have been scared sh**less that they had to ensure that she continued making them money. what other way is there to confirm that than to have your own special? and did anyone notice how the naked mag covers of Britney stopped coming out after she hit number 1???? she must have one hell of a publicist. what a whore.

  8. dada says:

    Well….I won’t compare her album sales to any artists right now…. because sure teeny boppers are still craving for her ass crap….. Though I’m hating her all the time I think the girl deserves it. why is X-tina’s “Stripped” despite being flawless sold only 3 mil. in US?

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