‘In The Zone’ Continues To Fail In The UK

A few months back I proclaimed (using undeniable facts and figures) that despite the almost self-deluding rhetoric from the Britney fans, ‘In The Zone’ would never catch up in sales with ‘Stripped’ in the US. Given that ‘In The Zone’ is still over 1 million behind in sales, and is dropping like a rock (it is currently a pathetic #68), I think that point is as good as proven.

Now I see they’ve changed countries, and are trying to persuade people into believing ‘In The Zone’ is “continuing to be successful in the UK”. Once again, lets look at the facts and figures.

Despite having released three singles, ‘In The Zone’ has never, NEVER, entered into the Top 10 since its release. #14 is the highest this “successful” album has reached. Its sales have still failed to go over 400,000, leaving it at a paltry 1x platinum. At this stage last year, after almost identical amounts of time on the chart, both ‘Justified’ and ‘Stripped’ had spent many week insides the Top 5, and achieved sales of over 1 million. The fact that they both went on to sell another 800,000 copies before ending their chart run, means they are what you would call “successful”.

Even ‘unknown’ indie bands, such as Keane, and Snow Patrol, with a promotional budget 1000s of times smaller than Miss Spears, have managed to have lengthy runs in the Top 10, and outsell ‘In The Zone’ despite having been released only a few months ago.

Of course, 400,000 is an increase (albeit a very small one) on ‘Britney’ sales, which just scraped 300,000 (or 1x platinum) before disappearing quicker than you can say “I do”, but then, she didn’t get married in the middle of that album’s shelf-life.

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