‘In The Zone’ Is Britney Spears’ Best

Mike Bell of the Calgary Sun reviewed Britney Spears’ just released album ‘In The Zone’, proclaiming it “without a doubt the best thing she has released in her four-disc career.” He added, “Granted, that’s a pretty relative thing, as the Britney canon is as rich as a Bre-X sample. But even on its own merits, ‘In the Zone’ is an entertaining, incredibly well-realized, sweaty, fun and eclectic dance record, that also has a certain amount of credibility and believability in its grooves.”

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10 thoughts on “‘In The Zone’ Is Britney Spears’ Best

  1. B0rntoplay says:

    No doubt, I agree. Its awesome album. Good review. I liked how he wrote the review.

  2. outrageous4u says:

    Finally Britney is getting some credit when its due some critics don’t like pop music and automatically dismiss Britney but anyone who goes in with an open mind CAN NOT say this isn’t an amazing album there are no filler songs, every one is awesome it definitely deserves a listen GO BRITNEY!

  3. MistySl says:

    Let me stop before these Britney Fears Fans attack me, because they are fat just like her. No just jokes. I hate to admit it, But the CD is fly. I got an advance copy of it — Bootleg of course. and was surprised that she just picked up where Slave for U, dropped her off at the Club. Britney. U go Girl, The Cd is sexy, great music, horrible vocals and I truly enjoyed it.

  4. JMAX says:

    The album is amazing. I’ve been a fan of Britney for a while, but I was never a mega-fan or anything. So I knew the album would be good, but I honestly didn’t expect it to be this good. Absolutely incredible!

  5. atomickitten says:

    yeah, this is definitely Britney’s best. She went from sounding painfully constipated to just constipated. Bravo

  6. single_female_lawyer says:

    I must say that I agree, some songs like toxic are dope :) and the Kyle Minogue sounding one too….but I hate to say this but sounds like she will have a lasting career like Madonna if she keeps this pace ya know?

  7. tazzsgirl says:

    post gave it 3 stars but they also wrote spears vocals seem to be declining over time.on the hook up her voice is so processed it is unrecognizable as her they need to use so many filters to make that crappy voice sounds less crappy

  8. jazzprofounder says:

    This album does define a newer Britney….even though the same elements are still the same as her last albums, this album is more interesting and is a great listen for when you just want to listen to an album mainly based on high and upbeat tunes.

  9. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Britney’s best my ass. The reviewer only praised the album because it is “fun” and “entertaining”? WOW, then the producers of Barney’s Favorites, Vol. 1 should be proud too because that album got a few good reviews, and some reviewers said the album was fun and entertaining too. Mike Bell is this week’s Jive bitch, enjoy those $$$

  10. Hairul says:

    If you say of all of her albums In The Zone is the best, its still acceptable. But please don’t compare with other true singers’ albums with her because she is only a performer trying so hard to find a kick ass song all these while. Her songs don’t make an impact on me… because its plain and lackluster. Compared to singers who pour their heart and soul in their songs, which makes it so beautiful. She’s just trying her best to impress, that’s all.

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