In Touch Magazine Ranks Celebrities

How do you rank celebrities? Money, power, beauty? ‘In Touch’ magazine thinks they know and have come out with their list. Check out a video clip of WB11 counting down the list, which includes Queen Latifah at #45, Mandy Moore at #39, Jack Black at #38, Pamela Anderson at #30, Britney Spears at #22, Justin Timberlake at #15, and Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at #5, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson at #3, and Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles at #1.

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8 thoughts on “In Touch Magazine Ranks Celebrities

  1. atomickitten says:

    Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson #3? LOL!!! What a pathetic list!!! What are they basing this on, the level of desperation and publicity whoring?

  2. ballersfantasy says:

    No, if that were the case, Christina would be #1!

  3. JMAX says:

    “How ‘in touch’ is In Touch magazine?”‘, ‘I like most of the people on this list, but WTF? I have nothing against Beyonce but she shouldn’t be #1. Nick & Jess shouldn’t be so high and Pamela A. shouldn’t be on there at all. I wonder where/if Christina is on the list? They make no mention of her.

  4. Britneywindsor says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Britney fan but where is Christina? She’s what’s up. If this has to do wit money, power and beauty why is Britney number 22. She makes more money than all of them! And at one point Forbes named her the most powerful celebrity in the world. Everyone makes more money than Beyonce!

  5. Cicero says:

    I think this list is just about what’s hot right now. There isn’t any concrete criteria. Nick & Jess are a joke, we all know, but they’re a hot topic, even if everyone laughs at them. And really, Beyonce’s hot now. She’s got the single most popular single — well, that and “Me Against the Music”, with radio play — and she has a very successful movie. Brit’s at 22, which is fine. Her album hasn’t even been released yet. She could be higher, but they’ve probably been working on this for a while. As for Christina: This is the US, not Europe, right? She’s not as big a deal here.

  6. jimmypee says:

    Britney’s at 22 because this year she’s “partied”….as if that’s not enough of a joke. Christina’s had four hit singles, sold more albums than ANYONE on that list this year, signed a deal with VERSACE, had the biggest tour of anyone on that list. not as big a deal? get a clue. the list was done by someone obviously with a huge grudge against Christina. probably one of Britney’s employers, considering how stupidly high she is.

    If the list is about that, Britney should be banned from it forever. #22 for “partying”….just about sums her, and anyone whos paid to kiss her ass like this magazine, up….pointless.

  7. amusicfanofsoul says:

    That was over a year ago. Christina is making more with endorsements alone.

  8. urbaniz3d says:

    This list is just about who is popular at the moment, which is sad that Britney is 22 despite the fact that she’s on TV all the time promoting her album

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