Incredibility Counts

Contributed by StrippedForever:

The whole and Christina Aguilera comparison is not right. First off, Christina is a credible pop vocalist and Britney is just a pop/music business creation. They may be in the same age group and target the same audience, but that doesn’t mean they’re alike. Compare Britney to Hilary Duff but not to Christina. Christina should be compared to other young artists with more credibility (ie. Pink, Norah Jones, Justin Timberlake) who at least try to grow as musicians.

Popularity is also important to sell a whole lot of records. Popularity is everything. NOT! All of you are wrong in thinking that record sales correlates with credibility. Just because Britney has sold more records than Christina or many other great artists, does not make her special nor important (probably to Jive and other merchandising companies who make millions out of her). Record sales are only considered an achievement when there’s great music and creativity behind it. Britney has sold many more records than Christina but she has yet to reach Christina’s artistic level and Britney’s 60 million record sales has not changed that fact.

Christina has the talent and credibility while Britney has the record sales and popularity. But popularity is superficial and it always fades, but real talent does not. People who rely on their popularity to succeed are also doomed. Popularity can vanish as instantly as it appeared. Look at Norah Jones, she is one of the best selling artists of 2003 and she does not need popularity to sell records. She has the talent and credibility and that’s what really counts.

Christina is different from Britney because she always took things to the next level and not stay in the same area that she felt unhappy in. Christina is a real fighter and she will always be remembered as the ‘Little With The Big Voice.’

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10 thoughts on “Incredibility Counts

  1. Daz76 says:

    I agree with you. Christina and Britney are not the same kind of stars. Credibility and talent is awarded by the Grammys and Christina has 3 while Britney 0. Go Xtina!

  2. hellahooked says:

    Seriously.. whats up with this? not only is this bias, it’s also freaking pointless. This site is for news about pop stars not people’s opinion or school essays… leave that for comments. To your eyes Christina has credibility, I don’t see it, all she does is bitch. Bitching about your life, really makes you grow as a musician, right? For you to say it’s alright to compare Hilary to Britney, is messed up. Hilary should not be compared to anyone.. she has no talent, no looks and is really annoying. Christina will always be remembered as ‘Britney’s Shadow’ and that’s it.

  3. FADE_awayx says:

    I agree… please stop. no one cares. people will always compare Britney & Christina, so a stupid essay will never change our minds.

  4. JnChrisFan1 says:

    I agree 110%, Britney and Christina are totally different whether it be stage presence or song style you can’t really compare them. Christina is more soulful in her songs and voice, but Britney is more dance pop cause it matches her voice, if Britney tried to sing the stuff Christina sings well…..well that would be another story

  5. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    You all wouldn’t be saying “blah blah blah” if someone “Biasly” supported Britney in one of these “yet another pointless essays”….. You’d be right there saying “right on” and “you go” and “this is so true”….no matter how bad or wrong it was! As for the post….it’s absolutely right…. Christina has everything going for her to remain a name while Britney will fade cause what has gotten her to where she is is bogus!

  6. amusicfanofsoul says:

    True…funny how Britney fans hate to admit it. but comparing Christina to Britney is like comparing the early days of Whitney Houston to Madonna. they both have so much hype…but one has the talent that will always have the respect of other artists. that’s a major thing no one can deny…Christina has extreme vocal talent. those who oppose are merely jealous…besides she can sing circles around any of them!

  7. JnChrisFan1 says:

    Okay we can tell you are a Britney fan that hates when others give Christina credit and try to back her up when people bring her down to a lower level than Britney to make you feel better about yourself, and what you said about singing about your messed up life makes you a musician? Well it sure as hell doesn’t make Britney a musician singing about club hopping all the time does it I believe she has nothing else to say except sex and dancing

  8. hotstuff says:

    ‘Britney is just a pop/music business creation’ y’all seem to 4get that Christina was also manufactured when starting out but you guys always seem to leave out that factor. You land your record deal and you can’t just say ‘Ok, this is how I want my record to b done’. Sorry to burst your bubble, doesn’t work like that. Both Brit/Xtina were naive starting out so it was easier for the execs and label to tell them what 2 do. But now, they’ve had time to see how it works and have grown up. Obviously, this is just your biased opinion on what talent is in the music business. Yeah, the big voice is an integral part of being an artist but is that really it? just because Britney’s music doesn’t hold as much depth as Xtinas doesn’t make it wrong. If you look back @ the 70’s and 80’s, dance pop music was what ruled the charts and made those decades memorable a la ‘Saturday Night Fever’, ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ and so many more. The songs from these eras you will never forget. I’m not taking anything away from a soulful ballad but not all artists want to do the savvy love song or talk about your life story. Its personal taste and I like both styles. Honestly, do you not have variety in your music?

  9. missxtina24 says:

    Look at all the jealous bimbo Britney fans shut y’all ugly asses up and just except the fact that this article is correct on everything she or her typed so get over it whores Christina is too talented to be compared to that sagging face Britney.

  10. not4rockers says:

    yes, talent is very important. obviously, Christina has a great voice compared to Britney but that doesn’t mean that Britney is not talented. Christina may be good singer but it doesn’t end there, you must sell records in order to say that you really have the talent to make it big and get the audience’s attention. if you did not get their attention , it means that you are not that talented and you are just a wasting of time

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