Info Overload On ‘Schizophrenic’

Aidin Vaziri of The San Francisco Chronicle caught up with star in wake of the release of his solo debut ‘Schizophrenic’. Vaziri described the album as “Every song is like when they announce the nominees at the MTV Awards and just play the best 15 seconds of each track back-to-back.” JC said, “When I handed the album over to the record company, they just kind of scooted back from the table, like, ‘Wow, this is a lot of information’. Everyone in music — more or less — has a niche, and I didn’t stick to a niche. It is what it is.” Read more.

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4 thoughts on “Info Overload On ‘Schizophrenic’

  1. nanda_lo says:

    I’m really sorry. I may be a very ignorant girl but I didn’t get anything he said. Did this Vaziri liked it or not at last?

  2. melyindaguerra says:

    Album Review’, ‘They liked the album, stating that JC is taking over JT’s spot in the pop solo field. His CD is unique and while JT used proven hit makers at top dollar JC created a masterpiece with unknown producers

  3. popnicklover says:

    JC created a masterpiece?!?! Hardly. Neither did JT, BTW. JC and JT’s albums were all’, ‘about sex and good-looking girls! Can you say overused material sh*t?!

  4. stallion says:

    JC album was awesome. While Justin Timberlake is busy making a movie all the N’sync fans can enjoy JC album and enjoy watching JC success like we enjoyed watching Justin Timberlake make history.

    I would be cool if JC and Justin did a double album like Outkast. The cool thing about each memeber going solo was that they all prove that they can all sing.

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