Inside Katy Perry’s Opulent Tour Bus

Katy Perry on her tour bus in Paris en route to Cologne updated fans with a video clip while in Paris, France. The ‘I Kissed A Girl’ singer said they were next headed to Cologne, Germany. Perry offered a tour of their fancy tour bus, showing off the bathroom and stocked fridge. Katy then headed up to the second floor where the sleep quarters are, putting the stripper pole to work before ending the tour in the lounge.

“So this is our bus,” Katy said. “It’s a double decker. It’s amazing. I can’t believe that. It’s like the future too. We’re doing ‘Cribs’. Welcome to ‘Cribs’. ‘Cribs’ on the bus. As you can tell it’s like futuristic space future.”

Katy Perry after using the stripper pole on her tour bus in ParisPointing out the toilet, Katy said, “Still standard holes apply. No pooping. Can’t poop. Even if it’s an opulent bus, still can’t take a sh**.”

“We just led you through an opulent tour of our new crib,” Katy said at the end. “ you liked it.”

Watch the clip below.

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