Internet Tracks Britney Spears’ Falling Popularity

Jewsweek spoke with Gallup Israel founder Jacob Levy and his son Ori about using the internet to track the popularity of . “Before a meeting with Time Warner Inc., by chance we had prepared a test on the popularity of Britney Spears,” Jacob explained. “Our analysis showed that her popularity was falling, which surprised the people at Time Warner. A month later, her fans threw tomatoes at her, and two months later she announced that she was retiring temporarily. Our engine could also analyze opinions and explain the reason for the dislike. In the case of Britney Spears, her fans stopped loving her because she was no longer a virgin, she smoked, and she has a contract with Pepsi. Our tool can analyze target audiences in many fields better than any focus group. We don’t ask people, but analyze their opinions, freely put in writing, on the Internet.”

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