Interviewer For Esquire Gives The Verdict On Britney

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Chuck Klosterman has interviewed for Esquire magazine, and she was brought up in an interview he gave to the Fargo Forum. This is what he had to say, “I didn’t think she was going to be smart. I thought she would be more self-aware, and more media savvy, or media sophisticated. What I came to realize is that it’s very possible she had never really given an interview before without being surrounded by handlers. She was completely unprepared to answer any questions beyond, ‘What makes you so awesome?’ I don’t know if Britney Spears has the potential to say something interesting.”

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10 thoughts on “Interviewer For Esquire Gives The Verdict On Britney

  1. BuffyFan says:

    Well, no kidding! It’s always obvious when it’s actually her speaking or her saying what she’s told to say.

  2. Dancer4Life says:

    Well, this guy hit it right on the spot. Britney never has anything interesting to say and if she does say something that is somewhat intelligent it probably didn’t come from her own thinking, but the thinking of the people behind her.

  3. bravegirl says:

    oh please she’s given a lot of smart interviews in the past.

  4. EvanescenceSucks says:

    The guy is probably biased, he’s mostly a rock reporter as I take it. But, Britney not a rocket scientist? Tell me something new.

  5. rachel says:

    uh is this news, we’ve always known she isn’t a smart cookie. She only sells record using her assets. People think she is hot which I don’t think………. Britney Spears is mediocre. If she wasn’t famous not many of the guys will even wanna date her.

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Make up, lighting, and camera angles can do a LOT for someones appeal!!! Britney COULD be a very pretty girl, but after all the make up she’s caked on for so many years, the smoking, the partying, and I’m sure she’s had some stress in there somewhere…. If it wasn’t for all those factors, she COULD be a very pretty (average pretty) girl! But she’s not…at 21, she looks like a washed out hag! The longer she goes, the more make up, lighting tricks, and good angles they have to use. If you ask me, she’s got some really REALLY good photographers helping her out! As for the article…..DUH!! She’s dumb….it’s so obvious in LIVE interviews… You can tell that the wheels don’t turn real fast, there’s not a whole lot going on up there! If it wasn’t for her handlers, people would see this….THEY are the smart ones….her handlers that is! When Britney DOES get to come up with her own answers, we get “I get to go to a lot of overseas places like Canada.

  7. CARPEDIEM says:

    Carpediem Mistress…. All her life she’s been told what to do, what to wear and what to say, now she’s trying to figure things out for herself. This was probably one of her first interviews without someone standing over her. In my opinion: Britney is growing up.

  8. dyin2bfamous says:

    My turn to vent……… Britney is a beautiful woman. She does look a little older now, but in no way does she look old. Even without makeup (to me) she is very attractive and has a great body. She isn’t the brightest bulb around but I wouldn’t call her a complete idiot. She never bother me, I never found her annoying or fascinating. She was always just there. I’m very interested in hearing her new cd. She totally pissed me off with that Neptunes comment (about being over them). That comment makes me even more interested in hearing her stuff. I can understand maybe Justin making that comment because he is a proven song writer but Britney isn’t. I can’t wait to hear the CRAP she writes!!!!! For those of you who can’t tell for the first time she annoyed the hell out of me.

  9. bella89 says:

    Well come on! What do you expect from the girl that thinks Canada is an overseas country for us Americans?

  10. CARPEDIEM says:

    Boo… I know you love her but BRITNEY IS A FLAKE, please stop using my sign-on to praise the little twit. As for his comments this guy hates anything or anyone that’s not rock.

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