Is Ashlee Simpson’s Boozing Out Of Control?

An eyewitness who observed Ashlee Simpson at Ryan Cabrera’s concert at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip on October 19th tells the singer’s behavior at a McDonald’s in Toronto was not an isolated incident. “Throughout the show, she chugged down a bunch of wine,” the witness reported. “She didn’t even bother sipping it; she was tossing them back like shots. She and her friends were dancing around like strippers, bumping and grinding, right in front of her dad.”

Ashlee Simpson On ‘ET Canada’ And ‘Star! Daily’

‘ET Canada’ caught up with Ashlee Simpson on her promotional trip to Toronto. They presented her with some gifts — including a bottle of ice wine, which may have led to her embarrassing McDonald’s incident — and she talked about celebrating her 21st birthday in Las Vegas and more. Ashlee also appeared on ‘Star! Daily’, where she talked about ‘I Am Me’ opening at #1, where she was while writing the album, how she dealt with the ‘SNL’ and Orange Bowl incidents, returning to ‘SNL’, the tabloids focus on her family, her “great friend” Wilmer Valderrama, and more. Watch both features at

Ashlee Simpson Flips Out At McDonald’s

A drunken Ashlee Simpson was videotaped in Toronto partying it up before acting out at a McDonald’s. The singer jumped on top the fast food chain’s counter wanting to talk to the manager and refused to sign an autograph for a fan unless he literally kissed her feet. It was only days ago Simpson was heard asking repeatedly “what’s wrong with your dick?” to a passerby in Hollywood. Watch the McDonald’s incident at YouTube.

Ashlee Simpson Visits MuchMusic

Ashlee Simpson visited MuchMusic earlier this week to promote her sophomore album ‘I Am Me’. “I’ve learned a lot of lessons in the last 12 months,” she said. “I had a lot to write about on this album and I was honest with where I was at. I’ve really learned that even when you fall on your face, you have to just keep going and not look back. You can overcome obstacles in your life that you never thought you could.” Photos are available from FilmMagic.

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4 thoughts on “Is Ashlee Simpson’s Boozing Out Of Control?

  1. Potrzebie says:

    Maybe she’s decided she wants to be the next Courtney Love – except she’s not going to bother trying to create stuff like LIVE THROUGH THIS , but jump straight to the foolish behavior part.

  2. malibu says:

    oh joe must be so proud of his daughter. I thought Ashlee was the more down to earth of the two, but I guess not. she actually wouldn’t sign an autograph unless the guy kissed her feet? what a stupid *****, hello its your crappy name on a piece of paper, it doesn’t mean anything, and trust me no one will remember her 10years from not, so it’ll be worthless. I hate stars who have diva behavior when they aren’t even that big! its not acceptable for anyone, but it would be a bit understandable if it was someone like Madonna , but Ashlee?? gimme a break!

  3. fpasko says:

    Lets face it everyone, Ashlee is a loser. There’s nothing wrong getting drunk every now and then, but going into McDonald’s and act like an idiot, is just plain stupid.

  4. RPL says:

    Her dad loved it!! I bet he wants her to get drunk again and bump and grind on others. She isn’t a boozer, she is a whore!

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