Is Britney Being ‘Mona Lisa’ In Her New Video ‘Do Somethin’?

Contributed Anonymously:

What’s up board? Have you guys seen Britney Spears’ new video DO SOMETHING? Bet you have. Anyway, I noticed that the video seems to be… uhmm… careless? But for some reason, Britney seems to be playing a character playing a character in a video?

What I mean is, do you guys think she’s playing MONA LISA? I noticed that in the video, two doors open, and the doors bare the name MONA LISA. It’s like the beginning of videos for many artists which have their names in the beginning of them. Now, I read somewhere that the video has hints to the new songs in her next album but that is the only name I could make out in the video.

Through out the video, it felt like Britney wasn’t playing/being herself. Specially in the part where Britney is singing to the microphone, it gave me the impression of Britney playing a character… Is this character MONA LISA…?

The rumors for MONA LISA’s video is that Britney is walking down a church aile towards a coffin where she lays in it. She said MONA LISA is about the fallen idols and legends and those we miss. Now, is Britney MONA LISA, the idol in do something, and this is a MONA LISA’s (THE IDOL/SINGER) video and the video for the song MONA LISA will be her death…?

Sounds interesting doesn’t it? I wonder if i was the only one who got this impression.

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