Is Britney Spears Doomed To Have Another Meltdown?

is featured in Rolling Stone magazine, where the singer chatted with Jenny Eliscu about her new album ‘Circus’ and lacking freedom with father Jamie in control of her affairs.

“I think there’s definitely a chance for another meltdown,” deputy editor Caryn Ganz tells ITN. “She’s 27, and I don’t think she can live under her father’s care forever. What about when she’s 37? What about when she’s even 30? Britney is going to need to wrestle control of her life back at some point, and what that means for her career is definitely the question mark. Will she be able to still have a career if she’s in control of her own affairs? Will she have to literally end her career? Turn off the cash machine and say this is my life, now I’m doing what I want. Britney’s story is far from over.”

Watch the ITN report via YouTube below.

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