Is Britney Spears Really ‘In The Zone’?

Is really ‘In the Zone’? America’s opinion… of course. With more then 600,000 albums sold in her first week she is looking to make a big boom in the music industry again as fans return to Britney for another helping of Britney Mania. Why is Britney so big? People are intrigued by her. People need more of her. She is on so many news/TV shows and do the reporters ever ask her something different? Nope. Does she ever disclose more info. Sometimes. But yet she continues to set fire under everyone. She is America’s artist. She grew up in front of us and turned into a music icon that will become legendary. Will our kids know who she is? Maybe. Will they like her? Probably as much as a 16 year old today likes Madonna.

Now, to address why she is selling millions. Is it publicity. A little. Come on people if she was still in her little hole like she was on her break she wouldn’t amount to anything. But the minute she comes back into the scene people say everything she does is for publicity. NO IT IS JUST THAT THE REPORTERS DON’T LEAVE HER ALONE. People want more Britney. Even if a lot of people don’t admit it…almost everyone has a spot for Britney. When it comes down to it this album is good and that is why it is selling…now factor in how many illegal downloads the CD has had, and the legal ones….factor that all in and Britney is as big as she was with her 1st 2 albums.

Can Britney sing? Yes. She might not be the most talented singer but she can hit notes and has a style a lot of people like. She wouldn’t be a singer if she couldn’t sing. She has her own way of doing it and just because she doesn’t have the range or the pipes of other singers doesn’t mean she can’t sing. Remember Macy Gray? Ricky Martin? Justin Timberlake? They all aren’t the best singers. But they had good music at a time. As for Justin he is still making music that some people like.

So is Britney’s CD good? In my opinion…the best yet. With hit potentials like (I’ve got that) Boom Boom and Toxic this album is sure to produce even more buzz.

Is Britney’s career over? Nah. Look at Madonna, after her first few years everyone said she was over and she is still around. Britney will be here for a while and people will be loyal to her. She is maturing and her music only gets better. Now I’m not saying bubblegum pop is bad….but let’s just say music these days is a lot “hip-hoppier.”

My “In the Zone” rating:
CD – 4.89/5.00
Artist – 5.00/5.00
Future Outlook – Very Good

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10 thoughts on “Is Britney Spears Really ‘In The Zone’?

  1. clayfan says:

    Speak for yourself!! Britney isn’t America’s artist … she certainly isn’t MY artist. Clay Aiken sold more albums in his first week than Britney did with her newest album, but no one is claiming he’s “America’s artist.” Whatever!

  2. grprincess says:

    Even if Clay sold more (I don’t know the figures) who cares? She doesn’t have to be the best selling artist in the U.S, but she is still one of the best. She still sold more copies her first week than Justin, Christina and J.Lo’s last albums.

  3. outrageous4u says:

    Of course she is here to stay-her career wont be over until she decides to end it whoever doubts her longevity is a dumbass hello, face reality and look at the facts even those retarded Britney haters can’t argue with the facts

  4. breez says:

    There you go again claiming she is an artist. Singing other people’s crappy songs doesn’t make you an artist, Britney. Neither does attaching your name to the writing credits because you changed one line. She’s America’s product. You should be ashamed.

  5. babet says:

    Britney is not America’s artist because she’s not an artist at all. and if she is America’s artist then why does half the population hate her? the only reason people want more of her is because she is pure sex. that’s what she’s all about. her album is pure sex and she makes it so obvious that she really really wants to sell records. people are intrigued by sex more than music itself. its perverted but its true. prince and Madonna sold albums that way….and they don’t exactly have the best voices.

  6. BLUEGEMINI7 says:


  7. FuturePast says:

    Clayfan, Most of the reviews for his CD were pretty bad. One review had half a paragraph and one sentence read something to the effect of “in the time it took to induce vomiting” He had a lot of publicity from AI, and he did gain some fans, but, if he doesn’t have the artistic ability to either to craft good music or recruit those who can do it for him, he will fade. He just isn’t what icons and legends are made of. I think he has a nice voice, and seems like a very genuine person, but, I think that he is corny and manufactured. Although Britney is to a point, I think that she has charisma. And yeah, her voice isn’t great, but, it’s listenable.

    Madonna was considered a one hit wonder when she came out, probably because she had a weak girlish voice and her music was dance pop. However, she showed everyone. But, if you look back on her history, she wrote most of her first album, 3 songs hit the charts, one of which she wrote on a synthesizer. clay didn’t write a damn thing for that album. He had a whole host of writers known to be hitmakers and top producers that went into that album.

  8. jazzprofounder says:

    America doesn’t just surround around Britney. Even though she’s popular, it’s fair to say that other artist along with her attract people around the country (and just because they sell less records than Britney doesn’t mean that they are less of an artist and influence on people’s lives). Everybody’s opinions about her will change continuously, and as for her music, of course it will sell, but her music alone doesn’t define real music and other genres besides rock/pop that people like as well. It’s all commentary; there are other great artists in America that are greater than Britney musically and vocally, and have proven so much talent with even one debut album alone (such as Norah Jones and Alicia Keys). And once again, record sales doesn’t make an artists or singer.

  9. babet says:

    maybe so…..but you can’t deny the fact that that’s what they’re most known for. don’t get me wrong…i definitely respect both of them…..but as for Britney……she doesn’t produce any songs like prince, nor does she have any thought provoking songs like Madonna…. that just proves even more of my point…..Britney is relying on pure sex to sell albums.

  10. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    Well I guess songwriting don’t always make people number one. Vanessa Carlton writes her own songs while Britney works with someone but guess who is more successful? Britney Spears. and Whitney Houston has a voice that can go low and top immediately. Madonna can’t do that!and one is a black person one is white. and black people have amazing voices. like James Brown, Michael Jackson. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being a racist but sometimes songwriting don’t carry you to #1 spot.

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