Is Christina Aguilera Desperate To Stay In The Spotlight?

Contributed anonymously:

seems to be out and about at many events lately, MTV Movie Awards etc. The thing is why is she doing all these things if she has nothing to promote? I first noticed this when she tried to start her summer tour (it has now been cancelled supposedly because of poor ticket sales.) I was wondering why she was touring in support of a 2 year old album. Most artists take a break in between albums to try to stay out of the spotlight and make a big comeback. Christina on the other hand must stay in the spotlight and only talk about how her new album is going.

So why can’t Christina just leave the spotlight? My first theory is that she is jealous of Britney Spears. Britney is the one with a new album and successful tour, and she is the one getting all the attention right now. Britney didn’t mind stepping out of the spotlight when Christina had her “Stripped” album to promote. I guess that Christina can’t do the same because she is jealous, since she is always tagging behind Britney. There could be another reason Christina doesn’t want to leave the spotlight, she is afraid people will forget about her. After Christina’s first successful album she fell out of the spotlight for a few years. Since she was gone people were not able to see her grow up, so when she came back with her new image people were shocked and disgusted with her. As a result of this her career is now far worse, her album has not had the best sales, and her tour failed and had to be cancelled. Maybe Christina doesn’t want her career to be worse than it already is, so she is afraid to leave the spotlight.
*T.J. Hoopla*

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