Is Christina Aguilera Stalking Britney Spears?

Contributed Anonymously:

OK, a few weeks ago Us Weekly printed an article on and Britney Spears and I really think some of you should know about it

The Race Begins as Mouseketeers in 1993

The second box is called the Justin Tour and it has a picture of Britney and Justin in FEB 02 and then a picture of Christina and Justin in MAY 03
saying at the bottom:
Spears opened for NSYNC’s 1998 tour, but wily Aguilera waited for Justin Timberlake’s solo career to coheadline with him this year

The third box is called The Versace Makeover and a picture of Britney and Donatella in OCT 02 and then a picture of Christina in MAR 03 saying at the bottom:
Who sat front row at Donatella’s Milan shows first? Spears. But Aguilera also made it into Versace’s fall 2003 ad campaign

The fourth box is The Skechers Ad and a picture of Britney’s SEPT 00 add and then Christina’s AUG 03 ad. Saying at the bottom:
After Spears deal ended in a December 2002 lawsuit, Aguilera stepped in to be the pitchwoman. “They are willing to try new ideas,” she said

The fifth box is the Jumbo Bodyguard picturing Spears in JAN 02 and Christina in MAY 03 saying at the bottom:
Trendsetter Spears (with ex-bodyguard Robert “Big Rob” Feggans) supersized her security detail first. Teeny Aguilera was right behind her!

The sixth box is The Jet-Black Locks showing Britney in JULY 99 and then Christina April 03
saying at the bottom:
Spears’ goth wig was for laughs, but Brit-obsessed Aguilera dyed her hair – and accessorized with a I F**KED BRITNEY SPEARS button

The biggest picture of them all is the Madonna Kisses. at 8:03:47pm Madonna kissed Britney first ….and at 8:03:49pm … Then Christina got Sloppy Seconds! saying on the side:
After Spears locked lips with Madonna at the 2003 Video Music Awards, cameras cut to Timberlake’s reaction shot, almost completely missing Aguilera’s turn two seconds later!

SOLO DEBUTS! Britney JANUARY 1999 and Christina? August 1999

How Britney stays ahead? Keeping a close eye on her competition (with the help of Big Rob) picked up Aguilera’s March 2003 CosmoGIRL cover!

Christina Got there first? Fred Durst baby! SEPT 00 (Christina) and JAN 03 (Britney)
saying at the bottom: Fred Durst and Aguilera tussled after their 2000 MTV VMA’s duet, before he really played Dirrty by dishing on his alleged hookup with Spears.

There you have it. Facts. These aren’t my opinions necessarily but maybe some of you should have a more open mind.

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10 thoughts on “Is Christina Aguilera Stalking Britney Spears?

  1. NewUpcomingArtist says:

    This has got to be one of the most stupid things I have ever read in my entire life. Who cares who did what and when. What people should worry about is who is talented and who is an entertainer. Christina Aguilera = Talented Britney Spears: Entertainer

  2. xtinarox says:

    This is plain bull crap.. why would Christina stalk on Britney..this doesn’t even make any Britney and Christina is a very different artist..again, some stupid anonymous retard.

  3. shadybaby says:

    Hey I read that before.But after reading this don’t you all think that Christina is copying Britney? First of Christina doesn’t even sing very good she sounds like crap live but everybody sounds good when they lip-sync on a video!and Britney is a better singer than Christina Britney’s voice came first and Christina’s just living up to what she is:A runner up.

  4. ballersfantasy says:

    I can agree to a certain extent that Christina got Brit’s sloppy seconds, but the bodyguard and hair comparisons are just stupid. What, do they expect Christina to not have a big ass bodyguard? Shoot, if I were her I would too! As for the hair thing, Brit just wore that wig to do a Cher song. I don’t see Christina copying Brit by her dying her hair black. Now, it would be different if Brit DYED her hair black and Christina followed.

  5. BabyBlue2578 says:

    How bout Christina was born first, so anything Britney is doing is following her. Seriously though, what are they gonna do? In one Box Grammy Christina, FEB 00 and 02 (soon to be 04) Britney, FEB NEVER? Whatever. This is a crock of crap. Talent: Christina, DEC 80… Britney, still waiting. Maybe once Britney is considered a real artist and not a joke, then we can talk about comparing them. Until then, Britney will always be trying to live up to Christina….artistically.

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    DON’T THINK SO KID!!! Everything Britney has done was done first by either Janet or Madonna….everything Britney has done was a cheap knock off from her videos, to her tours, to her lame excuses for albums!! EVERYTHING she does, I know I have seen done before, and done MUCH better with a HELL of a lot more class…… The reason Britney has had all these deals first is cause they race to sign her and then realize she’s crap and then find a way to drop her out of them……That’s all!

    Are you just dumb? Britney does NOT have a better voice than Christina and EVERYONE knows it. Even Britney’s fans are starting to admit that! Everyone DOES lip sync in a video, but very few people lip it on stage….Christina not being one of them! Britney CAN’T sing live, hence her lip syncing it all the time….her faking it! And don’t give me this “winded” bull crap! If it was really about the music, she’d tone down her dancing and focus on her music…but no, it’s all visual for her! And for a REAL performer, THAT is sad! Christina isn’t a runner up….because she WILL last longer and have the more respectable career…..nobody will EVER say “Christina who?” down the road! But people will not remember Britney unless she stoops to Anna Nicole’s level, and she’ll have to do that to stay in the spotlight, cause in reality, THAT is her passion!

    If anything, with the hair thing, Britney copied Christina by going darker AFTER Chris did…..but when she realized that people saw this desperation, she changed it back! Initially she LOVED the change and it was HER idea, and after she saw the negativeness around it, she said “oh, I hated it and cried and it was all my stylists idea…..” Just another way of contradicting herself!

    Britney’s star might be bigger, but Christina’s will ALWAYS shine brighter. THAT is the fact behind it all! Britney is bigger because of cheap stunts and a brilliant team pushing behind her…..and they’ve been there since day 1! Her “talent” has nothing to do with it cause, well, she has none! (she can’t sing…very weak voice… I’m sorry, but I don’t think walking and looking like a constipated duck on stage counts as “dancing”…. She can’t act for nothing…even though she didn’t have much to go off of with Crossroads, that story was WRITTEN FOR HER…she should have been able to nail it!) Christina will last longer! Someone asked about entertainers vs. vocalists earlier….they had Michael, Madonna, Prince in the entertainers category, and Whitney, Mariah, and some Sarah chick in the singers category (Sarah who, I have no idea)….. They went on to ask “who is most remembered and will continue to be worshiped?” well, If you ask me, if I was Michael Jackson, I’d have killed myself a LONG time ago, cause he is a constant butt of every joke today….Madonna, surprisingly, has gotten herself there too! OF course, her family is her priority, as it should be, so she doesn’t put as much into it anymore, but still….to have drifted THAT far away is crazy…. Prince…I don’t think anyone takes HIM seriously anymore! Whitney and Mariah still HAVE the powerhouse voices that they once had, but their personal lives brought them down! They could EASILY overcome that. So, the VOCALISTS will outlive and outshine the “performers”….. Sorry, just my rebuttal to a moron from earlier….. Britney can’t even come close to Christina, THAT is why she stoops as low as she does to catch our attention!

  7. missxtina24 says:

    Who in the hell cares who came out first and who did what first all that matters is I will always be a Christina fan and I love her voice and style better then Britney’s so I could care-less so Britney fans stop with the senseless essays that is not gonna make me like bimbo Britney and they have a article about Britney copying Christina why don’t you Britney fans post that to in stop trying to make Britney lip-syncing look good.

  8. BabyBlue2578 says:

    Britney is gonna be remembered for her VMA strip tease and kissing Madonna. While Christina will be remembered as the one with the ear-shattering vocals that out sung Britney on both those nights. Like I always said… Britney is just Tiffany with a little bit more luck.

  9. DarkSide says:

    The media will always portray Britney and JLO as the best entertainers in the world even thou the general public knows they are both non talented clowns. As the old saying goes “Don’t believe the hype” believe in yourself and figure out whats good and bad for yourself. The media portrays Christina as the slut but Jlo has had more husbands and boyfriends than anybody in Hollywood yet no one EVER calls her a slut. Funny how that is. Britney has been rumored of sleeping with more guys than Christina ever has yet nobody calls Britney a slut in the media either. Funny how that is. The media has there favorites that can do no wrong and act like other people are copying them but in all reality no one gives a flying fu** what there doing except the media itself.

  10. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    MOST of what you said is true!! I don’t think that the media are the only ones who care! There are people like me who want to rid the world of evil, and since I can’t go and find Bin Laden, I’m gonna focus on our homeland! Ok, so that sounds dumb! But, as a performer, and a woman, I don’t like what Britney does or what she stands for….OR JLo for that matter… But Christina, while she goes about her message wrong, I do agree that the nasty double standard is wrong, and that woman shouldn’t be objectified….(I think she’s objectifying herself by doing what she does, but I guess that’s better than having a label or rap guy doing it FOR you….I don’t know!) BUT, the point is that when you’re a walking contradiction of EVERYTHING you’ve EVER said in your life or career, SOMETHING is wrong.

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