Is Elvis The Best Selling Artist Of All Time?

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Alive or dead Elvis has the best career of any popstar.

He’s starred in 31 movies from 1956 to 1969. Released over 192 albums (not all of which qualified for the R.I.A.A., due to not meeting criteria circumstance even though they may’ve sold millions of copies, which spawned 104 top 40 singles, 38 top 10 singles, and 31 #1 singles (24 of which sold over a million copies each) including Hound dog with spent 11 weeks at #1, He also has a record 9 consecutive #1’s, another record he has is that from 56′- 59′ there was at least one Elvis song on the charts. Has won 3 Grammys, all for his gospel music. After his death in 77′ his label, RCA, was shipping a record 20 million albums a week around the world, and had 40 pressing plants working overtime, and in the 12 months following his death 1/3 of all albums sold worldwide were Elvis albums, not including 10’s of millions of albums sold through outside companies, and record clubs, all of which are unaccounted for in R.I.A.A. totals, plus the R.I.A.A. has many faults in their counting methods and have changed there method several times over the years screwing up his sales. His album sales currently stand at over a billion albums sold worldwide from Singles/ EP’s/ Albums/ CD’s/ and Cassettes, including over 600 million in the U.S., and over 400 million outside the U.S., confirmed by Goldmine Trade Magazine (A very respectable American magazine) RCA .P.’s, and the President and CEO of BMG, it’s a figure that is constantly rising due to the fact that Elvis sells steadily 52 weeks a year. ( & for some facts if you need them).

Bottom Line Elvis is indeed the greatest selling recording artist of all time.

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329 thoughts on “Is Elvis The Best Selling Artist Of All Time?

  1. Katerina says:

    I don’t really know but I think that Michael Jackson might have toped that.

  2. Joe says:

    To Katerina THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE ( would be like you chaging colours lika chameleon!) MJ was a one dimensional artist ELVIS was three dimensional he could and did sing anything MJ will never have the postthumous success as EP NEVER!

  3. Natalie says:

    Neither MJ nor Elvis can overtake the Beatles. They’ve sold over a billion. What a number!

  4. KB50MJ says:

    The Top sellers of all time:

    1) The beatles- 390 million

    2) Michael Jackson- 380 million

    3) Elvis- 315 million

    MJ has surpassed them all when it comes to overall succsess though.

  5. mrtvman says:

    elvis is the only singer in history to sell over 1 billion albums worldwide it stands like this Elvis sold over 200 billions albums worldwide the beeatles sold over 750 million albums worldwide Michael Jackson sold over 700 million albums worldwide so ya Elvis is the true best selling artist of all time Elvis is the best was the best and always will be the best that ever lived long live the king

  6. Marius says:

    As stated in this very post, the company has screwed up his sales statistics, so they can not be trusted. Michael Jackson is the artist that has the record for being the biggest selling artist of all time. He’s had that record for the last 20 years already.

  7. elvis presley says:

    elvis best. fact of life.. everyone likes Elvis aprt from people like die hard beatles.. fu* off with tht

  8. DJBirchey says:

    Elvis Billion??? Way off the mark, his figures were fabricated to keep his dimming sales figures alive! do the research, at one point the number of supposed sales exceeded the number of Record players sold in the U.S ha ha! Face it Elvis was diminishing until he was marketed after his death!

    Elvis – Does’nt have any new fans, this generation has forgotten him, I don’t know anyone under 40 who rates him! in 30 years he will be forgotten!

    The Beatles – Again they are losing appeal, their generation will be gone soon, both Beatles & Elvis have inspired very little of this generations artists, proof they will fade out

    Michael Jackson – Still Alive, Still selling, Number 1 inspiration for Artists of the last 3 – 4 generations! Just broke World records for fastest tickets ever sold ON THIS PLANET! THIS IS IT!

    Michael also own rights to nearly all the Beatles works and a large chunk of Elvis’s work under his joint catalogue with Sony :) So everytime Elvis or the Beatles sell more, its money in his pocket!

  9. RockMania says:


  10. Samantha says:

    @ DJBirchey:
    Elvis, I will agree with you, is losing his appeal. The Beatles on the other hand are far from losing any appeal, I know several people under the age of 30 (and a large amount under 20) who are huge Beatles fans. With the recent release of the movie Across the Universe, plus there hits album 1, along with the new Cirque de Soliel show Love, their seed has been planted in an entirely new generation. And with the new Taking Woodstock movie coming out soon, I can see an entire generation of 60’s wannabes, something I’m not sure I would like to see being a 90’s kid with a 60’s mindset.

  11. Judah says:

    Samantha , what are you talking about. In 2008 Soundscan data shows Elvis outselling The Beatles and Jackson.
    The Beatles have never claimed to have sold more than a billion and neither have EMI It will barely get to 600Million. Jackson has sales of no more than 300 Million and that is being generous.
    Elvis has researched sales that support the figure of over a billion.

    RIAA Certifications
    The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) first began tracking sales of Elvis Presley in 1958, who didn’t receive his first Gold Record award until 1960. On March 27, 1992, the RIAA certified (or re-certified) 37 of Elvis Presley’s albums, taking his American total to 57× platinum. On July 15, 1999, based on 79 certified recordings the figure stood at 92× platinum, with an estimated 35 million albums sold in the U.S alone during those seven years between the two certifications. The most recent album sales figures date to December 13, 2005, with an additional 33 million albums sold in six years, taking his total U.S tally to 125× platinum, based on 95 certified recordings.[2]

    Between 1958 and 1992, 57 million albums were shipped in the U.S. Between 1992 and 2008, 68 million albums were shipped in the U.S., the King proving even more successful as a dead icon than a live performer. With total record sales to date in all formats estimated at over 1.8 billion worldwide, he is the biggest selling solo artist of all time.

  12. Daniel says:

    First of all Michael Jackson Worldwide or in the U.S. doesn’t even come close to elvisor the Beatles.
    His Thriller album was the biggest seller worldwide an still 2nd place in the U.S. but his overall singles and albums combined aren’t in the same ball park.
    His Album Bad sold 20 million World wide and Thriller 40 million, that’s 60 million.
    He only had a few other albums.
    Off the Wall, Dangereous, Invincible, and two different double greatest hit packages.
    That’s 5 more albums, throw in a few I am unaware of and there is no way he can be even close to 1 Billion worldwide.
    Elvis singles alone use to sale 2 million as far back as the 50s.
    Worldwide It’s now or Never sold 20 million alone and Don’t be Cruel/Hound Dog was 7.5 million.
    Just with RIAA certifications in the U.S., which only counts figures that reach 500,000, 1 milllion, 2 million ect. and does not count any sales under 500,000 or any inbetween the 1 to 2 million or 2 to 3 million mark ect, or any sales of television offers, he has 180 million just in certification sales.
    As stated this does not include al the sales unaccounted for inbetween or below RIAA criteria standards.
    He’s had many TV offers which sold tons and special packages who’s liscense RIAA doesn’t reconigze.
    It’s estimated in the U.S. alone he has sold a Mnimum of 400 million.
    After his death RCA did a poor job of staying with his figures and overseas it is estimated the lost control of hundreds of offical figures.
    The 1 billion mark is not far off if off at all when you take in to consideration all his hundreds of different singles and albums released by RCA and Indepentdent sources worldwide.
    Especially when you consider that he had 91 different POP #1 singles in various counties and 70 different Top Ten.
    In the U.S. alone on the Pop charts 114 Top Forty, 70 Top Twenty, 40 Top Ten and 20 # 1.
    38 different #1 singles with all the various genre charts combined in the U.S.

  13. S Judah says:

    In all Fairness to Jackson – Thriller has sold about 60 million worldwide.
    However there is no possibility of getting to global sales figures for Jackson above 300 Million and that is being very generous.
    Elvis has over 300 uncertified albums and tens of millions of other sales not included by the RIAA for various reasons, where as the entire Beatles and Jackson catalogue is accounted for by the RIAA.
    Important research on Elvis sales figures can be found in articles
    “For the billionth and the last time lifting the lid on the kings record sales”.
    These more than adequately support the sales figures of a billion, well ahead of any other artist.

  14. RON says:

    Both Elvis and the Beatles record company claim 1 billion plus sells. MJ is not in the same ball park with numbers much less. The one billion mark is an est. No way of telling how many they both sold. If you go to a Elvis site, he is the all time best seller. Same thing with the Beatles and MJ. Other countries do not keep good records on the amount sold. But I do think if there are singers or groups that have sold a least one billion records it would have to be Elvis and the Beatles, not MJ.

  15. lestah marqui says:

    mj has sold 110 copies of thriller not 60.elvis’ records sales have been inflated more than ever. beatles are number 1 Michael is number 2 nd Elvis is number 3.

  16. Judah says:

    lestah marqui may , but does not know.

    The actual sales for Thriller are less than 65 Million.
    The site that states them to be over a hundred million also says this about Elvis.

    RIAA Certifications
    The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) first began tracking sales of Elvis Presley in 1958, who didn’t receive his first Gold Record award until 1960. On March 27, 1992, the RIAA certified (or re-certified) 37 of Elvis Presley’s albums, taking his American total to 57× platinum. On July 15, 1999, based on 79 certified recordings the figure stood at 92× platinum, with an estimated 35 million albums sold in the U.S alone during those seven years between the two certifications. The most recent album sales figures date to December 13, 2005, with an additional 33 million albums sold in six years, taking his total U.S tally to 125× platinum, based on 95 certified recordings.[2]

    Between 1958 and 1992, 57 million albums were shipped in the U.S. Between 1992 and 2008, 68 million albums were shipped in the U.S., the King proving even more successful as a dead icon than a live performer. With total record sales to date in all formats estimated at over 1 billion worldwide, he is the biggest selling artist of all time.[3]

  17. Judah says:

    Ron – EMI have never ever made a claim that the Beatles have sold over a Billion. That is a claim made by Fans.
    There is absolutely no evidence to support the Beatles sales of a Billion.

  18. Judah says:

    To Lestha and Ron –

    There is no organisation with any status to count world sales. In fact the only independent body (sort of) that has any status and worth is the RIAA, and let us consider what the RIAA says
    It says as follows (for the US only)
    1. The Beatles for Albums and Singles – 200 Million approx.
    2. Elvis for Albums and Singles – 170 Million approx
    3. Garth Brooks for albums and singles – 140 million approx.
    Somewhere in the neither regions is Michael Jackson with Albums and Singles sales of fewer than 80 million.
    Like it or not, the RIAA is the only body that has any status and this is what it says.

    Let me now just make some points viz a viz The Beatles and Elvis and Garth Brooks. The latter has no international market, but credit where credit is due, based on the number of albums to sales ratio nobody bests Garth Brooks in the USA.
    Let me make another point, like it or not MJ despite being a major international star cannot be brought into the Beatles, Elvis debate because he is too far behind as is clear from the RIAA data and again let me emphasis, like it or not the RIAA is the only independent certifying body that has any status.

    So For the USA only – As we have said before, the Beatles are at 200 Million and Elvis at 170 Million.
    However, every single Beatle album has been certified and therefore the only sales missing would be those within certificate levels, i.e. between gold and platinum or between multi platinum levels as the RIAA do not include these in their count. These can indeed run into several millions or tens of millions depending on the number of albums certified.
    Elvis has more than twice the number of certifications than the Beatles and 8 to 10 times more than either Garth Brooks or Michael Jackson. To say that Elvis and The Beatles have uncounted sales of 40 and 20 million respectively here, is no exaggeration. Of course one may chose to believe otherwise.

    Next, Elvis has some 300 uncertified albums, according to RCA these have sold between 50,000 and 490,000 each and they estimate these sales to be over 60 million. Of course one could pretend that these have sold nothing and that RCA are lying (go tell that to singer and song writers getting royalties).
    At any given time there is an active back catalogue of close to 200 Elvis albums of which barely a third have been certified by the RIAA, so we must assume that this is just for show if they sell nothing. This despite that fact that in 2008 official statistics show that Elvis out sold the Beatles both in the USA and the UK (never mind that Graceland is missed out by scoundscan).

    Next, there have been at least 30 companies selling Elvis compilations under licence over the last 30 years, right through today, including Times Warner. RCA say that this has yielded over 40 million in album sales. Of course we can pretend that these have sold nothing and these companies are in it for fun.

    Next, RCA say that they have documented sales of some 20 million that the RIAA refuse to certify for failing to meet their rules. I.e. Albums sold for 2 cents less than their minimum qualifying price or double albums being counted as single albums as they are 5 minutes short of the minimum playing time. We can pretend that RCA are lying and these sold nothing either.

    We won’t even discuss the missing sales data for the period soon after Elvis died; despite all available reports at the time indicating these to run into the tens of millions. Nor will we mention the singles.

    What we will mention though, is that when RCA state that Elvis has sold over a billion, they make these claims on foundations a lot more solid than the claims of those made for other artists.

  19. Shawn says:

    If you look at the stats, Elvis has sold over a billion records worldwide, MJ sold about 750 million and the beatles have sold just over a billion, But, look at the career longevity of all three, The beatles lasted 10 years, Elvis was in ahowbusiness for 21 years as a recording artist, and MJ was in the Biz for over 30 years, but part of that was in The Jackson Five, so some of those sales have to be credited to the group and not on man. Elvis Presley is the greatest entertainer of all time according to stats and figures, but lets face it. Some don’t like MJ because he’s black, and beatles fans don’t like Elvis and vice versa, this whole contest is a popularity contest. Let us also not forget, Elvis is still selling millons of records. The release of Lisa Marie and he singing In The Ghetto went platinum. We shoudl give credt where credit is due. If it weren’t for artists like EP, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins, The crap that’s our there today wouldn’t exist. You would be hard pressed to find an entertainer today who Wasn’t Imspired in some way by EP, including MJ and the Beatles. Their success is due to his inspiratoin and the way his music affected everyone.

  20. Adam says:

    Elvis loosing appeal? that’s why he hes had like 5 number ones in the last 8 years? and hes been dead 32 years. I’m 21 and Elvis is still number 1. That’s not saying the beatles and MJ arnt up there in the greats though.

  21. guest23 says:

    IT doesn’t matter that the beatles sold more OVERALL Michael Jackson had more of an affect on people musically ask ANYone from the music industry from rock to pop to hiphop and they would say Michael Jackson influenced them

  22. ??? says:

    Micheal Is I Believe .

    R.i.p. King Of Pop.

    And Micheal Is Way Better Than Elvis’s And The Beatles Combined.

    Micheal Is The Greatest

  23. Roadrunr says:

    I enjoy listening to the music of all 3 ( Elvis, M.J. and the Beatles). But you can not say that anyone has had more affect on any part of the music industry than Elvis. Elvis was the reason a lot of artist became artist. He was and always will be the BEST artist of all time.

  24. Roadrunr says:

    People tend to forget that someone had to pave the way for all the other artist and that person was Elvis. You have to give M.J. his due. He is the king of pop. But Elvis is and always will be the KING!!!!!!

  25. T. J. says:

    Michael Jackson is pretty much in a league of his own. I don’t even see how he can be compared to any other entertainer. He was responsible for Heal the World and the First Live Aid concerts. He is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the greatest entertainer of all time, after selling out Wimbeldon (London) 5 consecutive nights with 72,000 + in attendance each night. Has the beatles or Elvis ever done anything on this level?…No! Michael Jackson just recently sold out a fifty show come back tour in London, being the fastest concert too sell out ever on the planet. Did Elvis or the Beatles ever accomplish this?…No! Any numbers that are used to support Elvis’ record sales are suspect and are only even considered to used is to only try hold Michael Jackson to be inferior to an entertainer who is not African American. Michael Jackson is known for bridging the gaps between race classes with his music. Can Elvis or the Beatles be known as musicians posessing this type of power?…No! Michael Jackson is a brand that has made billions of dollars through a long list of busines ventures where many people have made it rich off of his Global Iconic status. If Elvis or the Beatles have done more for the world through their musical talents can someone please post them with supporting facts, and not unaccounted for facts from the Recording Industry (R.I.I.A) of America, who are known to be some of the biggest crooks of this Nation.

  26. T. J. says:

    Oh yeah and to Roadrunr, if Elvis paved the way for the super stars in the record business who came after him, then who paved the way for him? I bet your answer will be know one. And this type of bias thinking is why their are only a small percentage of people on the planet who feels that Michal Jackson isn’t the King of Pop. Let it go and be honest, Michael Jackson is the greatest record seller and entertainer of all time. Google- Thriller..enough said..Hope I didn’t offend anybody with the truth as it can often be painful

  27. T. J. says:

    Michael Jackson was responsible for “We are the world”

  28. ambassador says:

    Elvis is the top selling solo artist of all time.

    Yes I like MJ,But I love Elvis and just to remind you folks that in 1973 Aloha from Hawaii via satelite ,Elvis was seen simultaneously in over 100 countries around the world and viewed by more than 1 Billion ppl. That had never been done before and has never been done since.

    MJ and the Beatles have my utmost respect as entertaineras and songwriters and artist,but there is only 1 Elvis.

  29. Garyd says:

    Elvis sold out 20 and 30,000 seat arena’s on a nightly basis of several tours a year for 9 years in addition to his yearly month long stints in the biggest showroom at the Las Vegas Hilton. Elvis had about 4 tours a year of about 15 cities per tour often doing 2 shows a day. In those 9 years, he never played a show that wasn’t sold out. From the start of his career to the time of his death, he generated 4.6 billion dollars and that is in 70’s dollars! Before Elvis hardly any records sold over 1 million copies. Elvis created the million selling record. Elvis’s record sales occurred when the population was much smaller so a bigger percentage of people bought Elvis records in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s than the percentage of people who bought Jackson records in the 80’s 90’s and 2000’s. The superstars Elvis paved to way for were The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zepplin, The Who etc, etc, etc. They all have expressed their debt to Elvis. “Before Elvis, there was nothing” (John Lennon).

  30. Jhouse says:

    Every artist takes inspiration from another, as well they should. The volume of posts here if it is to stand as any evidence shows that this is at least a passionate debate of which bias is readily and openly offered.

    MJ continues to have a significant effect on the artists who have followed him and there is little if any reasonable argument that can claim that MJ did not have a significant effect which genuinely changed the industry. Take into account the Thriller music video in its’ own moment of time if you wish for evidence. MJ pushed the envelope and continues to be a catalyst for invention. MJ is the “king of POP” a little which he deserves for the force he was on POPULAR music … “POP” is however a segment of Rock and Rock has it’s own King.

    Persons may not enjoy listening to Elvis or simply fall into the Beetles or MJ camp and therefore tend to slight Elvis in his place. Any argument that claims that he is less than remarkably significant in the course of the development of the music industry in business and in tone is simply either uninformed or deliberately ignorant.

    He most certainly influenced artists of his time and continues to influence artists today and will tomorrow. His range of Rock, Country and Gospel leave the listened observer no doubt to his influence. Royalty is placed by title… the title has been placed and is not in jeopardy by the companion title placed to MJ as the king of POP.

    I tend to believe the simplest explanation of gross record sales and find it hard to reason that any one person has shown brighter than Elvis and a billion as a mark is more than likely.

    MJ is very well the “king of Pop” … Elvis is however the king of Rock.

    (The Beetles are the kings of something I am sure… perhaps the bowl cut, who knows.)

  31. Jhouse says:

    In reply to GARYD,

    Well put! In short this should end the debate.

  32. James says:

    Just a quick note on record sales I use to have an RCA record released in 1975 to comemerate Elvis’s 500 millionth record sale, and this was while he was still alive and I assume it was only RCA sales.He has sold more records and cd’s etc since his death so I think the 1.8 billion sales remark a few posts back would be the most accurate.Since M.J’S passing there will be hipe because we all tend to look back with rose coloured glasses and forget any of the bad stuff as we did with Elvis. I think history will remember really only three entertainers as affecting the whole world and their generation Elvis has spanned the longest and is the greatest the Beatles are certainly the greatest group of all time and done so much in a short time M J may have been even greater if he wasn’t such a weirdo but has certainly affected a few generations on a world wide scale But when all is said and done Elvis is at the top of the list still affecting this generation as the biggest selling dead artist year after year I think in the past 20 or 30 years he has only been out sold 1 of those years.

  33. nick says:

    STOP EVERYONE THIS WILL EXPLAIN ALL:-Yes But Elvis has been dead so long and people still buy his records which is why maybe he has such a high level of sales. But Now MICHAEL JACKSON “the best performer of all time (undisputed) is dead his record sales will far super sead any other artist not just by a bit, but by a mile. I was fortunate to see Michael Jackson Live at Wembley in the 80’s and oh my god he was increadble, so forget sales figures for one sec. No one could dance like michael, no one could moonwalk like him, no one could arrive on a stage through a trap door fired up onto it and stand still for 5 minutes motionless withough moving or saying anything while the crowd went nuts, he had this arou about him like no one else that will always stick with me. So on that basis you watch over the next decade/two while Michael is dead how his record sales will sour far beyond Elvis. Just look at the charts today how many singles are now in the top 40 for Michael Jackson oh and he is top of the album charts again my point proven. So lets put a stop to this stupid argument and face the fact that Michael Jackson is the greatest ever. End off.

  34. ambassador says:

    this for nick:
    come back in 30 yrs and see if MJ sales are where Elvis sales are now,I don’t think so my friend.
    Michael is the King of POP not the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll.
    Elvis did not start rock n roll but he made it an unstoppable force.
    He bridged a gap between blacks and whites as he also made it cool to wear non so macho colors for men.
    He was the first to be a music icon in the world and unfortunately he had nobody to learn from ,so he was the first and somehow that seat will always be his.
    Like I said before MJ is very good in his own right,but even he knew and understood that the legend of Elvis and his rags to riches career could never be matched.
    I mean now LMP is saying that MJ thought he would even go out like Elvis and he did.
    He was certainly a gift to the world as Elvis was ,so lets just enjoy the music,the God given talent and love they both gave this world and lets celebrate MJ as we did Elvis when he passed.
    May they both rest in peace and let us continue to listen to their music forever.

  35. MARC B ALVES says:



    Goldmine Trade Magazine plus THE tax record world: they all in substantial account reach out to the record number of 1 billion two hundred million record units worldwide.
    That calculation is made like this – > Elvis’s records counting less than 3 dollars (not taken in by the RIAA), many Elvis’s albums not counting more OR 30 minutes of music as others under 100 and, et cetera
    ( all of which are unaccounted for the RIAA in terms of valuable certification ), Elvis’s records not having reached round sales figures ( as those of 500 thousand, 1 million, and so on – > unaccounted for the RIAA ), plus Elvis’s records sold via TIME LIFE


    Whereas, Jackson’s claims for 750 million still need go under that process and be reliable on the grounds of not having been estimated by unreal numbers of shipment and return to Label Producers. What normally, could not have taken place in history, as for their high-status as a company of records. But records undergo that procedure to be stated as real!!
    That, after it all is done, will either mark a correct number, that of the Beatles’ catalog also standing in that same margin, being the 1 billion super claim stated on the nice look of an ‘estimated’ number and not round sales figures as hardly taken as by the History of Rock and Goldmine Trade Magazine as well as hundreds of scholars and governing leads by tax approachables in the case of Elvis Aron Presley : ) : )

    This is a true research, not to mention that hundreds of Elvis’s albums sold via other record labels will never be accounted for this smashing success due to lack of record cope and or financial awareness of lost articles and fee deducted from profits from around the world, that standing on the grounds of a really high difficulty so as to stand looking at them : ( : (




  36. amanda says:

    MICHAEL JACKSON IS THE GREATEST ARTIST OF ALL TIME….the top selling album in the world of all time is Thriller…it has sold 109 million worldwide.just so that everyone knows.

  37. Jhouse says:

    Thanks Amanda… I have that record and it is good … BUT … The greatest artist or performer of all time is a subjective argument.

    I find it funny that everyone who is arguing for MJ has probably never sat through one EP’s concerts, (live or recorded). Whereas most persons who are arguing for EP have lived through both eras, maybe they did not go to a Michael concert but they certainly have a better litmus test for claiming relevance to their individual subjective arguments do to being ALIVE during the highest points of popularity for both times.

    Greatest of all time … based on the Moon Walk is at best an ignorant statement. Come on you can do better than that… yea MJ is great and personally I am a huge fan but use a better argument than the moon walk and a trap door to support your claim.

    P.S … the technology during the Elvis era was different than the technology of the era of MJ. They therefore really cannot be compared under those parameters. Record sales works, population of attendees to their concerts works; Comparisons beyond those arguments for best performer are just opinions and cannot be STATED AS FACT. It would be better to say “to me he is the best performer for such and such a reason…” That type of a claim is valid and cannot be disputed.

  38. Cobb says:

    With all due respect to both EP and MJ, The Beatles are the greatest of all time. One person who posted on this forum said that the Beatles are becoming irrelevant and that both EP and MJ have had a bigger impact on music. This statement is ridiculous. First off lets call the record sales a push. Unfortunately there is no good way to track sales worldwide. The RIAA is the closest thing to reliable, and that isn’t saying much. So let’s take a look at some other lists. In 2005 Rolling Stone Magazine put together a list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. The Beatles had 4 in the top 10 and 10 albums made the list. MJ’s top album was Thriller at number 20 and only had 3 albums make the list. EP’s top album was Sunrise at number 11 and only had 3 albums make the list. Now I will be the first to admit that Rolling Stone is biased to rock and leans towards The Beatles and The Stones, but come on the people who voted on this list are the whos who of the music industry and they seem to love The Beatles.
    MJ and EP are great, but The Beatles have had the biggest impact on music.
    “Everything today sounds like Elenor Rigby, and that’s not a bad thing.” Thom Yorke – Radiohead

  39. Judah says:

    Nick – whats this rubbish about MJ being the greatest performer of all time.
    I too have seen MJ at Wembley – but by far the greatest live performer since the death of Elvis is Bruce Springsteen. I saw him again at Hyde Park this Sunday and can say 3 Hours of sustained power and brillence, uterly astonishing, a master showman.
    Unlike the likes of Madonna, Brittany and the late MJ he did not need gimmicks and dance routines, it was natural.
    As for Elvis, just check out the 68 Special or Concert Tours, Elvis was without doubt the most chrasmatic of all performers.
    Just also to say that there is a lot of hype going on about MJ at present, we are very saddened at his death, he was talanted. But nonsenical figures such as sales of 750 million are clearly untrue, as articles have also published figures of individual album global sales, and a count shows that these do not get to more than 200 million. There isn’t anything left to count but singles and they won’t do it.
    By the way when Elvis died he had the No1 Single, No1 Album and 26 other albums in the chart.
    Anyway enough of all this, at this time it is best only to say RIP MJ and we understand and share the grief of his family and fans.

  40. Midas says:

    The Beatles is actually number one. According to the the Recording Industry Association of America, Michael Jackson (the King) barely makes the top 20 artists (#17) ranking when it comes to sales in the USA (61 million). Springsteen, The Stones, Madonna, Elton, Joel, Pink Floyd and a host of others far outselling him. Of Course the Beatles are number 1 nearly outselling MJ by 3 to 1 (170 million) and Elvis and yes, even Garth Brooks aren’t far behind, far outselling MJ. Devotees of MJ will say Michael was, unlike the others, just so big world wide and that’s what makes him what he is, the “king” of pop. While staggering, Michael Jacksons worldwide sales (750 million units) fall nearly an equally staggering quarter billion (250 million) short of the other King, Elvis, and a mind boggling near 400 million short of the Beatles worldwide sales.

    By the way large outdoor stadiums, global telecasts, videos were done by the Beatles before Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. Let’s not start how they changed sound recording in popular music.

  41. Midas says:

    Also could we get this over when it comes to current record sales in the last two decades both Elvis and Michael Jackson are left in the dust by the Beatles.

    Biggest selling artists of the last Decade (current)….Eminem…..31.1 million units, 2nd biggest (current decade), The Beatles 27.6 million units (39 years after break up.) MJ doesn’t appear in top 20.. (see Nielsen / Soundscan) 3rd biggest selling act of 90’s, the Beatles 31 million units sold USA) (29 years after Break up). MJ wasn’t in the top 20 Most successful songwriters in pop music history Lennon / Mccartney (Guiness)

  42. Judah says:

    Midas, may I first of all say that lennon and Mcartney and Dylan are indeed in a class of their own when in comes to song writing, I give the latter the edge.
    Springsteen is one hell of a writer as well. It is nonsense to compare Jackson to them.
    On your point of the RIAA statistics, you are right but also wrong. (certification is jsut that, it is not sale, but the RIAA figures can be used to establsh soem facts)
    First let me dismiss MJ all hype, his entier catalogue is covered by the RIAA is about 63m albums. Thriller has sold 28M in the US and 34m elsewhere, that means we have 55% overseas, say 60% to be generous, that only gets to 200M albums. So the hype is clear.
    Re the Beatles and Elvis, the former indeed has 170M in albums certified and Elvis 119 . However what you are not aware of is that the Beatles entire catalogue is covered, there is nothing missing. Whilst Elvis has over 300 albums uncertified which have sold 70 million, over 40 million sold through liscencing arangaments, another 20M quantified but refused certification by the RIAA for disputed criteria issues. Not to mention the sales not counted by the RIAA between certification levels ie gold and platinum and platinum and multi platinum. Here with some 40 certifications the Beatles can count in another 20M albums (MJ by the way cannot attract more that 5 nillion here), Elvis on the other hand has more than double The Beatles albums certifcation and another 40M here is an understatement.
    You will in fact find that whilst the Beatkes will be able to get to close to 200M US albums, Elvis has streaked well past the 300 Million mark.
    If you add the singles and EPs as well, and Elvis is well clear of anyone else here you will understand why Elvis is the biggest selling recording artist globally with sales of over a billion.
    Let me add there is absolutely conclusive evidence that at least 60% of Elvis sales are overseas both for albums and singles. The evidence for this is better for Elvis than it is for either the Beatles or MJ.

  43. NASTY says:

    elvis has holiday tunes that are play every year for the past 50+ years Elvis will never be forgotten he is the king of rock and MJ is the king of pop.. please do not compare pop to rock.. rock has been around longer and rock is still strong unlike pop.. pop will slowly fade away… rock will never fade it will just change into different genre’s such as metal, alternative, emo, death metal, etc.. so back off with the MJ bullsh** he is dead this isn’t thriller he won’t come back!!!

  44. Mike says:

    Elvis untouchable, period. Did you ever see Elvis perform at crappy award shows, or even attend them? Not the King. He would have never made it in or out of the building, too popular. His level is unattainable for anyone else. Too bad no one ever asked MJ. I promise you he would have said Elvis is where contemporary music began, and MJ imitated Elvis, his hero. Wake up. He dressed like Elvis, on and off stage, Graceland (Neverland), danced, MJ trys to name himself “King of Pop,” emulating his hero, the King of Rock & Roll. He even married Elvis’s daughter, WAKE UP. I suspect his turning white and all the plasctic sugeries was also because of Elvis’s appearance. AND, OH YEAH, MJ’s a freak. Buts lets forget about all that. How convenient. Why don’t we just say lets remember Hitler for how he brought a country out of bankruptcy and unified a nation, and forget all about the atrocities! GIVE ME A BREAK. No one, including Jackson deserves a get out of jail free card. Your actions define you, words are cheap. Elvis is responsible for sending more people to church and God than Billy Graham by his gospel songs in concert and recorded, his Grammys are for Gospel. Jacksons claim to fame is a bunch of dead zombies dancing, there’s a social contribution. Can’t you people see? I’ve watched all the interviews lately, MJ lied everytime he opened his mouth about anything. He says he had 1 plactic sugery. HELLO!

  45. rain says:

    Elvis is and will always be the KING! MJ a great talented one area singer and an awesome dancer, he took from other original dancers such as Fred astaire danny kay jackie wilson sammy davis and James brown! he made it his own , Elvis was an original, who was up on his toes before MJ was even thought of! Elvis helped pave the way, if he hadnt sung the songs he did they never would have made it! to say he stole songs or copied them from blacks is so wrong, he sang them and made them great! MJ took dance moves from the greats and made them better, lets face it Elvis is the king before during and after he took the heat and the verbal beatings so that others could come along! if it wasn’t for Elvis there wouldn’t be a MJ period! they are both legends and left us with great memories and music, let us pay homeage to both as they both gave to us! MJ is included with great legends not only Elvis but buddy holly, jerry lee lewis, chuck berry, lil richard, James brown, jackie wilson, fats domino, not a bad group to be in! MAY THEY BOTH R.I.P.

  46. Leslie says:

    During the Soundscan era since 1991. The Beatles have Elvis and Michael Jackson clearly beaten. As for rock music Elvis was R&R the Beatles took the roll out of rock and arguably created rock music. Just listen to “Tomorrow Never Knows” that’s not R&R.

    Soundscan Era Top 10 Artists

    1 Garth Brooks – 68,143,000
    2 Beatles – 57,088,000
    3 Mariah Carey – 51,569,000
    4 Metallica – 51,136,000
    5 Celine Dion – 50,571,000
    6 George Strait – 40,619,000
    7 Tim McGraw – 37,591,000
    8 Alan Jackson – 36,520,000
    9 Pink Floyd – 35,213,000
    10 Shania Twain – 33,707,000

    1991-2008 Best Sellers albums
    1.Come on Over / Shania Twain ~ 15,473,000
    2.Metallica / Metallica ~ 15,319,000
    3.Jagged Little Pill / Alanis Morissette ~ 14,607,000
    4.Millennium / Backstreet Boys ~ 12,104,000
    5.The Bodyguard / Soundtrack ~ 11,805,000
    6.Supernatural / Santana ~ 11,673,000
    7.Human Clay / Creed ~ 11,525,000
    8.Beatles 1 / The Beatles ~ 11,345,000
    9.No Strings Attached / ‘N Sync ~ 11,109,000
    10.Falling Into You / Celine Dion ~ 10,768,000

  47. Leslie says:

    Judah, The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry published its updated list of the 150 highest selling artists ever. Madonna appears at number 4, right behind the Beatles, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley! I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT Elvis uncertified albums equal 70 million. What pisses me off you Elvis fans don’t seem to get is The Beatles were around for only seven years only and released just a fraction of what Elvis recorded. I hear the same excuses all the time.

    01. The Beatles 40 400,000,000
    02. Michael Jackson 14 350,000,000
    03. Elvis Presley 150 300,000,000
    04. Madonna 16 275,000,000
    05. Nana Mouskouri 450 250,000,000

  48. Nikita says:

    MJ is the greatest or would you fall sleep with his music or his videos? I don’t think so. In constrast with Elvis and The beatles which I agree are very good, Michael has fans of all generations, ages, races, countries…. kids now still know him, still enjoy him, can listen to his music and identify no matter how much music has changed or how long ago Michael started in bussiness. Nothing compares to him and the entire world is showing the huge impact he has had.

  49. Sharon says:

    I think Michael is superior in many ways. He is known by his songs, voice, dance moves, style, innovation, clothing, music videos and his music never dies. I don’t think the other singers have acomplished so much even if they had great records. He is a great entertainer overall.

  50. Jhouse says:

    This is out of control!
    It should be mandatory that persons read all the posts before they can reply… The MJ fans are just going over what has already been said and debunked multiple times by the EP fans…

    Sharon if you think for one second that Elvis is not known by his songs, voice, dance, moves, style, innovation and clothing you are completely mistaken.

    In fact the diversity of his … oh never mind what’s the use you won’t listen to logic anyway so why should I bother… simply put;

    Sharon you are uneducated on the matter and your argument is not worth more time than to say that you need to really just do ten minutes of researching Elvis to know that your previous statement is way WAY way in left field.

    MJ was great … He is great, but please do not try to support your arguments with the very words that define Elvis, it really does your side more harm than good.

  51. Jhouse says:

    Sharon… Sorry you are entitled to your opinion and I am not trying to be mean, but c-mon.

  52. your daddy says:

    im trying to find out how many records sold while he was alive,,, not sales combined from present just from time he started recording until his death…. Michael Jackson until time of death was 750 million…. now the biggiest selling artist alive today is no suprise Madonna with records exceed 500 million

  53. Nelson says:

    The Beatles 1.3 billion as of 2004. Some Elvis fans cling to an outdated 1.8 billion figure that RCA admitted was made up by a former exec and they can only verify a 1 billion sales figure as of 2008.

    I don’t get the comparisons the Beatles sold most of their records with songs that had no Blues or R&B base. The Beatles songs are covered more also songs like “Yesterday’ has over 3,000 cover versions. Elvis was a great covers artist and I don’t think the comparisons to the Beatles are even close. The Beatles created their songs. Michael Jackson was not even voted in the 30 on the Rolling Stone Immortals list in which the Beatles were voted the greatest.

  54. Tony Vogler says:

    princess dianna was bigger than elvis,garth brooks was bigger,and Jackson is the biggest,but do you really think the next famous person dying, will be compaired to jackson,,NO! it will still be presley,no one mentions the princess,countrys king,and nobody dared mention Jackson a week ago,,he was a black embarrasement!!I am a fan of jacksons,very talented!!!but lacked cool offstage,,wacko jacko,,,in the end is offstage antics will outway his great talents,,,nobody wants him buried in their backyard,,he never paid his bills,still dont,did”nt own his house,put the la police through hell,,and always wished he was elvis,the reason he pretented to be married to lisa,was it was the closest he could get to sleeping with elvis!!!these are sad facts,no one let alone 150,000 folks from around the world,will be going to jacksons grave 32 yrs after this week,,,Trust me,remember sinatra,dianna,jackson,brooks,cyrus,they were all bigger than big “E”,,,,Long Live The Memory of a True King,and Legend,,THE KING<,Mr,Elvis A,Presley

  55. ambassador says:

    I will repeat the statement I gave above!

    1973 Aloha from Hawaii via satelite ,Elvis was seen simultaneously in over 100 countries around the world and viewed by more than 1 Billion ppl. That had never been done before and has never been done since.

    Elvis is the King of Rock n roll which is just a title given
    MJ is a copy title king of pop
    Gene simmon’s is a copy title Lord of Rock.
    The Beatles don’t have and were never given a title.
    As for the music,entertainers, culture and so on..
    Before Elvis there was nothing,After Elvis there is endless possibilities.
    It doesn’t matter what anyone says about Elvis you will never take away his icon status, nor what he did to change our culture as we now know it.
    People will always try to knock the King of the hill down,but it will all be in vain, and at the end of the day He is still standing atop the hill .

    Elvis will live in the hearts of many and that is all that matters.
    If you don’t like second best then I would suggest you hop on the Elvis train of entertainment.

    Elvis is still everywhere you turn,just turn on your TV, or your computer.
    All the girls wanted him and all the guys wanted to be like him.

    Elvis lives!

  56. Susan Marie says:

    Please don’t repeat that ridiculous phrase “Before Elvis there was nothing”. With all respect to Bubba, a high schooler who has taken a basic music course would know better. There was brilliant music before Elvis. I am talking about R & B, jazz, blues singers & instrumentalists. They are too numerous too mention singly. Elvis himself would admit this. Sorry.

  57. Mj the greatest. says:

    Sorry people.There is no argument.Michael Jackson is the greatest performer and artist of ALL time.I have never known any African Americans or Hispanics who are fans of his.He was racist and made racist statements towards blacks.He will never have my respect and the older generation of minorities doesn’t really respect him either.Even though there was hardly any one who influenced him,I really don’t see how any artists in the past 30 years have been influenced by Elvis.If you turn on the t.v,almost every artist you see is mimicking Michael Jackson.And not just in one genre,he influenced hip hop,r&b,pop,rock EVERYTHING!!And he will continue to influence artists in the future.HE IS THE GREATEST,THERE WASNT ONE BEFORE HIM AND WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER!THE END.

  58. Sarah says:

    Okay someone mentioned earlier that Michael Jackson was inspired by Elvis.Lmao your kidding me.Everyone knows his influences were JAMES BROWN and Jackie Wilson.Where do you see Elvis in michael?Michael is obviously the greatest artist and performer EVER and you turn on the t.v and radio and see that.Thats a fact

  59. ambassador says:

    I never said there wasn’t great music ,talent or otherwise before Elvis,the statement has to do with the fame and popularity and the culture change that He happen to bring.
    He is the first American Icon in the music industry and all that comes with it.
    That quote is actually by Bono of U2 Susan.
    I am sure that he would have a little more insight of the business and how people around the time of Elvis and since his death,in speaking to numerous famous musicians and bands and Bonos piers would have a very good idea of how much credit has been given to EP.
    Before you react to a statement,you should understand the context of the statement made.

  60. Terry says:

    You people have no clue. Modern musicians are not influenced by Elvis. Elvis was not a songwriter and neither was really influential as a musician either. The biggest influence in music in the last 50 years have been the Beatles easily. Michael Jackson barely get’s a half a page in popular music books. Bono respects Elvis but he is not influenced by him musicially. Bono cites the Beatles as his biggest musical influence.

    The Beatles ability to marry studio experimentation with a strong pop song structure is such a profound influence. I’d say it’s their most important contribution. It’s the very foundation of how pop music is still made, so I’d say their influence is very much evident today, even if not everybody knows it. I still say to this day the most prophetic record of the Sixties wasn’t “Yesterday” or “Satisfaction” but “Tomorrow Never Knows,” which sums up most of where music has gone. Minus the vocals, it’s virtually an big beat/techno and modern electronic record that’s as much Public Enemy as it is Philip Glass. Today’s music is mostly about sound texture and the group that got us thinking about it the most is the Beatles. Some love to dismiss “Sgt. Peppers,” and especially “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite,” but I’ll be damned if all that random splicing up of tape and punching it into a song for sound effects can’t be found in Kanye West or many hip-hop crews of the last 25 years or so.

    Whether we’re talking Radiohead, Coldplay, U2, L.A. Reid or Raphel Saadiq, to mention a few, they still mention or show the Beatles’ influence.

    All Music Guide on the Beatles

    So much has been said and written about the Beatles — and their story is so mythic in its sweep — that it’s difficult to summarize their career without restating clichés that have already been digested by tens of millions of rock fans. To start with the obvious, they were the greatest and most influential act of the rock era, and introduced more innovations into popular music than any other rock band of the 20th century. Moreover, they were among the few artists of any discipline that were simultaneously the best at what they did and the most popular at what they did.

  61. Billy Thornton says:

    Hey Michael,
    What racist comments did Elvis make? Don’t bring up the shoes and records comment because Jet magazine debunked that one years ago.

  62. MJ&Beatleslover says:

    Again, the question was, is Elvis the best selling artist (not actor) of all time?


  63. Jude says:

    There are very few people who actually know what they are on about. There have been some idiots posting idiotic record sales, and I’m not sure whether they’ve dreamed them up, or pulled it from some inaccurate source.

    As of 2004, RIAA publicly certified and announced Elvis as best selling solo artist in American history, that is not something that is overtaken overnight. Before looking at music sales, one must actually understand the sales process and know the many criteria, and how it’s also changed a lot over the years. Record sales pre-1958 is actually not counted. There are many recording artists prior to 1958 (Bing Crosby) who has had a single “White Christmas” that is reported to have sold over 30 million records, but you’ll never find that in best selling singles, why? Because that was in 1942, however no one denies that, but it’s just not listed, since it was well before the period which the RIAA tracks sales of.

    There are plenty of idiots posting stuff like “no argument MJ is best” or “no argument Elvis is best” – you aren’t any kind of reliable source, so kindly leave the discussion. The Beatles and Elvis are two artists who have very inaccurate figures due to the periods they performed in. Despite this, they are the only two acts to have sold over 1 billion. Michael Jackson at around 750 million.

    The biggest TV act of all time remains Elvis Presley. With 1 billion live audience in 1973, with an additional 500 million people on delay to the broadcast being heavily in use. Personal opinion or how good you feel about the artist does not alter history or record sales. So please don’t post rubbish or how influential or someone is. There is no way to measure someone’s influence, and everyone knows MJ, Elvis and The Beatles are highly influential.

  64. Jude says:

    Now finishing this up. I have looked at sources, including Wikipedia and where they got their information from. Only Elvis and The Beatles are listed as 1 billion plus. The next two are Bing Crosby and Michael Jackson.

    Michael Jackson is more fortunate in the fact that the other 3 (especially Bing Crosby) are far more affected by the ever changing sales criteria. According to the RIAA and RCA records (search this up on google) so far they’ve managed to catalog and certify 85% of Elvis recordings, they are still working on the other 15%. The original post about Elvis’ sales immediately after his death not being counted is indeed correct. Looking at the figures for records created by the processing plants and the actual certifications by RIAA during the 1977 to 1978 period have a very big variance, and the RIAA (by their own announcement) are still working with RCA records fixing up many of the inconsistencies. I am an Elvis fan, I like him out of the Beatles and Michael Jackson and therefore know more about his sales than the other two, but I do not deny how influential all 3 are or the sales of the other two.

  65. Christopher Walls says:

    Micheal Jackson is the Best selling artist of all time with over 750 million albums sold. “Period” I know you would like to think it was Elvis or the Beatles but it wasn’t you know it and I know it. It was Jackson.

  66. Nelson says:

    Michael was making more with the Beatles music than his own the last ten years.

    The Beatles

    “The American Recording Industry Announces its Artists of the Century”. Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).The Beatles voted artists of the Century.

    “The Immortals: The First Fifty”. Rolling Stone Issue 946. Rolling Stone. The Beatles are voted the greatest.

    “The Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists”. The Beatles are also voted the greatest

  67. Bob says:

    According to the RIAA The Beatles have sold 170 million albums in the US,compared to 119 million for Elvis and 61.5 million for Michael Jackson.

    According to Soundscan during the period 1991-2008 The Beatles sold 57 million albums in the US, compared to 30 million for Elvis and 19 million for Michael Jackson.

    EMI have said that The Beatles US sales account for 40% of their worldwide sales meaning The Beatles have sold about 425 million albums worldwide.

    RCA/BMG have stated that the US sales for Elvis account for 60% of his world wide sales meaning Elvis has sold about 200 million albums worldwide.

    Michael Jackson has sold about 120 million albums worldwide.

    The claims for a billion album sales for The Beatles and Elvis are based on units (singles equivalents)sold.

    An album = 6 units
    An EP = 2 units
    A single = 1 unit

  68. Bob says:

    The claims of a billion plus album sales for The Beatles and Elvis is record company hype. The only two reliable measuring agencies in the US – the RIAA and Soundscan have The Beatles considerably ahead of Elvis Presley in album sales. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry published its updated list of the 150 highest selling artists ever and confirms The Beatles as the biggest selling artists of all time.

    1. The Beatles (40 albums) 400,000,000
    2. Michael Jackson (14 albums) 350,000,000
    3. Elvis Presley (150 albums) 300,000,000
    4. Madonna (16 albums) 275,000,000
    5. Nana Mouskouri (450 albums) 250,000,000

    To say that Elvis has 300 uncertified albums in the US does not stand up to scutiny. According to Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Albums 1955-1992, Elvis released 96 albums that charted during that period. Of those 22 did not make the top 100, that is they sold very few copies. Another 26 did not make the top 40 again selling few copies. Elvis had 48 top 40 albums, 25 top 10 albums and 9 number 1 albums between 1955 and 1992.

    Elvis has not released 200 plus albums in the US in the past 17 years.

    The Beatles had 27 top 40 albums, 23 top 10 albums and 15 number 1 albums up to 1992. The Beatles currently have 19 number 1 albums compared to 10 number 1 albums by Elvis.

    The Beatles are the biggest selling recording artists of all time.

  69. Mr Innate says:

    Measuring the number of sales does not answer the question, who was better or who had more influence ?

    If we use the criteria of innate nature talent.

    Than MJ is the most best because;

    1.He was a child hood prodigy
    2.He had no formal voice or dance training
    3.Everything MJ did was instinctual and natural,
    no one could dance like MJ or sing like him.
    4. His music had a underlying theme of unifying people and defining the human condition.
    5. Forget the sales and think about how rare MJ musical and dance abilities are . No one could express themselves through dance and song like MJ. I don’t think the world will ever see another MJ

  70. Bob says:

    The question was: Is Elvis the biggest selling artist of all time?

    The answer is no.

    The Beatles are the biggest selling artists of all time.

    Sales can be measured and must be audited. The question of who was better is subjective and a matter of personal opinion . Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    When it comes to record sales the Beatles are clearly the biggest sellers of all time.

  71. Leslie says:

    The Beatles were voted the greatest artists in the Rolling Stone Immortals list. Michael Jackson was not even in the top 20.

  72. ambassador says:

    The RIAA is NOT the be all end all when it comes to record sales world wide cause it does not take into account pre 1958,So that being said it does not have a clear cut total of Elvis Record sales,for it does not count his records pre 1958,and it does not include partials if it doesn’t hit the marks of Gold, Platinum or Dbl Platinum sales,but they are working with Sony and others to get a more accurate number.
    They have and estimate of 1.3 – 1.8 billion world wide sales for Elvis but it is not definitive total it is still a work in progress.
    Either way neither the Beatles or MJ will be close to him when its all said and done and that my friends is a lot closer to the truth then what others are claiming,you cannot just take partial sales that don’t quite hit the bench mark and you cannot discount numbers prior to the establishment of a company.
    Common sense should be used here.
    Total sales is far different then just counting records sold that meet certain criteria.
    it all comes down to which way you want to count it.

  73. KB50MJ says:

    Lets look at the facts fro many reliable sources in the music business. Like Guinness World records, Billboard, IFPI, and many music news publications and sources.

    Mj has the biggest everything.

    THe biggest selling albums

    The biggest selling music/ home videos

    Most awards won

    Biggest recording contract

    biggest endorsement deals

    Biggest and most successful tours by a solo artist

    Most viewership MULTIPLE times.

    Most expensive music video, Oscar, promotion for an album, coast of an album, etc. etc.

    TONS of chart records

    Longest music video, time spent at #1 for an album, time spent on the Top 5 for an album. He has the 2nd longest span of #1 hits in the U.S.(#1 is cher), and many others.

    And many many more.

    What, tell me what, is bigger than all of that?

    Need I remind you that were talking about a man that has the #1,#9,#19,#46, and #61 best selling albums of all time.

    A man that has had more people attend his concerts internationally than any other artist.

    A man that has broken virtually every record an artist can break. And he has influenced almost every Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Rap artists out there.

    A man who possesses one of the most unique musical minds in modern times. He is a legend in every way; posterity will adore his music for centuries and his fame reaches levels unfathomable to any human. He is often cited as the most famous person on Earth, which is what a survey in 1997 and 2003 found. His dance moves have redefined the limits of physical expression. He has sold 350+ million records, making him one of the greatest, if not the greatest, selling artists of all time, has scored 13 number one singles in the U.S. and over 125 worldwide, won 13 Grammys, and set jaw dropping concert attendance records throughout his career. I’m pretty damn sure the King of Pop is the greatest thing since sliced bread, the cliche aside.

    Elvis nor the Beatles can compare.

  74. fallenkings says:

    Imagine MJ’s sales record without the benefit of his sales between 1979 and 1985. What would his sales record look like then? That is exactly the case with the RIAA’s listings for Elvis. They do not include the his sells from 1956 when everything he released went gold, every single, every, lp and every EP. RIAA is also missing the sales data for the year after Elvis died when RCA had delayed release of new material by their other artists to keep up with the demand for Elvis records. RCA also had to lease record plants from other companies for several months after Elvis’s death. Billboard reported that Elvis’ sales accounted for 1/5th of all record sales in the year after his passing. Just keep it in mind next time you try to count up the sales.

  75. ambassador says:

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion and I will stick with Elvis thx.
    Nothing anyone says will every change my opinion of who I believe to be the Best entertainer and recording artist that ever lived.
    I will no longer post on this subject.
    Elvis will always be the king of rock n’ roll and for me and my house that is all that matters.

    I never base my feelings on a artist by their record sales or anything else when it comes to chart hits albums sold,it comes down to how that person effects my being when they do what they do,and for me it will always be Elvis Presley.

    Peace -out!

  76. Taike says:

    Best-selling artist(s): The Beatles. And they changed music forever. They wrote their own songs. What songs did Elvis write? He didn’t even write “Love Me Tender”. All he did was take credit but he DID NOT write it.

    Michael Jackson sold a lot of records but once again, he didn’t really change music.

    The Beatles rule and that’s a fact!

  77. Landis says:

    According to IFPI AND BILLBOARD MAGAZINE the Beatles are the best selling artists. Now that’s from an act who disbanded in 1970. That means Elvis recorded music way past the Beatles. The Beatles did not have the benefit of recording music or selling their music like Michael in 1980’s or the 90’s.

    I have much more respect for the Beatles as artists The Beatles gave us: concept albums, use of amp feedback in songs, mixing world music (e.g., sitars and others) into traditional guitar ‘n’ drums rock, use of full orchestras in rock, backwards taping, double albums, music videos, rock and roll movies, sampling, stadium venues, album-oriented rock, and more.

    Stylistically, their music has been often imitated (but never duplicated) by anyone from The Monkees to Oasis to Panic at the Disco to Badfinger to Queen and many, many more.

    Their fashion sense set the trend for bands (and pop culture junkies in general) throughout the 60s; and even afterwards, their fashions then are still copied today (the Sgt. Pepper baton jackets became a staple of rock fashion, especially with Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson).

    There’s simply no other band in history that had as much influence on rock as The Beatles did/do.

    You might as well add how they influenced rock musicians idea of what an rock ALBUM should be.

    Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys

    “Upon first hearing Rubber Soul in December of 1965, Brian Wilson said, “I really wasn’t quite ready for the unity. It felt like it all belonged together. Rubber Soul was a collection of songs…that somehow went together like no album ever made before”.

    Or add how they started the British Invasion in the states paving the way for the Stones, The Kinks, The Who, and The Yardbirds.

    The Beatles had a huge impact on classic rock radio . Revolver was certainly important in opening up a commercial market for psychedelic music. It would have happened anyway, but that doesn’t change history. Revolver was a very big record for psychedelic music in ’66. Classic Rock Radio related to FM radio. The origins of the classic rock radio format can be traced back to The Beatles’ groundbreaking album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which would forever change several courses of the rock and roll format, especially with the slow rise of FM broadcasting.

    The whole Folk Rock thing was hugely influenced by the Beatles.

    Folk Rock

    “But in my imagination this whole thing developed and I started mixing up old folk songs with the Beatles beat and taking them down to Greenwich Village and playing them for the people there”.
    Roger McGuinn

    “The big turning point, really, was the Beatles’ influence on American folk music, and then Roger took it to the next step, and then along came the Lovin’ Spoonful and everybody else”.
    Barry McGuire

    Robert Fripp of King Crimson went into rock music after hearing Sgt Pepper and Ozzy Osbourne was influenced by the Beatles more heavier songs. Really their influence goes on and on.

  78. rcmsrw says:

    The Beatles are the biggest in terms if sales and influence, period, hands down. And quality. 6 albums in the top 12 of Rolling Stones top 500 albums, voted on by the who’s who in music. Elvis had 1 top 10, Thriller was #20. They inspired a generation. Elvis did too. MJ sold a lot of music due to MTV. That’s it.

  79. Tony Vogler says:

    Intresting how the story goes away,a few weeks now,,and all we have is the wacko jacko stories left,and he died as wacky as he lived,never before thought of wacky,,sick,and he was a dishonest person,never told the truth,,nobodys buying his records at the stores,or the magazines on the rack,have a look yourself,,being a fake,only gives you fake fans,no respect,,,people and press named presley the king,not himself,,,and his rights to the throne ,are legend,,,the beatles themselves always,,proclamed presley king,,and RIAA gets a lil lazy time to time,keeping records on dead artist,till their nudged,,but presley sells everyday,32nd anniversary aug 16th,,and a 75th birthday jan8th,,,so watch and learn people!!

  80. ron says:

    Elvis and the Beatles are the biggest selling act to come along. MJ not close. Way behind Elvis and the Beatles. About who sold the most, depends on which record company you ask.The one billion sales is and est for both Elvis and the Beatles.There is no way to tell who sold the most. Most of all sale figures get over stated when someone dies. If you are a Beatles fan then you will say Beatles sold the most.Elvis fan,Elvis sold the most. Never ending story. But not to worry, MJ is way behind the top two.

  81. nick says:


    2)Jackson holds the most Grammy Awards won in a year than any other artist.
    3)Jackson had most hit singles in the UK charts in a year than any other artist.
    4)Jackson has best selling album of all time.(thriller if jhouse/ambasador did not realise)
    5)Jackson has the longest span of No.1 hits by an R&B artist wordwide.
    6)Jackson has the best selling music videos of all time than any other artist wordwide (remember that Michael Jackson Made MTV what it is today also he was the pioneer of the music video and still is)
    7)Jackson had the highest annual earnings ever for a pop star wordwide.
    8)Jackson had the most successful pop music family wordwide ever.
    9) Jackson has sold 109 million copies of Thriller year to date versus The beatles best album has sold 32 million to date which if you don’t know is “St peppers”
    Michael Jackson equaled that with his “dangerous” Album alone.
    9b) Coppies of thriller are being sold rapidly now it has re entered the charts and they are predicting it will hit 150 million sold within 2 years) not mentioning how many it will sell over the next 20/30 years.
    11) To everyone out that has mentioned that Elvis sold this many albums, beatless sold this I don’t think we will every know the true figures as the stats were not accurate around then but we know its around a billion versus Michaels accurate measure of 750 Million albums ( but he has only just died you watch that double within a decade and also the morons have not mentioned or forgot to mention that he has sold live videos live tour videos which if you were to put all these things into one catogory would make is 750 million albums be a much more substatioal figure but they are not included in that as they are just videos) The Videos to date have sold 350 million (that inc his bad tour, and dangerous tour) adding these figures together excells him way above the billion mark. 1.1 million to be precise (not including what he sells now while he is dead.


    1) I think he was the best dancer on stage of all time.And I am not just talking about the Moonwalk and am talking about his whole stage presence whilst dancing.
    2) Had his own style on stage in terms of clothes (yes I know Elvis did as well but no other artist can comptete on that league than both Michael or Elvis.
    3)In The 80’s and 90’s Michael was arguable the most famous man alive wordwide.
    4)He leaves behind an incredible musical legacy and a body of work unrivalled by any other performer.
    5)The old figures are Bias towards older artists. There is a broader genre spectrum of music to listen to now which limits the number of listeners and for Michael to achieve what he has done against all of the competion out there today all the other atists is penominal.
    Below is my previous article sent about 2 weeks ago:-

    STOP EVERYONE THIS WILL EXPLAIN ALL:-Yes But Elvis has been dead so long and people still buy his records which is why maybe he has such a high level of sales. But Now MICHAEL JACKSON “the best performer of all time (undisputed) is dead his record sales will far super sead any other artist not just by a bit, but by a mile. I was fortunate to see Michael Jackson Live at Wembley in the 80’s and oh my god he was increadble, so forget sales figures for one sec. No one could dance like michael, no one could moonwalk like him, no one could arrive on a stage through a trap door fired up onto it and stand still for 5 minutes motionless withough moving or saying anything while the crowd went nuts, he had this arou about him like no one else that will always stick with me. So on that basis you watch over the next decade/two while Michael is dead how his record sales will sour far beyond Elvis. Just look at the charts today how many singles are now in the top 40 for Michael Jackson oh and he is top of the album charts again my point proven. So lets put a stop to this stupid argument and face the fact that Michael Jackson is the greatest ever. End off.

  82. Bob says:

    Regarding the lack of certification by the RIAA prior to 1958 the following must be considered.

    Between 1956 and the end of 1958 Elvis released 10 albums in the US. Of these 4 went to #1 and 3 did not make the top 10. Albums did not sell in the millions in those days and ‘Meet the Beatles’ released in 1964 which sold 5 million copies in the US was the biggest selling album of all time up to that time. It is implausible that these Elvis albums sold in excess of 10 million copies. It also appears to be a myth that Elvis sold mega millions of copies after his death. The album ‘Moody Blue’ which was released on 7/23/1977 about a month before his death only peaked at # 3 in the Billboard charts. No massive sales there! The album ‘Elvis in Concert’ released on 10/29/1977 only peaked at # 5 on the Billboard chart. No massive sales there either.

    The only audited sales figures in the US (RIAA and Soundscan) show The Beatles have outsold Elvis by a massive margin. Similarly in the UK The Beatles have sold 38 million albums (many millions more than Elvis) and 20.71 million singles to 20.66 million for Elvis.

    The Guinness Book of Records have consistently referred to the Beatles as the biggest selling artists of all time. In the 1971 edition The Beatles sales to September 1970 are and I quote “133 million discs (74 million singles, 3 million EP’s and 56 million albums) which represents 416 million in singles equivalents.” In the 1971 edition Elvis Presley’s global sales to September 1970 were and I quote “130 million discs representing 275 singles equivalents.”

    An album = 6 singles
    An EP = 2 singles

    In the 1973 Guinness Book of Records the global sales of Elvis by January 1972 were 160 million discs representing 300 million singles equivalents. In the 1976 Guinness Book of Records The Beatles global sales by June 1972 were 545 million singles equivalents. In the 1981 Guinness Book of Records The Beatles all time sales were and I quote “100 million singles and 100 million albums – a total unmatched by any other recording act.” This would represent 700 million in singles equivalents.

    In this 1981 edition of the Guinness Book of Records it stated and I quote “Similarly no indepedently audited sales figures have been published for Elvis Presley”.

    In the 1985 Guinness Book of Records The Beatles all time sales by May 1984 were over 1000 million discs and tapes. Again it was mentioned that no independently audited figures have been published for Elvis Presley.

    It is apparent that where sales figures have been independently audited (RIAA, Soundscan and by the Guinness Book of Records) The Beatles have outsold Elvis Presley by a very considerable margin.

    Claims by record companies should be ignored where there is no independent supporting evidence.

  83. Bob says:

    As Michael Jackson has only sold 61.5 million albums in the US according to the RIAA (prior to his death) and 19 million albums in the US since 1991 according to Soundscan (prior to his death) there is no way that he has sold 750 million albums worldwide. That would be 750 million units (or singles equivalents). As Michael Jackson sold 61.5 million albums in the US it is likely that he has sold about 120-130 million albums world wide compared to 425 million albums for the Beatles and 200 million for Elvis.

    The 750 million albums is just impossible – do the maths.
    Another 688.5 million album sales? In which countries? Which albums? I think Michael only released about 14 albums which averages about 49 million sales worldwide for each album. No way! Back to reality please.

    It appears The Beatles are the biggest selling recording artists of all time and even Michael Jackson’s death and increased sales will not surpass their totals.

    Michael Jackson has sold about 2.4 million albums in the US sinces his death – a good figure, but let me know when he tops the 100 million mark in the US. He will still be at least 70 million albums behind the Beatles then.

  84. Tony Vogler says:

    I remember having this debate 35 years ago,,,it was always Elvis and someone,not mj,,lol he was a black kid in the j5,,and the osmonds were the bomb,,,i know,lol,,anyways,,the fact that they still bring up Elvis is funny, after 53 years as the KING! most folks on here are young,only remember the last 20 yrs,,now Elvis he was the only one with the whole package,,dam,what the beatles and Jackson would do for his looks!! and he was a southern gentleman,and a veteran,,someone you would still be proud to represent you in another country,a mans man,he was the first,and everyone that followed used his career as the guidline,he was the first to sell a million copies with a pop record,had 19 number one pop songs,he is known the world over by his first name,,a picture of his hand, butt,foot,,,no face,,its a fact,, he achived a level of fame no one has equaled,,sure last month got a few young folks thinking they saw a first,,not even close,,sad that without the crazy crap with jackson,,their really is not anything left,,his retarded life out weighed any musical accomplishments,,,their were none the last dozen years,,just sad,sick,retarded,embarrasing stories,,,oh! August 16th is Elvis 32nd anniversary,his career was 23 yrs long,and he died when he was 42,,long live the KING!

  85. rcmsrw says:

    Hey KM50mj and Nick
    Again only part of what you say is true. The beatles have just as many Guinness records as MJ. The beatles have sold more albums, singles, music than anybody. That is a fact. But more importantly than all that the beatles left a musical library unequaled in HISTORY. MJ who wrote about a dozen “good” songs isn’t even a spec when it comes to a quality musical library. Beatles, Dylan, U2, Stones, Bruce, Elton all have a better music library. MJ could dance and hit it big in the 80s when MTV drove the bus. But a legacy? Of what one album worth even mentioning, #20 on Rolling Stones best 500 albums. Oh and Elvis? Did he ever write a song?

  86. nick says:

    MICAHEL JACKSON AND THE TRUE FACTS:- to rcmsrw and Tony Vogler and bob. I don’t think you guys read my message before so just read it carefully as the facts do not lie:-

    2)Jackson holds the most Grammy Awards won in a year than any other artist.
    3)Jackson had most hit singles in the UK charts in a year than any other artist.
    4)Jackson has best selling album of all time.(thriller if jhouse/ambasador did not realise)
    5)Jackson has the longest span of No.1 hits by an R&B artist wordwide.
    6)Jackson has the best selling music videos of all time than any other artist wordwide (remember that Michael Jackson Made MTV what it is today also he was the pioneer of the music video and still is)
    7)Jackson had the highest annual earnings ever for a pop star wordwide,for people that do not know he fell out with Paul mcartny for out bidding him on the beatles catalogue and won.
    8)Jackson had the most successful pop music family wordwide ever.
    9) Jackson has sold 109 million copies of Thriller year to date versus The beatles best album has sold 32 million to date which if you don’t know is “St peppers”
    Michael Jackson equaled that with his “dangerous” Album alone.
    9b) Coppies of thriller are being sold rapidly now it has re entered the charts and they are predicting it will hit 150 million sold within 2 years) not mentioning how many it will sell over the next 20/30 years.
    11) To everyone out that has mentioned that Elvis sold this many albums/units, beatles sold this I don’t think we will every know the true figures as the stats were not accurate around that time but we know its around a billion on the inacurate stats versus Michaels accurate measure of 750 Million units sold ( but he has only just died you watch that double within a decade and also the morons have not mentioned or forgot to mention that he has sold live videos live tour videos which if you were to put all these things into one catogory would make is 750 million units sold be a much more substatioal figure but they are not included in that as they are just videos) The Videos to date have sold 350 million (that inc his bad tour, and dangerous tour) adding these figures together excells him way above the billion mark. 1.1 billion to be precise (not including what he sells now while he is dead.


    1) I think he was the best dancer on stage of all time.And I am not just talking about the Moonwalk and am talking about his whole stage presence whilst dancing and all his moves.
    2) Had his own style on stage in terms of clothes (yes I know Elvis did as well but no other artist can comptete on that league than both Michael or Elvis.
    3)In The 80’s and 90’s Michael was arguable the most famous man alive wordwide.
    4)He leaves behind an incredible musical legacy and a body of work unrivalled by any other performer.
    5)The old figures are Bias towards older artists. There is a broader genre spectrum of music to listen to now which limits the number of listeners and for Michael to achieve what he has done against all of the competion out there today all the other atists is penominal.
    Below is my previous article sent about 2 weeks ago:-

    STOP EVERYONE THIS WILL EXPLAIN ALL:-Yes But Elvis has been dead so long and people still buy his records which is why maybe he has such a high level of sales. But Now MICHAEL JACKSON “the best performer of all time (undisputed) is dead his record sales will far super sead any other artist not just by a bit, but by a mile. I was fortunate to see Michael Jackson Live at Wembley in the 80’s and oh my god he was increadble, so forget sales figures for one sec. No one could dance like michael(fact), no one could moonwalk like him, no one could arrive on a stage through a trap door fired up onto it and stand still for 5 minutes motionless withough moving or saying anything while the crowd went nuts, he had this arou about him like no one else that will always stick with me. So on that basis you watch over the next decade/two while Michael is dead how his record sales will sour far beyond Elvis. Just look at the charts today how many singles are now in the top 40 for Michael Jackson oh and he is top of the album charts again my point proven. So lets put a stop to this stupid argument and face the fact that Michael Jackson is the greatest ever. End off.

  87. nick says:

    oh and I forgot to say he has a back catalogue of approx 200 songs left to his children unreased which is why his music will be around for a very very long time even after his death. Did the beatles have unrealeased songs after they split up or lennon dies? No I don’t think so, oh yes they did have that bird song that was made from a dodgy tape that was never realeased but when released into the charts it did not even hit the top ten.

  88. Tony Vogler says:

    you guys have to remember Jackson had all this stuff for about the last 12 years,and no one would put it out because everytime they did they lost money,,thats the fact,,he lost his fan base,,,sure people were on the band wagon a month ago,,but nobodys buying his stuff,,,having a number one album today is not what it was 25 yrs ago,or 50,,,maria carie has 17 number one songs,but has sold about 30 million records,,nobody buys anymore,when you can get it here for free,,jackson fans forgot him,guess he was”nt worth remembering,they were his fans,I don”t know,,but 32 yrs later Elvis could still be the king of the road,,,and the beatles,,what does it say about a person,when they can’t go on a tour here at home,,,or if ya did you asked 100 plus a ticket,,I saw presley 5 times,paid 15 dollars,,would have paid 15 thousand,,I met him and his dad,and turned down offers to buy my scarf he gave me,,,presley fans knew a love,that I truly wish Jackson fans could experience,,but the old saying,,birds of a feather,flock together,,,ask Paul macartney,about what a nice,backstabbing,liar,jackson was,,,I think he knows the business,,,anyways,I hope ,you all keep listening to the music,because that’s what its all about,and Jackson had a few great tunes,and really put them over,,a truly great artist,just not a king,,

  89. rcmsrw says:

    Nick, come on. You keep talking about Thriller. One album that had about 5-6 good songs. #20 on RS all time list. It will sell 150 million? Its been 2 weeks and it’s sold about 750,000 dropping in half after the first week. The run is done. 200 songs backlogged? You’re kidding right? No way. We’ll see. And we’ll see the quality. Again the facts are Beatles are #1 on about 19 of 20 sights all reputable. And MJ does not leave a musical legacy 1/3 of the Beatles. Come on get serious. MJ sold all that music when MTV was available. It was a commercial every 20 minutes. The Beatles had none of that but STILL HAVE OUT SOLD HIM. You won’t find one serious musician who will say MJs music comes within a mile of the Beatles. He was a great entertainer. I will give you that. The Beatles created the best music ever made. Period.

  90. lordthree says:

    I agree that Elvis is the CLEAR winner as far as selling albums. And MJ wouldn’t have done as well without MTV. The Beatles are a GROUP, so I’m not going to consider them in the running.

    It used to be you’d have to go to a record store to buy albums, but in recent years it’s just as common to go to the book store or walmart for albums, so distribution is surely a factor on sales.

    If Bing Crosby had been in the same time period as MJ (I know they DO overlap a bit) he would have slammed him on sales numbers.

    I don’t agree that MJ was the best performer of all time, and It worries me that obsessed fans say it’s undisputed… and get indignant and cry RACIST if anyone even argues.

    I’d prefer to watch Elvis, or the Beatles perform. Hands down. I understand MJ dances around a lot but that doesn’t impress me. I think a lot of his fans would agree that part of his appeal is that he’s simply so far removed from reality that it carries over to the audience and they get some kind of strange fantasy vibe off of him.

    Elvis may have sat in his room and shot up TV screens, but he was still grounded in reality for a lot of his career.

    Although I realize MJs album sales have shot up as a result of his death, I don’t think they have the sticking power. People will still be buying Elvis records a decade from now, and people will have forgotten all about MJ. He was more of a fad than anything else really. Nobody is buying pet rocks any more, but you can still buy those troll dolls with the long hair.

    nuff said.

  91. nick says:

    To rcmsrw

    Are you a moron saying :- “Mj sold all that music when MTV was available. It was a commercial every 20 minutes. The Beatles had none of that but STILL HAVE OUT SOLD HIM.” When Triller came out MTV was not around and its the biggest selling album of all time so get your facts right. lol I am not disagreaing with you that The beatles were great and I love there music, but make sure you get your facts right before you debate, lol That’s what annoyes me with this site.

  92. martin says:

    listen guys Elvis and the beatles put out tens of albums more than Michael Jackson did, Elvis 150, beatles 40, MJ 14 and yet acording to some information he is 350 million records, 50 million ahead of Elvis, who for what he put out should have sold 3 billion never mind the inflated one billion! I really rate Elvis and his talent was far better than hype or record sale, but I think had Mariah Carey put out 150 million albums, then she would kill Elvis. And if Michael Jackson had another 120 solo albums on the market my god, Elvis would not stand a chance. 2 million each which for Michael is doable and sales wise Elvis and the beatles are beaten! So say what you will about record sales for beatles and Elvis but facts are they have massive sales in part due to massive numbers relaesed, but they are not bigger than Michael Jackson don’t make that misstake of believing that. Michael Jackson proportionaly is the better seller. And I’m impartial on this subject, but I’m not easily fooled into thinking, Elvis and beatles were sun shine, but MJ was just a wacko, no no big misstake if you think that, again I’ve no really view on the 3 really, but I know micahels influnce is heavey, and now its just got heaver, rip Elvis ur brillient and a king! rip John lennon ur fab and always will be, and rip Michael Jackson ur the king of pop and the best humanitarion in pop history!

  93. Tony Vogler says:

    nail on the head,,I have 250 Elvis presley albums,different ones,before they started making cds,now I have hundreds of those,,Fact,,if people were not buying them by the millions,nobody could afford to be putting them out,,,,I heard one of jacksons unreleased songs yesterday,,ripped off americas “horse with no name”If that’s what they have,,go buy it,,lol both of those songs sucked,,The beatles were the best band ever,covered everytype of music,and all could play,none could sing very well,,but greatest band ever,,,elvis nor the beatles never made a video,,some movies,,but no mtv,,it was their popularity from their groundbreaking never done before in the music business,,everyone says its the beatles catalog that is jacksons main money asset,not any of his music,or his business,,like the other folks have said,,he”s already fizzeled out,like curt cobain,,,cobain looked better,mabey Jackson should have blown his mask off,,,what a freak,,,something gone amuck,,nobody talks about his music anyway,,just the freaky sideshow crap he always was,,enough!!

  94. Juraj says:

    All the mentioned artists are great. However, there is no doubt that the best seller of all time is the Beatles. I come from the Eastern Europe (former socialist block) and I can tell you that even at that time the Beatles records were sold in millions here. I do not think there was a houshold in this part of the world not having a Beatles record. In comparison to Elvis or MJ I believe it is a few hudread thousands difference.

  95. des says:

    I think Michael Jackson is the biggest selling artist of all time

  96. des says:

    wow with only 14 albums Michael Jackson was able to sell 350,000 WOW biggest and most phenomenal artist of all time!

  97. Juraj says:

    Michael is not the best selling artist of all time. Please look it up in the official numbers and you will see that the Beatles has sold many many more albums.

  98. Bob says:

    Hey Nick,

    The only RELIABLE sales figures are the sales figures in the US from Soundscan and the RIAA.

    The Soundscan figures from 1991-2008 show The Beatles have sold 57 million albums compared to 19 million for Michael Jackson (prior to his death).

    The RIAA figures show The Beatles have sold 170 million albums in the US compared to 61.5 million albums for Michael Jackson.

    Since his death Jackson has sold about 3 million albums in the US bringing his Soundscan and RIAA totals to 22 million and 64.5 million respectively – still a massive way behind the sales figures of The Beatles.

    Michael Jackson has NOT sold 750 million albums world wide. He may have sold 750 million units, but The Beatles have sold well over a billion units (probably over 2 billion units) world wide. If Jackson has sold only 64.5 million albums in the US where has he sold the remaining 685.5 million albums? The world is not big enough for that amount of sales as the US is the biggest market.

    Sticking to the facts (audited sales figures) and it is apparent that The Beatles are the biggest selling artists of all time.

  99. Juraj says:

    Hey Bob,

    Thank you for telling the people the correct numbers and figures. It happens all the time when such a star passes away that people try to exagarate about his successes but the reality is usually way out of there. This is the case with Michael Jackson. The day before his sudden death he sold 300 millions albums the next day it was 750 million albums.

  100. nick says:

    MICAHEL JACKSON AND THE TRUE FACTS:- to rcmsrw and Tony Vogler and bob. I don’t think you guys read my message before so just read it carefully as the facts do not lie:-

    2)Jackson holds the most Grammy Awards won in a year than any other artist.
    3)Jackson had most hit singles in the UK charts in a year than any other artist.
    4)Jackson has best selling album of all time.(thriller if jhouse/ambasador did not realise)
    5)Jackson has the longest span of No.1 hits by an R&B artist wordwide.
    6)Jackson has the best selling music videos of all time than any other artist wordwide (remember that Michael Jackson Made MTV what it is today also he was the pioneer of the music video and still is)
    7)Jackson had the highest annual earnings ever for a pop star wordwide,for people that do not know he fell out with Paul mcartny for out bidding him on the beatles catalogue and won.
    8)Jackson had the most successful pop music family wordwide ever.
    9) Jackson has sold 109 million copies of Thriller year to date versus The beatles best album has sold 32 million to date which if you don’t know is “St peppers”
    Michael Jackson equaled that with his “dangerous” Album alone.
    9b) Coppies of thriller are being sold rapidly now it has re entered the charts and they are predicting it will hit 150 million sold within 2 years) not mentioning how many it will sell over the next 20/30 years.
    11) To everyone out that has mentioned that Elvis sold this many albums/units, beatles sold this I don’t think we will every know the true figures as the stats were not accurate around that time but we know its around a billion on the inacurate stats versus Michaels accurate measure of 750 Million units sold ( but he has only just died you watch that double within a decade and also the morons have not mentioned or forgot to mention that he has sold live videos live tour videos which if you were to put all these things into one catogory would make is 750 million units sold be a much more substatioal figure but they are not included in that as they are just videos) The Videos to date have sold 350 million (that inc his bad tour, and dangerous tour) adding these figures together excells him way above the billion mark. 1.1 billion to be precise (not including what he sells now while he is dead.


    1) I think he was the best dancer on stage of all time.And I am not just talking about the Moonwalk and am talking about his whole stage presence whilst dancing and all his moves.
    2) Had his own style on stage in terms of clothes (yes I know Elvis did as well but no other artist can comptete on that league than both Michael or Elvis.
    3)In The 80’s and 90’s Michael was arguable the most famous man alive wordwide.
    4)He leaves behind an incredible musical legacy and a body of work unrivalled by any other performer.
    5)The old figures are Bias towards older artists. There is a broader genre spectrum of music to listen to now which limits the number of listeners and for Michael to achieve what he has done against all of the competion out there today all the other atists is penominal.
    Below is my previous article sent about 2 weeks ago:-

    STOP EVERYONE THIS WILL EXPLAIN ALL:-Yes But Elvis has been dead so long and people still buy his records which is why maybe he has such a high level of sales. But Now MICHAEL JACKSON “the best performer of all time (undisputed) is dead his record sales will far super sead any other artist not just by a bit, but by a mile. I was fortunate to see Michael Jackson Live at Wembley in the 80’s and oh my god he was increadble, so forget sales figures for one sec. No one could dance like michael(fact), no one could moonwalk like him, no one could arrive on a stage through a trap door fired up onto it and stand still for 5 minutes motionless withough moving or saying anything while the crowd went nuts, he had this arou about him like no one else that will always stick with me. So on that basis you watch over the next decade/two while Michael is dead how his record sales will sour far beyond Elvis. Just look at the charts today how many singles are now in the top 40 for Michael Jackson oh and he is top of the album charts again my point proven. So lets put a stop to this stupid argument and face the fact that Michael Jackson is the greatest ever. End off.

    oh and I forgot to say he has a back catalogue of approx 200 songs left to his children unreased which is why his music will be around for a very very long time even after his death. Did the beatles have unrealeased songs after they split up or lennon dies? No I don’t think so, oh yes they did have that bird song that was made from a dodgy tape that was never realeased but when released into the charts it did not even hit the top ten.

  101. Bob says:

    Hey Nick,

    Let me talk FACTS:

    Your points 1-11 are not all fact. Points 1-8 do not have anything to do with TOTAL album sales and are therefore irrelevant to this discussion. Your point 9b is a prediction not a fact. Your point 9 about Thriller selling 109 million copies (worldwide presumably) is inaccurate to the best of my knowledge.

    To the best of my knowledge Thriller has sold between 50-60 million copies worldwide (28 million in the US, source RIAA). If you can verify sales of 109 million please identify your source.

    You say Michael Jackson has sold 750 units worldwide. I do not dispute that figure. As a unit is equivalent to the sale of one single and an album is the equivalent of the sale of 6 singles then The Beatles who have sold 170 million albums in the US (source: RIAA) have sold 1020 million units (1.02 billion units) in the US alone, not counting their sales of singles. The Beatles with world wide album sales of 420 million plus have sold about 2.5 billion units worldwide compared to 750 million units worldwide for Michael Jackson.

    They are the facts.

    The following is my opinion.

    I think it is extremely doubtful that Michael Jackson will sell another 750 units in the next decade. Even if he does that will give him sales of 1.5 billion units still 1 billion units behind The Beatles, who will sell many millions of units in the next decade as well.

  102. mva5580 says:

    There are clearly way too many people here posting on the emotion of Michael Jackson dying recently rather than the actual facts of the discussion. I just happened to come across this thread on a random Beatles search and felt obligated to post.

    Look. Both Michael Jackson and Elvis were great, great PERFORMERS, but to even compare them with The Beatles in terms of musical talent is embarrassing. Neither Jackson or Presley wrote a lot of their songs, nor did they do much of anything in terms of playing instruments/composing their music. I’m not saying they NEVER did those things, I’m just saying it was much less evolved in comparison to The Beatles, who literally revolutionized music forever in terms of composing all their songs, playing the instruments, etc. Go look at Michael Jackson’s discography. Thriller is brilliant, yes. But after that his albums take a big nosedive in terms of quality. Yes there is other good stuff there, but nowhere even comparable to The Beatles catalog. And while Elvis released about a million different records, again a lot of it wasn’t of his creation, nor did he do much of anything when it came to playing/creating his music.

    I’m not trying to crap on Elvis or Michael Jackson, because they’re both great in their own ways. There is no doubt about that. But there is not even close to a comparison when it comes to The Beatles in terms of musical talent. Comparing Presley and Jacksons musical talent to The Beatles is like comparing The Beatles dancing talent to Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Not comparable. Nor should it be.

    And it’s been well documented by pretty much every source out there that tries to “officially” cover these things that The Beatles are the highest selling artists of all time. So I’m not even getting in to that.

    So again to even make the comparison between the 3 in terms of musical talent is a bit of a waste of time. Michael Jackson/Elvis Presley were unquestionably brilliant performers/entertainers, and that went a LONG way in them being musically successful. The Beatles on the other hand did it all. They brought down the house while they were touring, and then the 2nd half of their career involved 0 concerts. And that part of their career only managed to produce some of, if not the greatest Rock albums of all time. They’ll live forever, period.

    The Beatles are going to end up being the highest selling musical artists by the end of this decade, they’re only slightly behind Eminem right now and once 9/9/09 passes, they’ll surely be #1. 40 years after they released a new album. I can assure Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley will not sniff being the top selling artist of the decade come 2050. They’re great, yes. But there will never be another Beatles. Ever.

  103. Bob says:

    There is an interesting and insightful article in The Wall Street Journal of 15 July 2009 regarding inflated sales figures for Michael Jackson and other recording artists. Just Google the following:

    Off-the-Wall Tallies of Jackson’s Sales –

    This article puts Michael Jackson’s world wide album sales at 200 million, second only to The Beatles.

  104. ambassador says:

    Why do you people keep on insisting to go by the RIAA & Soundscan.
    I know that it seems to be the only way to determine record sales by each artist.
    I would say this,RIAA clearly does not count the units pre 1958,So Elvis has no count figure prior to that when it comes to RIAA.
    RIAA DOES NOT count units sold or albums sold that do not meet their requirements,so those are being left out all together.
    I will admit that if you are only going to count the #’s that RIAA AND SOUNDSCAN put out there then you have a totally inaccurate count of total sales.
    I will also admit that there may be no way to ever prove how many record sales Elvis actually had,or has to date,because of no prior tracking to 1958,but if you could do the research to get a close # and add those to the partials that RIAA does not count as well and add that to the total they have,and add them 3 numbers together,then he is clearly ahead of anyone else .
    RIAA has actually admitted to RCA to that fact.
    RCA whom Elvis was with after the short stay with Sam Phillips @ Sun Records has been working with RIAA to see if they will implement changes to the way they calculate total sales by each artist.
    The music business is forever changing and trying to keep an exact account for all sales can be a chore as with it takes research and dedication and a lot of work to make an accurate world sales total.
    here is an example of what I am saying to put it in lamens terms Elvis in 1970 had the blue Christmas album that sold more than 20 million copies that is not counted,the first 13 months after his death,world wide explosion of sales are not counted for.RCA has claimed and can prove the records they were manufacturing for that time period in excess of putting out about 20,000 copies per week and even had to open more plants to keep up with the demand all of those sales are not accounted for.
    The way it works with RIAA the more sales you have the more partials you will have that are not counted do to not meeting the criteria in which they have set so therefore the more units you will have that are not counted ,SO in closing Elvis has more partials than anyone,So he stands to lose the most towards units not accounted for.
    If you could find a way to count every single unit sold world wide Elvis is clearly leading by an astonishing amount.
    If you want to debate who is the best Artist of all time that is debatable depending on who you like.
    For me Elvis wins in both cases.
    I am a huge Elvis fan,have been for 30 yrs and counting that will never change no matter what anyone says in here or anywhere else for that matter.
    Even if Elvis did not have the most sales by any Artist of all time, he would still be my favorite, and would brag till the cows came home about what he has given the music industry , and how he made people feel at his concerts and how he effected people in his time and the generations to come.
    At least his voice never failed him,but his gospel music puts a chill down my spine everytime I hear one played.

    Elvis clearly had a GOD given talent that he shared with all of us,even if you don’t favor him,that part you cannot ignore.

  105. Bob says:

    Hey Ambassador,

    As you cannot find a way to count every single unit sold world wide then you cannot say that Elvis is the biggest selling artist of all time. If you look at the charted positions of the Elvis albums that were released prior to 1958 (see my comments at comment # 82 above) then there were no massive sales during that period.

    Also the two albums that were released around the time of his death (Moody Blue on 7/23/1977 and Elvis in Concert on 10/29/1977 which peaked at #3 and #5 respectively on the Billboard charts) did not have massive sales.

    You can talk all you like about massive sales being not measured by RCA or the RIAA but the sales that were measured were not great – it is strange that the measurable album sales were few but the sales not measured were massive. As a statistician by profession I work with data/facts not supposition, rumour or guesswork. In the audited figures The Beatles have sold more records (albums and singles included) that any other recording artist. Sales that cannot be proven are just not valid and are not reliable. If you cannot trust Soundscan and the RIAA then you cannot trust any figures.

    Elvis may have more partials but that does not mean they are each .9 of a million. They may only be a few thousand – you should not make assumptions. As The Beatles have outsold Elvis by 27 million since 1991 (source: Soundscan) when each album sold is measurable, this is consistent with The Beatles outselling Elvis by 24 million in the previous years considering The Beatles gave Elvis many years and many millions start. The Beatles 1 album has sold 11 million plus albums in the US compared to 4 million plus for Elvis Number 1’s album – a considerable difference in the same market place for the same product. This is a potent indication of their current sales capacity.

    You may think Elvis is the best – you are entitled to your opinion. That is subjective and I am not entering that debate. When it comes to record sales that can be measured then The Beatles win easily.

  106. rcmsrw says:

    Nick, MTV came out in 1979. Thriller came out in 1982. I watched the premier of Thriller on MTV myself.

  107. ambassador says:


    The official site of RIAA HAS BOTH the Beatles and Elvis in the 1 billion+ sales in which they are the only 2 acts to reach that ,All I am saying is that Elvis has millions not accounted for including the 20 million from the Blue Christmas Album not accounted for according to RCA.
    So don’t sit thee and tell me they were of all small amounts on the partials,you haven’t looked them up or totaled them up have you?
    your words that they the Beatles have somewhere in the area of 20 something million or so ahead ,but ALL the Beatles Albums are accounted for where as Elvis’s are not.
    Like I said above that the RIAA Concluded with RCA that if the total sales where calculated in units sold and including the partials, thet at RIAA said Elvis would be clearly ahead of anyone else,thats they;re words according to the article not mine ,I just took them and added them to my post.
    I particulary don’t care what you do,or how much you think you know when it comes to all this, I don’t need your past credentials of working with data and so forth,that for all we know is your B,S line.
    It has no bearing on the article I was refering to.

    Are you going to tell me next that the article is false?
    It is RIAA and RCA trying to work together to give Elvis and others their real credit of total sales.
    If you think that it is false then you can no longer post in here about how RIAA has come to their conclusion of total sales for each artist without it being coming under some critizism of how they count and or their post of sales cause they may not be as accurate as you think.
    You cannot say that the article in which I got the info from is false and then on the other hand rely on what RIAA has for #’s,you can’t have it both ways.

    The point of my post was that RIAA admitted that if the sales were calculated to include all partials towards total sales and accounted for as many as they can Elvis would be clearly leading the industry and that’s all I was trying to say.
    I know they don’t count all his partials that’s pretty clear,but don’t sit there and say they were all minimal #’s, cause I highly doubt you have done your homework.

  108. Bob says:

    Hey Ambassoador,

    I didn’t say the partials were minimals. I said they MAY be. Just as I said you should not make assumptions about them being massive.

    Please tell me where and when the article appeared regarding the conclusion of the RIAA saying Elvis was the biggest seller. As the RIAA only measures sales in the US then I do not see how the RIAA says both The Beatles and Elvis have a billion+ sales. That is patently absurd – it may be a billion units as I mentioned in my comments at # 82 and # 101. To the best of my knowledge The Beatles have sold about 425 million albums world wide compared to about 200 milion for Elvis Presley.

    As a Led Zeppelin fan, considering they have sold 111 million albums in the US, I could say they have sold more albums world wide than Elvis. As I do not have any proof of that then I will refrain from making that claim. Most of your statements are just unverified claims.

    When I go on the RIAA website it shows The Beatles having US sales of 170 million albums compared to 119 million album sales for Elvis. Soundscan sales from 1991 show The Beatles have sold 57 million albums in the US compared to 30 million for Elvis – that is verified.

    I do not believe what record companies (EMI, RCA or any other company) have to say without werification. As RCA have not verified those sales for Elvis then I do not accept them. If RCA and the RIAA verify them, then I will gladly accept them.

  109. ambassador says:

    Here you go Bob, I know that this is not official but still a good read non the less.
    Led Zeppelin fan too, that’s cool.
    My take is that it is an ongoing issue,but given that,the numbers they use may not be 100% but then prob not far off the mark.
    We may never know the exact numbers,so it might always be a debate.
    here you go Bob.

  110. Bob says:

    Hey Ambassador,

    Yeah, I had already read that article/blog but the claims are again unsunstantiated. Basically all I am saying is that by audited sales The Beatles are the biggest selling artists of all time. Debate is healthy and worthwhile.

    An interesting study and article re popularity and fan demographics can be found at:

    Rapleaf Study: Popularity and fan demographics of Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Elvis and Madonna across social media.

    Also check out

    This site measures world wide listening trends and again The Beatles consistently dominate – especially in the US. In the US state by state listening trends are measured. Have a look.

  111. ambassador says:

    I agree Bob with all the verified stuff it just seems that some artist out and beyond Elvis ,that their total sales are not counted.
    It all comes down to RIAA criteria which in itself I will not dispute in any way,it just is not an accurate of total sales was my point.
    It would be interesting to find those totals for all the artist out there.
    I think maybe one day someone will find that out,but until then I will concede that the beatles according to RIAA are the leading artists,but I know if there was a way to calculate all the sales to the best of ones ability to a world wide total that it may very well be a little closer then it appears.
    I love the debates,its very interesting stuff.
    My view is very much to the listening part of these great artist and to keep listening to their timeless music,that in itself is universal.
    I am a huge ELVIS fan but really like all sorts of music ,groups, solo artist alike.
    Huge LED Zeppelin fan also,but being a drummer for almost 30 yrs ,I have a wide variety of love of music and the artist that come along and just take us by storm and really leave an imprint on our lives.
    Elvis,Beatles,LED Z, and others for the list is too long to mention.
    May their music live within us always.

    I will read those articles for sure my friend.
    Take care Bob and keep on listening to the music as I will.

  112. Bob says:

    Yes, just enjoy the great music!

  113. Tony Vogler says:

    Just remember all the great things some of you have said about the late.not so great wacko jacko,,2 million last week 2 million this week,1-10 on billboards charts,,there is no music business anymore,,this is the rush,ya know,,nobodys buying,,let alone a year from now,,or the twelve before that,,lol,,mabey some will learn from this,,its lonely at the top,,we love you up there ELVIS!!!!the rest are pretenders,,

  114. Tallie says:

    You know what, everyone can argue about stats and no one will ever get anywhere. Lets just focus on their talents. I really don’t care about the highest selling artist of all time I just KNOW in my HEART and its not that hard to know that Michael Jackson is not only the most talented in every way shape or form, but he is far superior by a LANDSLIDE.
    Lets Do it This Way

    Michael Jackson makes Elvis look like a crippled kid, and so do jackie wilson and James Brown for that matter.

    Singing Voice?
    I don’t even think Elvis would make the American Idol cut with the powerhouse voices of today. Michael Jackson FAR FAR FAR superior in this category.

    Writing Ability? Michael Jackson co wrote “Heal The World”, fueling the biggest charity donation EVER. so how powerful are those words?

    Vice Versa?
    Michael Jackson could have sung any Elvis Presley song flawlessly, or performed any stunt that Elvis did on stage. Elvis would seriously look stupid even attempting a song or a pitch to a song like “Don’t Stop Till’ You Get Enough”.

    Lets Pit an 8 year old Michael Jackson Vs. an 8 Year old Elvis Presley. Hahahahaha, I’m not even finishing this sentence lets get serious

    and The correct amount of Albums MJ has sold worldwide is 850 million if WE HAVE to bring it up…750 himself, and 100 Million with the Jackson 5 and I’m sorry but had Michael Jackson been Caucasian he Would have Sold 3 billion and we all know this. Music wouldn’t even be called music, it would be called Michael Jackson. But had Elvis been African American, No one would know who he was because of people like James Brown, Jackie Wilson, and I really can’t even name aaaaaaaaaall the people who would be considered before Elvis. If you ask me, I believe Elvis is a great artist, but MORE SO in the Chuck Berry Category.

    I don’t care what anyone says but if you honestly believe Elvis is better than MJ, its clearly because you grew up on him, and its just like rooting for your home team. Sure if your a Chicago Cubs fan you know they have been Terrible for a long time but you’d still defend them over a team like the Yankees if they’re your Favorite team. MJ is my favorite artist but I know how to look at things clearly and Unbiased, I’ve always had a music producer mentality, and know that EP wouldn’t hold a flame to MJ.

    If you take away all the MJ scandals he’d have never lost a step.

    I don’t think Elvis lost TOO many fans over the comment he supposedly made about Black people only being good for buying his album or shining his shoes(which I don’t believe I believe he was a good man)
    but I’m sorry, musically MJ is just SO MUCH BETTER.

    if Elvis was better, I’d say, Elvis was better, but he’s not.

    LOL and by the way, MJ owned the Beatles. Literally.

    and Paul Mccartney and MJ did a duet. Paul Mccartney is good on the song, but MJ once again, is in a DIFFERENT BALL PARK.


    When’s the last time you heard a 9 year old say he wants to be like Elvis?

    But on YouTube they have 3 year olds dancing to Thriller, as well as Senior Citizens!

    even the Beatles have a little Kid singin Hey Jude which I’m sure we have all seen at some point.








    All the “good” Elvis Impersonators are far inferior to the “decent” MJ impersonators. re read that sentence.

  115. Muffy says:

    MJ was untouchable! He had the most diverse fanbase history! (That’s a freakin’ fact!) Elvis sold 200/300 million not a billion. TB also did not sell a billion records. Artists from all genres copy MJ.

  116. ambassador says:


    The only thing you said that is worth replying to is your statement that Elvis said blacks were only good enough to buy his albums, & shine his shoe.
    That statement was debunked a long time ago,and there is no truth to it in any way shape or form.

    The rest of your post is not only ignorant and obsurd,but it is your opinion and you are entitled to it,as ,so am I saying that your post is your post and glad it wasn’t mine.

    Hey BOB , Wanna chime in on this one?.lol

  117. Bob says:

    Hey Ambassador,

    It is not worth commenting on. Michael Jackson has sold far fewer albums in the US than The Beatles or Elvis. The numbers are 61.5 for Michael (prior to his death), 170 million for The Beatles and 119 million for Elvis, and these figures are probably similar in proportion on a world wide basis but much more difficult to verify.

    Who was better is purely subjective and a matter of opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion. To my knowledge there is no evidence to suggest Elvis was racist. Coming from a dirt poor background would indicate he had much in common with many African Americans.

    I am happy to discuss facts and figures.

  118. ambassador says:

    Hey Bob
    Its all good,facts and figures are interesting for sure.
    Personal opinion is subjective as you say,and would agree with your analogy of Elvis coming from a poor background,and that being said,Elvis knew his roots and would never throw people as a whole or a nationality under the bus.
    The other thing I like about music, is the stories that are behind them as in certain songs or how bands came about,as well as the real story behind the music,there is a lot of interesting things to read and to talk about.
    chat at ya later Bob.

  119. rcmsrw says:

    Come on. MJ was a song and dance man. The best? maybe. I will give you that. But you cannot compare him with Elvis or the beatles in terms of:
    Cultural influence. Both Elvis and the Beatles CHANGED THE WORLD. MJ was the biggest artist in the MTV generation. That’s it.
    Song writing. You name 1 song? No one has come close to the Beatles library in the 20th century. No one. MJ is not even in the top 10 of the Rock era.
    Singing? Your trying to say MJ had a better voice than Elvis? LOL.
    No, sorry. MJ was a song and dance man. That’s it.

  120. Tracy says:

    John Lennon death was certainly well mourned some say as much as Elvis Presley. Michael Jackson I think is or was better than Elvis but the Beatles destroyed Michael Jackson in terms of music and innovation. The Beatles were songwriters/musicians. They were not dancers they played and sang at the same time. They did not need to dance to sell well over one billion records. I can’t see Michael Jackson coming up with something as complex as “A Day in the Life” or the melody of “Yesterday. Michael Jackson has no influence what so ever in rock music or anything remotely experimental in music.

    The Beatles, musically, The Beatles always pushed forwards, from spending days locked up in the studio experimenting (with EMI happy to indulge their indulgence) and incorporating chance determinism into their records. This produced of the first commercial uses of feedback on ‘I Feel Fine’ in 1964 as well as countless other instances where they just wanted to do something different. Around their mid-sixties creative burst they also deployed backwards recordings, tape loops, vari-speed recording, synchronised tape machines, sampling, and direct injection. All these are now common practices in pop music in which the Beatles help popularize. Oh I Forgot the the music video.

    Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums

    . Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles
    2. Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys

    3. Revolver, The Beatles

    4. Highway 61 Revisited, Bob Dylan

    5. Rubber Soul, The Beatles

    6. What’s Going On, Marvin Gaye

    7. Exile on Main Street, The Rolling Stones

    8. London Calling, The Clash

    9. Blonde on Blonde, Bob Dylan

    10. The Beatles (”The White Album”), The Beatles

    11. The Sun Sessions, Elvis Presley

    12. Kind of Blue, Miles Davis

    13. Velvet Underground and Nico, The Velvet Underground

    14. Abbey Road, The Beatles

    15. Are You Experienced?, The Jimi Hendrix Experience

    16. Blood on the Tracks, Bob Dylan

    17. Nevermind, Nirvana

    18. Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen

    19. Astral Weeks, Van Morrison

    20. Thriller, Michael Jackson

  121. Bob says:


    I could not agree more.

  122. martin says:

    Tracy ur on drugs girl, no Michael influnced nothing expiremental! No he only made the music video what it is today, combined music and broadway styles together, he was the first black performer to merge rock, disco and pop together, in fact you listen to any MJ album and it contains more styles of music than most beatle albums. And that takes no expirementaion does it not? Lol some of you folks are out of ur mind. lol Every second act in todays music world is heavely influenced by Michael Jackson. Even people who are not song or dance people, take Chris martin from cold play for instance.

    Like him or not he is the influence of our time maybe of all time, through his break through in pop culture black music and black performers have more popularity than ever before, he changed the landscape of entertainment.

    Im not knocking Elvis or the fab four, but in the fifties and 60s it was easier to market white performers as the biggest in the world. But black performers though still great did not get this honour. MJ changed all that, he matched the other white stars and realesed a lot less albums.

    Some of you say MTV made mj, but… its awesome that a black music star got on that station in the firts place, it was the first time ever! And it was a rock station strictly back then. So tracey dear I think ur missing something if you think he had no influence in rock, when he was played on a rock channal.

    Face facts he has done things in his life time that nobody before or since did! So wake up to reality ! All you have to do is look around you to see his massive influence I rest my case!

  123. MJ GOD says:

    Thriller has sold over 150 million records!!!

  124. rcmsrw says:

    Martin, obviously your comments are your opinion. As has been said, MTV made MJ. He was the biggest, and it was a break through when they played him in the first place. Once that happened and Thriller came out, it was all over. He shot to the top as he should have, and ruled for 10 years. He was the biggest. I will give you that. But, if you consult people in the know, musicians, historians, music critics, you’ll find the following. Elvis and the Beatles changed the world. Time magazine had the Beatles at #2 of the biggest impact on society in the 20th century.
    And quality. Critics and musicians do not rank MJs music that high. After Thriller you can’t find one of his albums that ranks anywhere near the best for the last 50 years. Where the Beatles are ALWAYS ranked #1. We know Elvis never created music so he isn’t even in the argument. He just sang period.

  125. MJ GOD says:

    Thriller blows anything by the Dung Beatles out of the water!!!!!! It is the greatest cultural event ever!! Elvis and the Beatles were just culture theives who stole from the Blacks. Elvis stole from the Blacks and white guys like the Beatles then stole from Elvis.

  126. rcmsrw says:

    MJ GOD
    LOL. Statements like yours make it clear you have no credibility in this argument.

  127. Tony Vogler says:

    james brown called Elvis his brother,and went to Graceland when e died,he was the only person left alone with Elvis to pray,elvis once asked an aid to invite brown to sit up front with him at a Vegas show,,when brown came up,presley said nobody puts James brown in the back of the building,,when jackie wilson,,who was called,the black elvis,,met Elvis in an elevator at a ballgame,elvis said,it was about time the white Elvis presley met the black elvis,,after wilsons stroke,elvis paid some of the hospital bills,,I figure tallie is young,and does”nt know any better! but Jackson was ate up with KING ELVIS! never gave him any credit,but stole,and ripped him off,,not a class act,ask Paul mcartney,,,It would have been better for Michael if his doctor had put him to sleep 15 yrs ago,,no one would have known,,,where were these “fans” the last dozen years? and with last weeks Jackson falling off the charts,,I guess they all went back home,,,so you ask a small child? you want to grow up and be Michael Jackson???? ask a man? when he gets all dressed up,,are you trying to be Michael Jackson? ask an old man,when he”s about done,,,you want to be remembered like Michael Jackson??? on your best day,and you pull off something legendary cool,,do you say,yeah man ,,just like Michael Jackson,,,,respect,honor,and rank,are earned!! not given away,or made up,,32 yrs ago a king died,,,he was never forgotten,,,in 8 weeks Jackson is all but forgotten,,buried in a public cemetary,still in debt,,in death,,,,one of the biggest jokes,,ever!

  128. ambassador says:

    Well Tony you and I would agree on most things about Elvis,and I do agree with your post.
    Could not agree more with people knowing him just by his first name.
    If you say Elvis in conversation in public they assume you are talking Elvis Presley, Have actually had people say his last name as they walk by,
    They don’t say Costello, or Stoyko for you Canadian people.
    Elvis is just a famous as Santa clause, someone once said.
    The Beatles,are prob the best band ever,Elvis is the best solo artist ever to walk this earth.
    There won’t be another like him in my lifetime,nor yours,We should be thankful we lived in a time where we witnessed Elvis and the Beatles.

  129. Tony Vogler says:

    Thank you ambassador, that’s what I needed!! I met Elvis in 1976,and his father in 1978,,I am so lucky to have met my hero,,and him and his dad like me in return,,I did know from very early one ,elvis was a real deal,the greatest at something,,and they do not come around every lifetime,,,something I thought of,,for the last 20 years,so many movies mention elvis,,in some way,always respectfully,,and most TV series have,,,hundreds,,,but for the last dozen years or more,,,jackson is mentioned,or shown as a freak,or bad joke,my favorite is,scary movie,or south park,,lol,,,it is what it is! my daughter is 9,and her name is presley,,a few years back ,I was carrying her from graceland, across the street where I was parked,,it was late,and we were all tired,,she was just laughing,and talking over my shoulder,,I asked her who she was talking too,,and she said,,”elsie gone,,,horsie gone” the hair stood up on the back of my neck!! she did”nt see any horses,they were all put up,and she did”nt even know he had them,,I think Elvis rode sun,following us a lil that night,saying goodbye to his lil visitor,with his name,We always feel when were at his home in memphis,that he”s close,,He came from another time,and it made him what he was,,A symbol of americia,to the rest of the world,the American dream,many an American president has said,they wish they had what Elvis had,,there were 44 presidents,but only one KING! al quada said if you shave your face like your Elvis presley you should all die,,,when the united states crossed the dessert,they blasted ,,elvis 2001 intro,,the Americans are coming,,when they cought saddam in that hole,,the called in,,”we have elvis”,,well enough on my end,,thank you all for listening!

  130. ambassador says:

    Awesome story Tony.
    I have a lot of books on Elvis and one of them told of this account of when Jimmy page and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin met Elvis and John commented on Elvis’s watch and so Elvis said lets trade,john was wearing a mickey mouse watch.
    Elvis was a very genuine person who gave of himself all the time to others.
    He even served his country,and that is something to uphold for sure.
    Tomorrow will be 32 yrs since that infamous day, and it feels like yesterday.
    I remember it so well and its still just as vivid in my mind as it was then.
    Never got the chance to meet him,but I can imagine how interesting it might have been.
    Elvis ,you are still very much missed,and the memories are still very much alive, and your legacy lives on.

  131. tony says:

    I work for BMI my job is to track all songs played on radio and record all sells of any recording artist.ELVIS has sold more records then any other recording 1.4 billion sold and at a selling rate of 50 million a year he will maintain a lead which no one will surpass.he has made more money on royalties than beatles and Michael Jackson combined.

  132. Juraj says:

    Just listen to the Beatles song “She is leaving home” carefully and no one of you will ever doubt who was the greatest of the greatest.:)

  133. rcmsrw says:

    Tony. No way is what you’re saying true. No other authority agrees with you. Nice try though. 50 million a year? LOL

  134. Juraj says:

    Tony. All official records are saying that the BEatles are number one and Elvis number two. Michales J. is far from these two!

  135. Bob says:


    Juraj is right. All independent organisations (RIAA, Soundscan, IFPI, Guinness etc) say The Beatles are the biggest selling artists of all time. Only BMI/RCA say it is Elvis, and they have a vested interest.

    Tell me, where is Elvis selling 50 million records a year? In the US (the biggest market in the world) Elvis sells 1-1.5 million albums a year. Since 1991 Elvis has sold 31.2 million albums in the US, compared to 57.6 million for The Beatles.

  136. Nathan says:

    Elvis is definetley #1, with the beatles at a close 2nd, I don’t give 2 sh**s about Michael Jackson, I’m only 19 but I love the classics, heres my top 10 favorite artists:
    1. Elvis Presley
    2. The Beatles
    3. Roy Orbison
    4. Elton John
    5. Johnny Cash
    6. John Denver
    7. Gordon Lightfoot
    8. Meatloaf
    9. Queen
    10. Weird Al Yankovic

  137. Bob says:

    Hey Nathan,

    The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry published its updated list of the 150 highest selling artists ever.

    01. The Beatles 400,000,000
    02. Michael Jackson 350,000,000
    03. Elvis Presley 300,000,000
    04. Madonna 275,000,000
    05. Nana Mouskouri 250,000,000

    So, according to the IFPI, The Beatles are #1.

  138. Lucy, says:

    The beatles are the best band/album sellers ever. Elvis is good, but the Beatles music will live on forever. Can you say “The Beatles Rock Band”?
    And MJ? Doesn’t need to be compared to either or.
    1-The Beatles.
    2-Bob Dylan.
    3-Elvis Presley.
    4-Elton John.
    5-The Rolling Stones.

  139. Juraj says:

    When talking about the bands we cannot only consider the sale. You have to realize that Elvis did not compose nor aranged his songs, while Beatles did. Therefore, these two artists cannot be compared! These are two different approaches to the art. For this reason Beatles will always be considered as the most talented and genial artists ever.

  140. jebbidia says:


  141. Tony Vogler says:

    Its sad that RIAA does such a lazy job keeping up with the sales of inactive artist,,,no chance to chart,,as they label it,,but they do from time to time catch up a lil,,,elvis presley has been the pain in their side with request to bring his sales up to date,,he has so many albums and singles,,and other than to just settle arguments like this one,there is nothing in it for them really,,the few times they have went back since presleys death,,its more than they thought,,and they just do enough to put Elvis ahead of everyone else,but even then they don’t complete the job,,but each time they have ,,,They said without question,Elvis is the biggest selling recording artist of all time,they even gave him the award,in the racket room at graceland,well used to be,,they ran out of room for all the gold and platnum,,hey how come you never hear of anyone else with that problem?? Elvis once told the beatles”you guys are the band,,,,,,Im the SHOW!!!”” and how true,, but I do like my beatles,greatest band of all time,,,sad nobody mentions the freak,,and they just buried it today,,next to walt Disney and Larry of the three stooges,,sounds too good to be true,,always good for a laugh,,,Always Tony

  142. KB50MJ says:

    Please there is no way Elvis has outsold Michael Jackson.

    So what Elvis is still being talked about 32 years after his passing; Jack the Ripper is still being talked about. Vanilla Ice is still being talked about. Hell, Tiny Tim is still being talked about. That doesn’t make him thee benchmark, which all others are measured. For any to speak of Mike and Elvis in the same sentence must imply Mike is ATLEAST elvis’ equal, because I have personally not known whites to concede anything to blacks. If it was apparent mike wasn’t that “large” he wouldn’t even be uttered at all, yet alone compared to the great white hype known as Elvis Aryan pressley.

    Whites can’t stand the idea of any non-white achieving anything such as these walking contradictions like Mike and Obama. It has them question their position in life. Like a bad logic string; they can not compute it. Any accomplishment a black person makes constantly has to be scrutinized, questioned, dissected, discredited, or dismissed. There is no pleasing them. The violator must be diminished. After Thriller, Michael even stated since he began outselling the beatles and Elvis, he’s been harshly criticized.

    I see over and over the myth of Elvis and the beatles selling a billion records. Both claims are obscene & can easily be debunked without much thought. In the 80’s Guinness book of world records declared Michael Jackson is the 1st American artist to have sold 100 million records outside of the US. This would mean Elvis sold upwards of 900 million within the US. This is easily refuted because the RIAA has Elvis only certified for just over 119 million for 85% of his catalog.

    Elvis’ largest selling album of his entire career was the 1’s CD that was released just after the Beatles released their 1’s CD. At the time Elvis’ sold 8 million, it is now sitting at 13million worldwide. This is the artist who is supposedly larger than Michael. Mike’s lowest selling album was Invincible but that had little to no promotion; 1 video, 3 singles and no tour; it still sold 8 million then and sitting at 12 million now.

    All of those number 1’s of elvis’ should have sold themselves considering he was so “huge”. Again that was his largest selling album. It would appear those 1’s only resonated with fans at the time of their release. Look at the beatle’s 1’s that sold like a bat out of hell, why couldn’t Elvis do the same?

    Furthermore if Elvis has sold a billion records, then his estate must be worth BILLIONS of dollars? If NOT then what kind of screwed up royalty rate he got stuck with? Even after his estate was taken over by his wife and daughter, wouldn’t it be much more than that considering they would have hired better handlers? I mean come on. This insistence of projecting white supremacy on to elvis’ legacy is typical American white behavior. Downplay blacks, uplift mediocre whites. To many of them Larry Bird is the best NBA player ever, Rocky is the best boxer ever, and they’re still looking for Obama’s birth certificate.

  143. gtlefty28 says:

    God I hate it when people play the f’n race card. Look, Elvis was the greatest. For everyone who says that EP will not be known in a couple of years is obviously not a smart person. I’m only 23 and I still listen to Elvis, as well as the Beatles and MJ.

    All the artists were awesome, but to say that MJ is the greatest ARTIST of all time, is rediculous. for anyone to question that MJ can compare to EP obviously has no idea about what Elvis did. He not only sung rock and roll but gospil, r&b, and country, whereas Michael sung what? pop and r&b?

    as for the whole RIAA thing, lets remember that it wasn’t nere as accurate as it was in MJ’s era. Like all the other peopl have been saying, anything that MJ has done could not have been accomplished if it werent for Elvis. Elvis BROUGHT r&b to main stream america, so the race card can’t really play very well here! And of course Elvis had inspuration. He drew from many artists of different qenres.

    For people who say that Michael Jackson is the most inspirational singer of all time is just crazy talk. He is the most inspirational singer for current r&b, pop, rap, and hip hop artists, ill give ya that, but you can’t sit there and tell me he is an ispiration to current country singers or Rock and roll singers?? please…

  144. gtlefty28 says:

    I will admit that MJ does have the most bad ass songs though….

  145. WayDown says:

    I live in Asia and believe me, Elvis is considered as a God. Beatles are respected but don’t have anymore a real success.

    I’m 30 years old and Elvis have millions of young fans outside America. We specially appreciate him in 70’s because of his extraordinary voice.

    My rate :
    1) The King for his God given voice (only in 70’s)
    2) Beatles (excellent musicians but must NEVER sing)
    3) What the hell MJ’s doing here? We are talking about legends!

  146. Jean says:

    There’s a funny guy who have posted the site « » to measure world wide listening trends. I can’t understand people! Really can you trust this site? Take a look to countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and the music they are listening ! I didn’t know that Mariah Carey was the most listened artist in Afghanistan with her sexy look :o)

    Don’t ever propose a stupid sites anymore! Or verify before sending garbage links !

    I live in France and listen to the radio everyday and I can really tell you that Beatles can not be #8. That’s just impossible! I must wait an entire week to here to a Beatles song on the radio (any station).

    Don’t send garbage links anymore!

  147. adrian says:

    Looks like the Beatles are gonna sell another billion records, with the Remasters.The power of the Beatles can anyone ever match them?

  148. adrian says:

    Sorry Elvis ,cant respect someone who never wrote his own songs…. it was cover versions all the way for ELVIS…. So who do you really give the credits to,the men behind the songs………………

  149. amber says:

    obviously its always going to be a matter of opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinions, so it doesn’t really matter who you people say is the best. CLEARLY all active artists today from my generation are little copies of Michael Jackson. this includes the new artists in pop,rock,soul,r&b,dance,metal whatever type of music. michael’s music has always been about helping others,saving the children and so on. he always spread the message of love and unity among all. I personally believe that the reason why most people will comment, on whatever tupe of site, and say that Michael has the lowest sales is just simply due to their personal opinions of him. with all that the media has put out about him, the crap he had to go thru, all the stupid tabloid stories, I honestly understand why people would say hes weird or crazy, but that’s just your opinion! Michael Jackson did so much for this world in such a short amount of time its insane. he did this with the power of music and videos. he was a humanitarian,a philanthropist, and all that good stuff. maybe because he was black, Americans especially, couldn’t deal with his level of fame, but I guess y’all would say that’s playing the race card, well white people play the race card too. every since barack got into office, white people have been saying hes only there because hes black!( now how ironic does that sound lol)anyway I think dick clark said it best, Elvis had the 50s, the beatles had the 60s, and sweet Michael had the 80s(and then the 90s) lol whats weird to me is how you people keep changing michaels numbers. the same people keep posting stuff, one minute Michael sold 750 mil, then the next its just 60! it really doesn’t matter because in the next couple of years we will all see where this crazy world ends up, and who is standing alone above them all. I believe that Elvis is an American icon, who is greatly missed. the beatles ,clearly are icons, and are loved,especially John lol but Michael is a universal icon, whose songs broke language barriers, just the first 5 seconds of one his songs would bring people who hated each other,hand in hand. he is a global icon who had and always will have a profound affect on our crazy world. so just because some few people have posted a couple of long comments filled with ridiculous numbers about Elvis and the beatles and whoever, there’s only one that can bring people together because its not about just black and white,but its about everybody, every ethnicity,race, religion etc. people keep talking about how Elvis united blacks and whites, but those aren’t the only 2 groups of people that exist in this world. everyone knows how as soon as Elvis died people basically made him a god. there’s Elvis impersonators, folks say he isn’t dead, it goes on and on. well guess what?? its the same situation with michael, but this time its different and its bigger. all the technolgy and media, and news and tv, especially the internet wasn’t around during elvis’s career, nor at the time of his death, so at this point there’s more ways to give attention to michael, that Elvis couldn’t have possibly gotten when he died, because certain things just werent around back then, that’s all. I am not about to sit here and post small-minded comments about who sold more, and who sold less, because just like some of you have said, some of the numbers have never been accurately counted, so whats the point? I’ve observed that most people on here are just very opinionated really, but nothing more. so it doesn’t bother me that much if someone doubts Michael Jackson. like I said before its just your opinion. maybe some who were alive during his Jackson 5 days, didn’t grow up listening to him even then. I saw one person comment saying the osmonds were much better lol again an opinion. we were all raised differently, that comment may just mean that you didn’t listen to Motown or any other black music for that matter. high sales or low sales,the fact that they could or could not be true, doesn’t help the situation at all. I’ve always grown up with Michael Jacksons music playing in the backgound. I’m from memphis and trust me there is pretty much all stuff about Elvis on every street corner literally, but I never cared. in fact many people in my hometown could care less about Elvis just like some of you could care less about Michael. I think people need to realize that just because they feel a certain way, doesn’t mean every other person on the planet agrees with them. some refer to Elvis as the king, some dont. if the beatles outsold Elvis and Michael why don’t they have a title king or kings of something. that’s an example of how sales and numbers fade, they can go up and down, record companies, magazine articles, or the ricaa or whatever y’all called it can make up things just because they know no one is gonna disagree with them. but a billion, million or whatever is not gonna change how people have always felt about Michael. that’s why we see what we see when we watch the news. its because people are seeing the fact that they took him for granted, and its a strange feeling of remorse and regret. Michael Jackson is many things. I really feel like its hard to describe him because on a personal level, he really did mean so much to me and my family. whats more important is what he meant to this world, and that type of true love and admiration is not gonna just up and go away tomorrow. for those who called Michael Jackson a “song and dance man”,well wouldn’t Elvis be the same thing? he just danced and sang. from what I’ve read on here, most of you can agree that he never even wrote his own material, Michael did. Elvis swayed his hips and brought sexuality to a conservative, hypocritical nation that said he should be censored, Michael was an entertainer that made short films, who dared to be different, brought dreams and fantasies to life with every concert, costume, etc. from the glove, to the shoes, to the hat. his impact on planet earth is indescriable. it does kind of sting in a way when I hear someone disrespecting his name, but that’s the world we live in. someone so gentle and kind, who spoke of nothing but love and peace was treated so harshly. if anything the main reason why people doubt him is just because of the mythical stories that are just fabrications from the media, Michael himself, is known as a genious,the greatest entertainer that has ever lived, he is the one that’s undisputed ,in regards to him being called a king,his life may have confused people at times, but he has always held his title, his status throughout our ever changing pop culture, as a true world phenomenon. I’m glad I’ve always supported him.

  150. amber says:

    I live in Asia and believe me, Elvis is considered as a God. Beatles are respected but don’t have anymore a real success.

    I’m 30 years old and Elvis have millions of young fans outside America. We specially appreciate him in 70’s because of his extraordinary voice.

    My rate :
    1) The King for his God given voice (only in 70’s)
    2) Beatles (excellent musicians but must NEVER sing)
    3) What the hell MJ’s doing here? We are talking about legends!

    you know what you are absoloutley right. what the hell is Michael doing here, because y’all are talking about legends, and Michael is clearly above that :-)

  151. amber says:

    to end all of this for me, the last thing I want to say is that I wish for Michael Jackson to rest in paradise, you are the king and your memory and music and entertainment is about to take over, yet another generation as it did mine, thanks for all the love and happiness.

  152. Jean says:

    “Sorry Elvis ,cant respect someone who never wrote his own songs”

    Pavarotti has never wrote songs! You don’t respect Pavarotti?

    Stupid ass!

  153. rcmsrw says:

    I’m sure you’ve all seen that the Beatles have just put out their remastered material. They currently have 15 of the top 20 on Billboards 500. But this just isn’t a flash as it was when MJ died. If they sell 3.5 million and experts think they will by Christmas they will be the biggest selling artists of that last 10 years. THIS IS NOW, NOT FROM 30-40 YEARS AGO. THE TOP SELLING ARTISTS OF THE LAST 10 YEARS. RIGHT NOW THEY ARE 29 MILLION AND COUNTING. JUST FROM 2000 UNTIL NOW. WHERE IS ELVIS? DON’T KNOW HE WASN’T IN THE TOP 20. WHERE WAS MJ? DON’T KNOW WASN’T IN THE TOP 20. SO LETS STOP THE NONSENSE. BEATLES HAVE SOLD THE MOST AND CONTINUE TO SELL THE MOST. OH AND BY THE WAY, THEY’RE THE BEST TOO.

  154. amber says:

    maybe what would help is if y’all reseached Michael Jackson and his actual work and career instead of going on personal feelings about him. All you’re doing is thinking about tabloids and bad pictures of him but you’re denying the TRUTH! you’re actually flat out LYING! The beatles are not about to be the biggest selling artists of no last ten years, you can just stop all that, it was funny at first, but now you sound mentally insane. really?? just really?? I’m dumbfounded, trying to understand how the beatles are supposed to be the biggest selling artists of the last ten years, where is that written? where has it been announced? I really want to know so I can go read all of this info, for myself, cause this he said she said is some bull! last time I checked it was Michael who held some of the higher spots on the billboard charts because of his very recent death! Hell, he is now the biggest selling artist of 2009, beating out poor Taylor Swift, because of people around the world’s sadness due to the whole death situation.i honestly want to know what so called experts are putting this information out, I just need to know. someone is printing out the same numbers for both artists or something. maybe as far as groups are concerned no one can touch the beatles, I actually think that’s been proven. their cultural impact is evident. but they don’t sell the most not today, not in 2009, not in my generation, NO! Michael has broken every record possible, whether YOU heard about it or not, you need to educate yourself for real. like I said PLEASE RESEARCH! ASK QUESTIONS, TRAVEL, DO SOMETHING! cause all you’re proving to be is a liar. I don’t mean to be mean, but I just know what I’m talking about cause I check my sources before I type some randon mess. clearly I’m a Michael Jackson fan, and no this didn’t just come about because he just died in june, but it does make it harder to swallow this bull about the beatles. I don’t even dislike the beatles, but I also understand that when it comes to giving credit where credit is due, then it all goes to Michael. seriously he’s won more awards than any other artist, performer, singer,dancer, whatever. I mean he just did it all, I’m tired of some people out there, trying as hard as they possibly can, to say that he didnt. No rock music video game is going to be enough to put the beatles ahead of him, just because you sitting at home playing it, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. When people look back through history, time, and entertainment, there are only TWO KINGS.

  155. amber says:

    Michael Jackson was the biggest artist in the MTV generation, but he was so much more. you say Elvis and the beatles changed the world, WHAT DO YOU THINK MICHAEL DID? WHY DO YOU THINK THE WORLD REACTED THE WAY THEY DID, WHEN IT FIRST HIT THAT HE DIED? HE WAS NOT JUST SOME RANDOM SINGER WITH ONE HIT, the man is the king of pop, just like Elvis is the king of rock. he changed radio formats, he ushered in a new era of videos as an art form, he is in the guiness book of world records not only for being the most successful entertainer of all time, but for being the most charitable entertainer ever, giving more than 300 million to some charities. like I said Elvis is given way more more credit in America versus the fact that Michael is given more credit all over the world! what can rival that; certainly not a few personal opinions, versus THE ENTIRE WORLD! oh my god, RESEARCH MICHAEL JACKSON, THE KING OF POP, TRAVEL, ASK QUESTIONS, READ A BOOK, STOP HATING AND OPEN UP YOUR EYES AND REALIZE THE TRUTH! its pointless to argue this, because michael’s legacy and greatness were determined during his lifetime, so I don’t even know why I’m getting heated, I feel dumb really. this world knows Michael is the greatest entertainer, hell they bought all of his work lol I just wish that most of you would get an education, cause all you have to do is research that’s it, nothing more than go read up on his stats, that’s all it takes. and while you saying the beatles are the best too, please. MICHAEL JACKSON IS THE BEST THIS WORLD HAS EVER SEEN AND YOU JUST SAD AND MISINFORMED ABOUT THE TRUTH, WHILE THE REST OF THIS WORLD HAS ALREADY TOLD YOU WHO THE BEST IS, I HAVE LOVED MICHAEL ALL MY LIFE NOT SINCE HE JUST DIED! BUT I’M THROUGH WITH THIS SITE CAUSE ITS EXHAUSTING, YALL CAN JUST KISS MY ASS(THROUGH THE COMPUTER SCREEN LOL) AND KISS MICHAEL’S DEAD ASS TOO! IN THE WORDS OF MY OTHER FAVORTIE SINGER LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!!!!!! MICHAEL JACKSON(1958-FOREVER)

  156. Jean says:

    “rcmsrw”, I respect the Beatles as huge musicians (NOT singers, God knows that The Beatles can’t sing), and it hurts me to see a stupid fan like you. Really!

    For MJ fans, please leave this forum. We are comparing two legends! The biggest musicians and the biggest singer. Go on other forums where people are talking about Madonna, Prince, U2, …

    “Elvis was a legend only in America” ! The most stupid thing I have ever heard in my life! I lived several years in Asia and Europe, and travelled to America too. I’m 30 years old and millions like me are Elvis fans in the whole entire world. He is known and respected even in tiny villages in Asia or Europe. People call him “Elvis The KING”.

  157. Juraj says:


    Please listen to the Beatles album Abbey Road, mainly to the song called “Because”. Then tell me again these people could not sing. It is nonsense. Or maybe listen to the Paul song “Oh Darling” then tell mi they could not sing. it is nonsense

  158. rcmsrw says:

    amber, it is Billboard magazine that says the beatles have sold more albums in the last 10 years than anybody. Billboard. Not some fly by night outfit. As they say you can look it up.
    Sorry Jean Elvis could sing, but that’s it. The Beatles CREATED the best music in the Rock era. Don’t take my word as a stupid fan. look at any repected publication, critic etc. They CREATED the best music. Hands down. I do agree with you though that the only argument is between Elvis and the Beatles. MJ is in the 2nd tier for sute.

  159. rcmsrw says:

    amber. First of all it’s Billboard magazine that says the beatles will be the biggest selling artists in the last 10 years. You can look it up. No ones lying. Billboard magazine. And your argument about MJ changing the world? Come on. When he put out Thriller MTV was already on board. I know, I was there. he simply became the biggest artist during MTVs big days. he didn’t change culture like Elvis and The Beatles did. These guys changed a generation in how they dressed, talked lived. MJ sold a lot of music and had the biggest videos. That’s it. Time magazine puts the Beatles as the number #1 cutural influence of the 20th century for crying out loud.
    Jean, who’s dumb. You obviously never heard the Beatles harmonize on Abbey Road. Or Johns voice on A Day in the Life. The Beatles had great voices, harmonized as well as anybody. Johns one of the best rock and roll singers ever. Elvis had the best voice, I won’t argue but come on his talent stopped there. He never Created anything as close to what the Beatles did. If you get the opinion of any serious critic or music publication they say the Beatles CREATED the best music of the rock era. By far.

  160. Juraj says:

    People stop the discussion. Below you can find the official numbers:

    1. Beatles

    2. Elvis

    3. Michael Jackson

    Artist Country of origin Period active Genre Total certified sales
    (From available markets) [Notes] Claimed sales
    The Beatles United Kingdom 1960—1970 Pop, rock US: 211 million[1]
    UK: 7.6 million[2]
    GER: 7.2 million[3]
    FRA: 3 million[4]
    BRA: 500,000[5]
    CAN: 12.5 million[6]
    AUS: 917,500[7]
    SWE 370,000[8]
    ARG: 1 million[9]
    SWI: 350,000[10]
    AUT: 400,000[11]
    Total available certified sales: 244 million 1 billion[12]
    600 million[13][14]
    Elvis Presley United States 1954-1977 Rock and roll, pop US: 174 million[15]
    UK: 4.8 million[2]
    GER: 1.5 million [3]
    FRA: 2.4 million[4]
    CAN: 2.7 million[16]
    AUS: 1 million [7]
    NLD: 440,000 [17]
    Total available certified sales: 186 million 1 billion[18]
    300 million[19]
    Michael Jackson United States 1964–2009 Pop, rock, R&B US: 77 million [20]
    UK: 21.4 million[2]
    GER: 10.3 million[3]
    FRA: 5.4 million[4][21]
    CAN: 4.5 million[22]
    AUS: 5.4 million[7]
    NLD: 1.5 million [17]
    SWE: 660,000 [8]
    SWI: 900,000[10]
    AUT: 885,000[11]
    Total available certified sales: 128 million 750 million[23]
    350 million[24]
    300 million[25

  161. Jean says:

    “Elvis had the best voice, I won’t argue but come on his talent stopped there. He never Created anything as close to what the Beatles did. If you get the opinion of any serious critic or music publication they say the Beatles CREATED the best music of the rock era. By far.”

    Bravo “rcmsrw”, very good conclusion. Sorry for the word “stupid”, I wasn’t in a good day :o)

    I’m an Elvis fan (only 70’s) and I agree with you that Elvis created NOTHING. Elvis had a God given voice to SING. People will say that he has created a new style, look, fashion, helped black artists to be famous (Little Richard argued: “He was an integrator, Elvis was a blessing. They wouldn’t let black music through. He opened the door for black music.”)… Ok for all these points, but if we want to talk about music, he created NOTHING. I love Elvis ONLY for his voice. He had very good musicians with him who worked to him. Elvis was a God on live concerts. He had a presence and a voice that no other artist can even approach to his level. This guy could sing opera in the middle of 70’s (I’m a classical singer)! And other point for Elvis, this guy could sing anything. Gospel, rock, country, pop, classical, slows, tango, blues… This is extremely rare ! Believe me !!!

    Now your opinion on Beatles is right too. Before Beatles, there was nothing (that’s me not John :o) )! Beatles introduced to the pop/rock music a complicated harmony, a complicated chords (that was only 3 chords with Elvis in the 50’s!), polyphony (Michael doesn’t know the meaning of this word and some people are considering him as a singer/musician!), a rich instrumental, some non classified songs (try to classify the song “strawberry fields”, in which category you can put it!). In one word, they were really great musicians. But I will say again that the Beatles could not sing :o) Fortunately Paul had the minimum required to help the band because they could not count on John! Strange guy this John! “Before Elvis there was nothing”!!! Stupid ass! I don’t agree with him, or may be if he wanted to say “Before Elvis there was no clowns”. Really, Elvis in 50’s proved that we can have success only by doing the clown :o) And he opened the way for other clowns (Rolling Stones, Madonna, Michael Jackson, …). Michael was famous only by doing ha ha hi hi and touching his balls, and Madonna by showing her ass! Never MJ could do that if Elvis did not prepare people for! Before Elvis in the 50’s, people was obliged to sing to have success (Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin…), unfortunately this has disappeared with Elvis because even if he had a nice voice in the 50’s, that was more interesting to do the clown for young girls.

    Now “rcmsrw”, I have an interesting question for you as a Beatles fan. The majority of the young Elvis fans are 70 fans, what about the Beatles? You prefer the beginning or the end? May be there is no a big difference for you between 62 and 70 but for Elvis the difference is enormous (we have two different singers and music, 50’s and 70’s).

    For the best selling artist, I really don’t know. But if one day we have the real official numbers which gives Beatles first, I will not be surprised as if they give Elvis to be the first. No surprise because both are still selling a lot with short active careers (8 years for the Beatles (62 to 70) and 11 years for Elvis (55 to 58 and 69 to 77, the other years was Elvis in extraordinary movies :o) ))

  162. rcmsrw says:

    Jean in answer to your question, yes, there was big difference between 62 and 70. The Beatles were like 2 different groups. In the beginning they took America by storm because there was such a vacuum in our music. Elvis was in the army, Chuck Berry in prison, Jerry Lee Lewis on the outs. We had wimpy male singers and the Beach Boys. The Beatles revitalized us especially after JFK was killed. The music was light upbeat and fun. But the later stuff was so deep and different and wonderful. It was amazing how they matured in 3 years.
    I still discagree with you on their singing. They’re not classical, not Sinatra but for Rock they were excellent. Newsweek review of Abbey Road said they harmonized so beautifully they sounded like a choir. The review of John for A day in the Life said his voice sent chills down your spine. The review for Paul on Hey Jude was vocally a masterpiece.

  163. whatsmyname says:

    Elvis is the best selling artist of all time. Period. The Beatles will never reach the level of EP.

  164. Bob says:

    According to the RIAA, Soundscan and the IFPI, The Beatles have sold more than Elvis Presley.

  165. Juraj says:

    Why do you people continue in these arguments, when there are official numbers published:

    1. Beatles – 1 billion 600 million records

    2. Elvis – 1 billion 300 million records

    The rest is far behind. These are the official numbers publised so there is no need for a further discussion.

  166. Tony Vogler says:

    dear kb50mj,your black ,get over it,accept it,a dead issue,there”s a black president,and wonderful black artist,and 30-70% black golfers,,who brought colors into selling records,in the other countrys the folks don’t care about what color the performer is,the tune was great,or it would”nt have gotten that far,its how many times you get that far,and how long that you can keep doing it,,that makes you great!!!all the colored men who have died the last few years in the middle east,were great americans,not singled out because they were colored!they died for a greater cause,Freedom for all!Elvis Aron Presley served from 1958-1960 us army,tank division,,gave up 400,000 a week for 127,00 a month,at the height of his career,none of the above,,did this,mahammad ali,,cassus clay his birth name,sure did”nt,nor did barrack hausinne obama,,they clame to be great also,haven”nt named themselves king yet! Love to All!!!

  167. john says:


    During the 2002 World Cup a Junkie XL remix of his “A Little Less Conversation” (credited as “Elvis Vs JXL”) topped the charts in over twenty countries and was included in a compilation of Presley’s U.S. and UK number one hits, Elv1s: 30.

    In the UK charts (January 2005), three re-issued singles again went to number one (“Jailhouse Rock”, “One Night”/”I Got Stung” and “It’s Now or Never”). Throughout the year, twenty singles were re-issued—all making top five.

    In the same year, Forbes magazine named Presley, for the fifth straight year, the top-earning deceased celebrity, grossing US$45 million for the Presley estate during the preceding year. In mid-2006, top place was taken by Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain after the sale of his song catalogue, but Presley reclaimed the top spot in 2007.

    The Beatles were all big Presley fans.[293] John Lennon said: “Nothing really affected me until I heard Elvis. If there hadn’t been an Elvis, there wouldn’t have been a Beatles.


  168. Tony Vogler says:

    Thank you god for giving us an Elvis presley,,not all will understand,and want anything to do with the whole thing,,I figure that’s great,it leaves more for me!! There was a reason for elvis,and what made him what he was,so many things came into play,that changed the world in which we live,,,I believe were not as great as we once were,no more elvis”,babe ruths,clark gables,teddy roosevelts,,,no more super groups,no extended intrest in anything,or any one for any length of time,,so I thank god I lived in a time,when we had an elvis,and beatles,before everything was lost,broken,bombed,and gone,even our god is questioned these days,,mabey that was the begining of the end,in the first place,,,my faith was never questioned,and I”ve seen greatness!! and I thank my god for it!! and man what a ride it was!!! peace and love to all the believers!!

  169. bert says:

    elvis is the best selling SOLO artist of all times sold over a million records wordl wide,Beatles best selling Popband of all time.

    1 ELVIS

  170. bert says:

    elvis is the best selling SOLO artist of all times sold over a Billion records wordl wide more than anny other artist in the world.,Beatles best selling Popband of all time

  171. greg balteff says:


  172. CARLOS says:

    Well in all serius sources the beatles are the first and Elvis came second, and it is logical because Elvis music is hardly listen in the radio but beatles many times.

    The beatles are the greatest artist ever live on this earth, the are the best selling, the most important, the most covered, have most albums #1, are the most influence artist all time. FACTS NOT JUST MY OPINION.

    Harvad, Yale, Stanford and nearly all major university have classes specifically on Beatles music style and cultural impact, THEY DON’T HAVE CLASSES ON ELVIS, MICHAEL JACKSON OR ANY OTHER ARTIST.

    THEY ARE THE SECOND BEST SELLING ARTIST IN THE LAS 20 YEARS. few facts I wrote but just enough to know who is the biggest and greatest artist all time.

  173. WayDown says:

    CARLOS, “Elvis the Concert” is still touring the planet after (Elvis is dead for 32 years!), huge arenas (>10000) are full of thousands of fans (Elvis is dead for 32 years!), his home is visited by more than 500000 fans each year (Elvis is dead for 32 years!).
    The Beatles are the King of the pop and I’m a fan of their music (so rich and complex), but THEY MUST NEVER SING, NO VOICE! John’s voice is so ugly!!!
    Elvis had an angel’s voice when he was young and in the 70’s his voice reached other dimensions (a powerful lyric tenor!)
    His impact on the planet is unbelievable!

  174. johnmac says:

    The bEatles set a whole new standard in music check out any top 100 albums of all time list from any magazine, or poll conducted amongst other musicians and the beatles will have 3 or four albums in the top ten. How many does Elvis and MJ have? , they also wrote most of there songs and played on them as well, all this in only 8 years of recording.

  175. WayDown says:

    “johnmac” :

    Beatles : Best musicians (Kings of pop)
    Elvis : Best singer (King of everything because can sing everything)

    I don’t talk about MJ. He’s not a musicians neither a singer. Never played any instrument live and did lot of playbacks on concerts! What a shame! Elvis gave 1000 concerts in 7 years with 0 playback.

    By the way, Beatles must compose music but MUST NEVER SING! NEVER!!!

  176. Mike says:

    always the same wrong numbers with you people, once and for all;

    1: Elvis (1.3 Billion records)
    2: Beatles (1.0 Billion records)
    3: Michael Jackson (750 Million records)

    That’s the way it is. Doesn’t really matter which one of these is your favorite but the most important one for the history of music is Elvis and Elvis alone, The Beatles followed in his footsteps and Jackson followed in the footsteps of The Beatles, Elvis didn’t sound like anybody else and like Mick Jagger said was an original in an area of imitators, that’s what a true musician means

  177. Juraj says:

    All of you who say that the Beatles must not sing probably do not know half of what they recorded. If you listen to the Abbey road composiotion “Because” it is one of the greatest vocal songs ever been done on the earth. If you listen to the song “Oh darlinig” it is one of the greatest rock singing in the history and there are plenty of other songs, which are sung just beautiful.

    Wake up people and really go through all the Beatles songs to find out what kind of great singers they were. Without great voices they would never ever become the most successful and respected artists of all time.

  178. johnmac says:

    I don’t know where every one is getting there figures from but look up on the net biggest selling artists of all time and the beatles are on top check it out for yourself. like all three of these artists they are all brilliant in there own right and people have different tastes in music but when it comes to commercial and critical success the beatles win hands down.Elivis was at his original best in his sun records period, he was never the same after he went into the army, he always remained one of the gratest singers of all time but lost that spark in his music, the music from his movies in the 60s was pretty ordinary, having said that not many if anyone could touch him as a performer, We could argue untill the cows come home who was the most commercially successful but there is no argument when it comes to critical success, check out any poll or magazine on best albums of all time and the beatles will always top Elvis. in the rolling stones top albums of all time voted by other artists the beatles had the number 1,3,5 and ten spot, in the rolling stones top 500-greatest songs of all time the beatles have numbers 8,13,16 and 20 in the top 20 Elvis comes in at 19 and the beatles have many more in the top 500.The rolling stones top artists of all time has the beatles at number 1 bob dylan at 2 and Elvis at 3 remember this was voted by other artists from all genres of music, I am using the rolling stone magazine as an example but check out any magazine or poll and the results are pretty much the same and the beatles only recorded for 8 years and Elvis for 22. Some People are going to get bent out of shape about what I have said and I am not knocking anyones taste, we can all love who we want if anyones music brings you joy that’s great.

  179. rcmsrw says:

    Mike, you are clearly wrong. Where did you get your numbers? Not true. Juraj and johnmac, good responses. All true.

  180. Someone says:

    Are you nuts guys?….MICHAEL JACKSON is and will always be the best singer,the best dancer and the best entertainer who has ever lived!!!Elvis,The Beatles or anybody else will never take his place…YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST,MICHAEL!!!

  181. rcmsrw says:

    Hey, someone. It’s nice you love MJ but the fact is the people in the know, musicians, music critics, ets, don’t agree with you.

  182. WayDown says:

    * Best musicians in the history of popular music : The Beatles

    * Best singer in the history of popular music : Elvis

  183. S Judah says:

    I agree with WayDown, but would like to suggest

    Best Song Writer – Bob Dylan

  184. Nyla says:

    You people are pathetic! As far as I’m concerned absolutely NO artist has ever sold over a billion albums! not Elvis, not the beatles, not even mj. Aside from the billion albums thingee, MJ is by far the biggest selling artist of all time! it has been said that every sigle week he sales over 1 million albums in the U.S. alone! now is the beatles and Elvis doing that? I think NOT! Elvis nowadays only sell about 400,000 a week, and the beatles sell a little bit more than Elvis a week!
    We all know that Elvis and the beatles have never sold over a billion albums, so all y’all who think they did need to sit down and shut up!

    It has been estimated that MJ has sold over 800 million
    it has been estimated that the beatles has sold about 750 million
    and Elvis is 650 million….

    get the picture? I think you do!!

    btw, Elvis is so not better than MJ or the beatles. MJ is the greatest! then comes the beatles! THEN comes elvis.
    you people must be crazzy if you think Elvis is the greatest! The beatles would wipe the floor with Elvis, and MJ would wipe the floor with the beatles!

    MJ is the greatest and the biggest selling artist of all time. I know it, you know it, the whole world knows it. so shut the hell up and get over it people!

    It has even been proven that MJ is the biggest selling artist of all time, so all y’all who thinks he isn’t need to learn the facts and sit down and SHUT UP!

    Peace out!

  185. shell517nj says:

    Has anyone noticed compared to the other artist, Michael Jackson has accomplished much more with his 7 albums than the other artist with their 30+ albums, as mentioned Elvis had 93 …Michael was a phenomenon…

    well said nyla…lol Some are in denial. Most of the data on the web needs to be updated pertaining to Michael Jackson and his achievements..but it will never happen…

  186. WayDown says:

    MJ fans, continue dreaming, at least that’s not forbidden :o)

  187. rcmsrw says:

    Nyla you must answer where do you get your info. Please name the source. No one, really, no not one publication says MJ sold more than Beatles or Elvis. Not one. So, please tell all of us your source. People above have named every reputable publication made. Again, not one says MJ has sold the most. So, we need to get over what? Also, name one respectable critic, writer musicain, that says MJs music even comes close to the Bealtes. Name one and tell me where to look it up.

  188. WayDown says:

    Are you kidding “rcmsrw”? Britney Spears is saying that MJ is the best :o) Good reference no ? :o)

  189. rcmsrw says:

    Sorry, WayDown, I stand corrected. You must be right Nyla.

  190. Thomson says:

    someone up the list said this:

    “Than MJ is the most best because;

    1.He was a child hood prodigy
    2.He had no formal voice or dance training
    3.Everything MJ did was instinctual and natural,
    no one could dance like MJ or sing like him.
    4. His music had a underlying theme of unifying people and defining the human condition.
    5. Forget the sales and think about how rare MJ musical and dance abilities are . No one could express themselves through dance and song like MJ. I don’t think the world will ever see another MJ”

    First, your comment should be completely ignored for poor grammar. Second, Michael Jackson DID have dance training during the eighties. And, neither the Beatles OR Elvis had any kind of training whatsoever. And while MJ was unique, so were the Beatles and Elvis. Only after their lead, did they become cliche due to many imitators, as will surely happen with MJ, if it hasn’t already. As for expression, look at the blues. Most any blues artist expressed themselves fully. Beyond that, Elvis was setting trends with his song and dance before Michael was even born, so he wasn’t unique in that respect.

    Beyond that, I personally believe the Beatles to be the greatest musicians/performers of all time. Their early years they were more well known for their live shows than their studio work, and a transition to the studio covered their bases for them. I can’t say too much on the side of MJ or Elvis though, because I just don’t know much about them, but Elvis influenced a hell of a lot of artists, and the Beatles influenced more. Michael has influenced some, but only over the past twenty years. Considering that both he and Elvis had much longer careers than the Beatles, and the Beatles still sold more and are more preferred to just about any generation, that should say something. But that’s all in my personal opinion

  191. WayDown says:

    “Thomson”, just for detail. Elvis had only a 11 years musical career (55 to 58 & 69 to 77). Othewise I can’t really say who sold more records (Elvis or Beatles), but I can certify you that MJ does not play in the same category (less than 500 millions). But believe me, I’m from a small country in Asia and Elvis have an impact that no other artist or group can’t even dream to have. Beatles are respected too and always taken as the greatest musical reference. MJ is known worlwide too but as a big star like many others (Madonna, Elton John, …). The history was made by Elvis & the Beatles. And believe me Elvis has sold a very very big quantity of records (I’m 31 and have at least 50 cd’s).

  192. Landon says:

    The Beatles are in a different class than Elvis or Michael Jackson

    The Beatles were superior songwriters and great musicians. They influenced musicians like Brian Wilson to create full albums. They influenced the increase usage of all rock bands in the use of the studio as an instrument. They basically changed the perception that rock and roll was inferior music.

    Elvis and Michael were song and dance men who sang the words in front of them especially in the case of Elvis. While it’s not an easy thing Elvis popularized other people’s songs.

  193. WayDown says:

    You’re right “Landon”. The Beatles basically changed the perception that rock and roll was inferior music. But the Beatles couldn’t sing! And if you think that singing is very very easy and not a big deal, so ask people why Pavarotti is a King in his domain! He didn’t compose, he didn’t play instrument, he didn’t change music, all he has done is to sing “others” songs and “popularized other people’s songs”!

    Elvis is the King because his voice has reached the perfection in the 70’s (range, power, emotion, all the package!)! The Beatles and MJ must be reincarnated at least 10 thousand times to sing like Elvis ! The voice is God given, you can’t invent it!

    But I still repeat that the Beatles were (and still) the biggest musicions in the history of popular music (not singers!), before Beatles, popular music was 3 chords.

  194. juraj says:

    All these arguments would have its meaning if there were not the official numbers published but there are the official numbers and it is always as follows:

    1. Bealtes

    2. Elvise

    3. Big big big hole and then other artists

    Funny about MJ sale is that before his death the official sale was 400 million albums,right after his death it is 750 million albums

    Using the basic arithmetics it is not possible. He sold over 100 million pieces from Thriler and from the other 6 albums each about 25-30 millions. :)

  195. shell517nj says:

    All this talk about the Beatles and Elvis. The truth is Michael ROCKED the planet when he died. Me you and everyone else witnessed his impact on the planet when he passed. As far as the number of albums he sold after his passing…believe it…he is Michael Jackson The King of Pop! Michael earned his place in Pop history! PS…the fact that me you and everybody else is still talking about MJ 6 mos after his passing speaks for itself…Ha! Long Live the King of Pop!

  196. WayDown says:

    “the fact that me you and everybody else is still talking about MJ 6 mos after his passing” !!! That’s normal! He just passed away !!! More than 30/40 years later people still talking about Elvis/Beatles! THIS IS GREAT AND IMPRESSING !

  197. rcmsrw says:

    Hey Shell. if you’re paying attention to what’s happening you know that the official sales for the last 10 years, that’s 2000 thru 2009 were just released. # 1 was Eminem with 32 million. #2–The Beatles with 31 million. And this is before the Christmas rush where they say The Beatles could sell an additional million of their Remastered CDs. Yes, 40 years later not 6 months the Beatles are still selling that many. FYI, MJ was not in the top 10. All the arguments in the world won’t change the facts. MJ was the biggest star of the MTV generation. Elvis and the Beatles changed pop culture.

  198. carina says:

    i don’t know who sold more of this artist, but we must know a fact, that in the old period artists sold more albums because people hadnt have no choice, they didn’t had the opportunity to download from the internet,no music TV stations etc , the only way to listen music was TO BUY AN ALBUM,so the artist back then were fortunalety.
    Michael Jackson for me is the most complet entertainer, he singed, danced, wrote songs, performed on stage like no one else, he is SIMPLY THE BEST

  199. shell517nj says:

    You’re right MJ IS the biggest star of the MTV generation and he also changed pop culture. He changed the music industry, with his dance, videos and performances. Why else back in the “bad” era would the New York Times say, “in the world of pop music, there is Michael Jackson and there is everybody else.” That’s awesome, it’s because he was a phenomenon. No, It is not normal to still talk about an artist 6 mos after their passing to the extent the planet is still talking about MJ. I must say, some people are complaining, “enough already”. lol. For the record, I would like to know how many posthumous record breakers and awards he’s acquired since his passing. Not to mention he has become a bench mark for those in the music industry. He’s earned his place in pop history in a big way and I assure you 40 yrs from now he’ll still be going strong. Well I can’t say I don’t want the Beatles to sell a million copies because Michael owns the catalog and I like the Beatles. I will say despite the fact some in the media tried to destroy MJ, he still ROCKED the planet when he died. MJ’s Invincible released in 2001 was the most slept on album of the decade. thanks to sony. This is the only album that would be in the same category with emenim. Oh, about that decade chart for the top selling catalog artist Beatles #2, Michael Jackson #1. Anyway,I declare, this year “everyhing Michael jackson.” woohoo!

  200. chris says:

    omg you guys can’t be serious all stats you have posted are RIaa which is just one body of counting CD sales on the guisnnes book of world record site which takes into account sales from every major organazation they found MJ is fast apparoaching out selling both the beatlkea and Elvis combined and its obvious both the beatle and Elvis only appealed to one race and mostly only in the us Michael was much more poular in Europe and the beatlea and Elvis had no fans in Africa and Asia michael’s two biggest stomping grounds. Look Elvis was a joke he should be known as a fraud not a king he stole songs MJ wrote and composed most of his hits and don’t tell me Elvis could dance his live performaces were 1/100 as good as Michael because Elvis couldn’t sing live Michael is 100 times more talented then Elvis and the beatles wrote songs that werent as popular as michaels hence their less sales they were all terrible singers with terrible range and were terrible live I mean four ugly crappy singers and someone said Michael was a one ae singer well then explain how he is the only person in history to have number one hits in multiple genres of music so there goes that argument its so ridiculous michale greatness was a million times greater then the beatles and Elvis combined anyoje who thinks differetly is an absolute joke of a person just presented evidence of Michael being far greater in every catogorey so no one can step to that fu**er MJ is king beatles and Elvis aren’t worthy to blow his di**

  201. shell517nj says:

    my stats r from billboard. I don’t find RIAA creditable anymore. After doing a serach for the best selling album of all time on their site, which we know is “Thriller”, the result from RIAA was “the eagles greatest hits album.” Some 1988 data that was never updated, and no matter how many ways I posed the question it failed to give me the proper answer. Go figure.

  202. WayDown says:

    No fans in Africa and Asia for the King :o() I was born in a tiny country in Asia and even in the 80’s (the best persion for E.T.), the King was still Elvis! Hey American people, you should travel little bit out of your country ! No good for your culture! If you stay there all your life you will think that MJ is worlwide and respected! YOU MUST TRAVEL ! By doing this you will notice that the most respected musicians in the history of popular music are still the Beatles, and the King is always Elvis. MJ is just compared to other big stars like Madonna, Elton John, … Nothing more! But of course you will not believe me, for that reason YOU MUST TRAVEL! For example if I tell you that a MJ show in Zenith arena was half empty in November 2009 in Paris and 3 other shows were cancelled in other cities in France and switzerland because NO FANS just 4 months after his deaths, you will not trust me ! Then TRAVEL to see yourself the truth about the king of the junk electronic playbacks !

    How can fans be stupid sometimes !

  203. WayDown says:

    “Elvis the concert” is touring the world since 1997 ! 32 years later huge arenas are full of thousands of old and YOUNG fans! 32 years later !!! Elvis is something unreachable! You dare to tell he copied C Berry or I don’t know Little Richard? Are you crazy? What’s a C Berry? What can a C Berry do? Singing Rock n Roll? That’s all he can do? Wow what a talent !!! The King could kill you by singing a gospel, or a nice country song, or ballads, rock, pop, slows, opera, blues, … The list is very long ! What’s a Chuck Berry beside a King !!!

    And for more educated people, the king was not influenced by Chucks or Richrads…That’s a low level ! The king was very very influenced by Mario Lanza, hope you know this name! Hope you’re enough cultured !

  204. rcmsrw says:

    We need to get our facts straight, then opinions. No Shell, in the last decade Eminem was #1 and the Beatles were #2 32 million to 31 million. MJ WAS NOT IN THE TOP 10. And this is not only RIAA which I know some criticise but is still recognized as the most credible source, this is from Billboard the other legitimate source. I lived thru both Elvis and Beatles era and I was around for MJ. There is no way MJ comes close to the social impact Elvis and the Beatles had. Not even close. As Waydown states, MJ was the biggest in the 1980s but he was compared to Madonna, Prince, those people. Social impact, musical impact not even close to Beatles and Elvis. We can have our opinions, but read the opinions of misicians, music critics, people that do music and create music. 99% will say MJ was great but not in the same league as Beatles AND Elvis. Again look at current sales. Since 2000 Beatles sold 31 million. MJ WAS NOT IN THE TOP 10. He was a giant in the 80s. He was done. ALL DONE. He was great talent, no doubt. As a song and dance man he was maybe the best. He wrote some good songs, Thriller is a great album, but compared to the Beatles catalog his was miniscule. He doesn’t compare to Dylan, Elton John, Neil Young, Sprinstein as a song writer either.

  205. shell517nj says:

    rcmsrw….my facts are correct and they are from Billboard. Thanks for the info, I did’nt know most critcize riaa, now I understand why. not anywhere in my comment did I mention that Michael Jackson beat eminem. The Invincible album was the only album that competes in the same category with eminem, and it did not do well. Invincible was not promoted properly due to a rif between Michael Jackson and Sony. Most importantly, what I did say was that Michael holds the number one spot for the top selling catalog artist of the decade, the beatles #2. The remainder of your comment is your opinion and you are entitled to it. Michael is a worldwide phenomenon and that says plenty. whether you like Michael Jacksons music or not, doesn’t matter. It has been recorded in history as outstanding. The fact is, there are generations who celebrate his music and this can’t be changed. Long live the King of Pop!

  206. rcmsrw says:

    Shell, we must not be reading the same Billboard then and that was my point. Billboard just released the top selling artists of the Decade and Eminem was #1 and the Beatles #2, not MJ. HE WAS NOT IN THE TOP 10, so I don’t know what you are refering to. I just rechecked my facts. Don’t know where you are getting yours.

  207. rcmsrw says:

    I just rechecked, Shell. MJ may have the top selling catalog of 2009 since the sales soared after he died. But HE IS NOT EVEN IN THE TOP 20 FOR THE DECADE

  208. shell517nj says:

    rcmsrw…Michael Jackson is the top selling catalog artist of the decade, Beatles #2 and Elvis is not in the picture at all. anyway, I don’t know how you went from pop to hip hop with eminem. we were talking Elvis and the beatles. lol.

  209. rcmsrw says:

    Shell, yes we are having a confusing discussion. I still have no idea where you are getting you facts from. I checked 4 sources this morning asking who sold THE MOST ALBUMS IN THE LAST DECADE. PERIOD. Doesn’t matter which genre. MOST SALES IN THE LAST DECADE . PERIOD. ALL 4 SAY EMINEM #1 AND BEATLES #2. MJ IS NOT IN THE TOP 20. So, where are you getting your info from? Anyone else out there know what Shell is talking about? The only explanation I can think of is you are looking at a sight that doesn’t consider the Beatles album #1 that is their #1 singles album as a catalog album because it was first released after 2000. A catalog album would be considered an album that was released before 2000. Is that it? That would reduce the Beatles sales from 31 million to 20 million in terms of catalog. Don’t know. I DO KNOW THAT OVERALL SALES BY ANY ARTIST SINCE 2000 IS EMINEM #1 AND BEATLES #2. PERIOD. THAT’S IT. MJ—-NOT IN TOP 20.

  210. shell517nj says:

    I said my facts are from billboard. Below I have copied and pasted directly from billboard. he leads in several other categories,like digital downloads etc. but I’m not going to go there. don’t really care at this point if you believe me or not. have a nice day.


    Catalog Album Artists
    Issue Date: 2009

    # Artist
    6 AC/DC
    9 CREED

  211. WayDown says:

    This list is wrong :o() At least in the 90’s MJ did some good songs and he could be in the top 10 (not first), but MJ was nothing in the 2000… This list is a joke !

  212. rcmsrw says:

    Shell and waydown. Here’s the story. The catalog list is music that was released BEFORE 2000. Basiacally OLD albums. MJ shot up when he died and a ton of people bought his albums. The Beatles were #2 but their biggest selling album (#1 all their #1 singles) which was THE BIGGEST SELLING ALBUM OF THE DECADE, was released AFTER 2000 so it was considered new not a catalog album. Here’s the strange thing though that doesn’t make sense. Billboard and RIAA released their top selling artists for decade of all music, old, new, catalog, whatever. As I’ve said Eminem was #1 and Beatles #2. MJ WAS NOT IN TOP 20. So, this catalog list doesn’t mean much. It does show however, that ELVIS is not in the top 10 of catalog or old albums, nor in top 20 of all music. So, Elvis is not selling anymore.

  213. shell517nj says:

    rcmsrw….Are you joking….now the catalog list doesn’t mean much when it pertains to Michael being #1. whatever.

  214. rcmsrw says:

    sorry, shell. Shouldn’t have said that. It obviously means something

  215. WayDown says:

    “Elvis is not selling anymore”? :o)

    Funny people on this forum :o) Yesterday on French news at 8pm: “Elvis and Aznavour have sold huge quantities of Christmas albums in 2009”! rcmsrw, I respect you because you are listening to the greatest group and the greatest musicians in the history of popular music, but don’t start telling bulls :o)

  216. rcmsrw says:

    sorry waydown, I don’t mean tell bull… I respect Elvis and consider him the King. I’m just saying in the 2 lists we’ve spoken of, Billboards top selling artists of the decade and the one Shell gave us, top selling catalog of the decade, Elvis is nowhere to be found.

  217. WayDown says:

    What the hell are you talking about “rcmsrw”! With only 1 album he sold more than 10 million copies ! Lets be serouis!

    “ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits is a compilation album by Elvis Presley released in November 2002. It was the first Elvis album to go straight to #1 in the Billboard charts with 500,325 copies sold in its first week…The album has sold more than nine million copies worldwide, topping 26 charts around the world. As of December 2005, it has been certified as 5x Platinum by the RIAA…By reaching the top of the Billboard charts, the album made Elvis Presley the only solo artist in US recording history to reach the top of the album charts in four different decades. It also ensured another record for Elvis, that of the longest span ever achieved between #1 album chart-toppers, of 46 years between his first #1 album, Elvis Presley, and this 2002 release.”

  218. Judah says:

    In the Scoundscan list of the decade Elvis was the 25th best selling artist in the US with sales of over 16 million albums, this was only a few hundred thousand behind Michael Jackson. Emenin were at the top with some 32 million with the Beatles 2nd on 30 million.
    The Beatles sales are exceptional, (a repeat is unlikely based on very recent sales), with huge success in the the early part of the decade. Full credit to them and EMI and hey they did some grest stuff.
    There is also the issue that Soundscan does not capture all of Elvis sales, missing out areas where Elvis sells particularly well. The Graceland record outlets, The Christian record stores, Record clubs and sales liscened through 3rd parties.
    More knowledgeable people than me who have looked at these areas, say the sales are significant.
    Irrespective of this, I say well done to The Beatles.

  219. Gerrad says:

    Michael Jackson has released about 103 albums. Which includes studio albums, complication albums etc. So don’t say that the only reason Elvis and The Beatles outsold Michael Jackson is because they had more releases. My source is Wikipedia where several sources are shown.

  220. Conrad says:

    The only ones who know there true Music History out of you all is the Elvis fans the rest of you are talking a load of rubbish. Read up on Elvis Parsley’s History do it proper will take a lot of researching as he had done a lot in his life and achieved very much. The only thing that Michael Jackson has done that beats Elvis His biggest selling album 50 million copies wow so what Elvis is the true King grow up. As for someone who sald that Elvis has no new fans that is sad HAHAHA I’ve liked him since I was 12 years old I’m now 41 and his fans are still growing I know a few fans who are very young read up you silly people. I know you want your idol or idols to be the best but I’m sorry the world knows who is the best yes Elvis. This didn’t come out into the open until MJ Died Everyone knew Elvis was the man before lol. MJ WIll Never Ever take Elvis Presley’s Place in the record sales and many other ways.

  221. Conrad says:

    Some of they bill boards are made up of who that person likes who does the bill boards lol. that is who they consider the best etc lol if you get my meaning.

  222. Judah says:

    Hey Waydown, thought you might like to know that current global sales of Elvis 30 No 1’s are around the
    16 million mark

  223. Staffan says:

    Elvis Now OFFICIALLY the Best Selling Solo Recording Artist in U.S. History

    Following is a press release from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIIA) and BMG/RCA Records. The new Best Selling Solo Artist designation and sales figures attached to it pertain only to Elvis Presley’s American record sales and only those that have been officially documented. It is estimated that Elvis has sold over 1 billion records (albums and singles) worldwide, with approximately 60% in the U.S.A. and 40% in other countries. For a detailed explanation of record sales and certifications, click here and note that the page it takes you to has links to further information, including a special article the record company prepared for us a few years ago regarding the history and intricacies of sales certifications. It will be updated soon as a result of today’s awards presentation. Click here to go to a list of Elvis’s RIAA gold and platinum certifications. That list will be updated later this week as a result of the new gold and platinum awards and upgrade awards presented today.

  224. Staffan says:

  225. Monique says:

    Puleese- Elvis – the greatest?

    He didn’t even write his own music! He wasn’t a dancer- he just shook his hips.

    Elvis was great, he was a “catalyst” that paved the wave for Rock and Roll

    Michael Jackson and the Beatles were a thousand times more talented than Elvis.

  226. WayDown says:

    Pavarotti didn’t write his music too, but he was the King of opera! Silly conclusion!!! Elvis is King because of his God given voice.

    MJ is out of competition because even the Beatles with intermediate voices used to sing and never did playback. An artist who does playbacks is a cheater and insults his audience, except if his audience are full of blind fanatics.

  227. Cristian says:


  228. Bob says:

    The Beatles have outsold Elvis and Michael Jackson in the US during the Soundscan era (1991-2009) as per below:

    Top 10 Album Artists of SoundScan Era

    1) Garth Brooks – 68,363,000 (2009 sales: 220,000)
    2) Beatles – 60,370,000 (2009 sales: 3,282,000)
    3) Mariah Carey – 52,388,000 (2009 sales: 819,000)
    4) Metallica – 52,160,000 (2009 sales: 1,024,000)
    5) Celine Dion – 50,933,000 (2009 sales: 362,000)
    6) George Strait – 41,843,000 (2009 sales: 1,224,000)
    7) Tim McGraw – 38,677,000 (2009 sales: 1,086,000)
    8) Alan Jackson – 37,447,000 (2009 sales: 927,000)
    9) Pink Floyd – 35,867,000 (2009 sales: 654,000)
    10) Eminem – 35,326,000 (2009 sales: 2,166,000)

    Elvis has sold about 32,000,000 albums and Michael Jackson about 28,000,000 albums in the Soundscan era (1991-2009).

    In the last decade 2000-2009 the album sales figures are:

    Top selling 50 Album Artists Of The Decade in the United States (2000-2009):

    01 Eminem 32,241,000
    02 The Beatles 30,182,000
    03 Tim McGraw 24,769,000
    04 Toby Keith 24,469,000
    05 Britney Spears 22,969,000
    06 Kenny Chesney 22,034,000
    07 Linkin Park 21,421,000
    08 Nelly 21,232,000
    09 Creed 20,594,000
    10 Jay-Z 20,424,000
    11 Nickelback 19,817,000
    12 Rascal Flatts 19,408,000
    13 Josh Groban 19,348,000
    14 Alan Jackson 18,857,000
    15 N’Sync 18,303,000
    16 Dixie Chicks 18,178,000
    17 Johnny Cash 18,143,000
    18 Kid Rock 17,614,000
    19 Metallica 17,403,000
    20 Celine Dion 17,363,000
    21 George Strait 17,275,000
    22 Michael Jackson 17,261,000
    23 Norah Jones 17,087,000
    24 U2 16,817,000
    25 Elvis Presley 16,486,000
    26 Usher 16,329,000
    27 Dave Matthews Band 16,025,000
    28 AC/DC 15,935,000
    29 50 Cent 15,868,000
    30 Alicia Keys 15,561,000
    31 Rod Stewart 15,561,000
    32 Santana 14,975,000
    33 Destiny’s Child 14,878,000
    34 Coldplay 14,604,000
    35 Mariah Carey 14,341,000
    36 Pink Floyd 14,164,000
    37 Shania Twain 13,850,000
    38 Ludacris 13,442,000
    39 Enya 13,422,000
    40 Green Day 13,363,000
    41 Andrea Boccelli 13,353,000
    42 Outkast 13,277,000
    43 R. Kelly 13,234,000
    44 Faith Hill 12,899,000
    45 Mary J. Blige 12,614,000
    46 3 Doors Down 12,551,000
    47 Christina Aguilera 12,380,000
    48 Limp Bizkit 12,378,000
    49 Bon Jovi 12,378,00
    50 Frank Sinatra 12,221,000

    Album sales figures for 2009 are:

    2009 Top 10 Album Artists:

    1) Michael Jackson – 8,286,000
    2) Taylor Swift – 4,643,000
    3) The Beatles – 3,282,000
    4) Susan Boyle – 3,104,000
    5) Lady Gaga – 2,813,000
    6) Andrea Bocelli – 2,668,000
    7) Michael Buble – 2,280,000
    8) Eminem – 2,166,000
    9) Carrie Underwood – 1,895,000
    10) Black Eyed Peas – 1,881,000

    Sadly, it took Michael Jackson’s death to generate sales for him.

    The Beatles are the biggest selling artists of all time as confirmed by The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, the RIAA and Soundscan. Sales from 1991 onwards just reinforce their lead over other artists.

  229. WayDown says:

    This list is WRONG ! Celine Dion – 50,933,000 from 1991 to 2009 ? I’m not a Celine’s fan but she has sold much much much more than this ! This list is full of bulls !

    1997 “Let’s Talk About Love” (31 million)
    1996 “Falling into You” (32 million)
    = 63 million !

    And Celine did many other albums (either in French) sold by millions! How can she be after the Beatles! I repeat I’m not a Celine’s fan but your list is really full of bulls.

    Again, how can you put Elvis Presley 16,486,000 from 2001 to 2009? Only one album “ELV1S 30 #1 Hits” released in 2002 was sold for more than 16 million, and I’m not talking about the mega tube “A Little Less Conversation” which became a number 1 hit in over 20 countries in 2002! Where did you get this garbage list?

  230. rcmsrw says:

    Sorry, waydown, but not only are Bob’s numbers comfirmed by the 3 agency’s that are listed, but Billboard also agrees. That’s 4 credible sources that says Bob’s numbers are correct. I checked.

  231. Bob says:

    Hey Waydown,

    The list is correct. It is for album sales in the US. Celine Dion has sold 50,933,000 albums in the US since 1991 and Elvis has not sold 16 million copies of 30#1 Hits in the US. He may have sold 16 million world wide of that album but not in the US. It has sold a bit less than 5 million in the US. Please read the lists more closely and get your facts straight.

    So the list is not garbage – it is from Nielsen Soundscan who measure album sales in the US. So Waydown you are totally wrong or just confused perhaps. Do not confuse world wide sales with US sales which is what those lists are showing. Those top 10 album artists for 2009 also are for sales in the US.

  232. WayDown says:

    Then who pays a sh** for US sales only ! Elvis had 3 number 1 hits only in 2005 in Great Britain! Give me the sales worldwide! It’s like I’m telling you that Johnny Haliday is the best because he is number 1 in French sales !

    N’importe quoi ! :o()

  233. Bob says:

    Some more facts for you Waydown.

    The top-selling albums of the decade in the United States (2000-2009):

    1. The Beatles,1 – 11,499,000
    2. ‘NSync, No Strings Attached – 11,112,000
    3. Norah Jones, Come Away With Me – 10, 546,000
    4. Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP – 10,204,000
    5. Eminem, The Eminem Show – 9,799,000
    6. Usher, Confessions – 9,712,000
    7. Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory – 9,663,000
    8. Creed, Human Clay – 9,491,000
    9. Britney Spears, Oops! … I Did It Again – 9,185,000
    10. Nelly, Country Grammar – 8,461,000

    Source: Billboard and Rolling Stone Magazine

    Top 10 Albums of SoundScan Era in the US:

    1) Metallica Metallica – 15,500,000
    2) Come On Over Shania Twain – 15,487,000
    3) Jagged Little Pill Alanis Morissette – 14,642,000
    4) Millennium Backstreet Boys – 12,109,000
    5) Soundtrack Bodyguard – 11,815,000
    6) Supernatural Santana – 11,687,000
    7) 1 The Beatles – 11,564,000
    8) Human Clay Creed – 11,547,000
    9) No Strings Attached N Sync – 11,113,000
    10) Falling Into You Celine Dion – 10,781,000

  234. WayDown says:

    Heuh Bob! Did you read what I wrote above? ! :o()

    US is not Earth !

  235. rcmsrw says:

    There is no official organization that tracks worldwide sales. There are really only estimates. The closest one is Billboard which ranks Beatles #1 and Elvis #2. I looked up 5 organizations. 4 of them have Beatles #1 and Elvis #2. The last one has Elvis #1 and Beatles #2. The number 3 ranking is varied from MJ to ABBA to Sinatra.

  236. Bob says:

    Hey Waydown,

    rcmsrw is spot on. There are no official world wide sales figures only estimates. Most organisations have The beatles as the biggest selling artists world wide.

    The official RIAA figures have The Beatles selling 170 million albums in the US to 120 million for Elvis. This is reinforced by Soundscan with The Beatles outselling Elvis in the US by almost 30 million albums since 1991.

    The Beatles have sold more albums than Elvis in the UK – so please tell me where Elvis has sold enough albums to surpass The Beatles. Facts rather than speculation would be appreciated.


  237. marty says:

    1/2 of all visting Graceland are under 35 years of age, so I don’t see how Elvis is losing fans. He is still the #1 famous person to be impersonated. He has 1000’s impersonator all over the world. Graceland is the 2nd most visited house, the White House is 1st. Every artiest that becomes extremely popular gets compared to Elvis. I think it’s going to take more then MJ or beatles to bring Elvis out of the picture. 32 Years gone and people are still talking about him.

  238. WayDown says:

    Heuh Bob, may be The Beatles have sold more albums than Elvis, and Elvis have sold more singles than The Beatles !

    As far as we don’t have worldwide sale we can have no conclusion! For example in Asia where I was born, in the middle of 80’s Elvis was much more faemous than the Beatles. In the reality, everybody knew Elvis to be the King but no one talked about the Beatles, they were unknown for the young generation. Don’t get angry but I’m telling you the truth.

    Then I repeat again, US is not Earth !

  239. Bob says:

    Hey Waydown,

    The US is the biggest market in the world and The Beatles are massive in Japan, Korea, India and South America. The Beatles have also outsold Elvis in Europe when it comes to albums. All the evidence indicates The Beatles are the biggest selling recording artists of all time. I am from Australia and The Beatles are massive here and have outsold Elvis here and in New Zealand – though both are very small markets.

    Elvis probably has sold more singles that The Beatles worldwide but only marginally.

    Cliff Richard has sold more singles in the UK than any other artist, reaching career sales of more than 21.32million.
    That is more than Elvis Presley with 20.91m, The Beatles 20.82m, Madonna with 16.79m, Elton John with 14.09m, Michael Jackson with 13.80m, Queen with 11.49m, Abba with 10.81m, Paul McCartney
    with 10.03m and David Bowie with 10.01m.

    From a source on the internet I got these figures for singles sales.

    USA + Europe + Japan + Australia

    1 Elvis Presley 120,1 m
    2 The Beatles 119,39 m
    3 Elton John 102,79 m (27,76m)
    4 Michael Jackson 88,14 m
    5 Madonna 84,88 m
    6 Rolling Stones 74,79 m
    7 Bee Gees 74,74 m
    8 Stevie Wonder 73,04 m
    9 Rod Stewart 54,21 m

    From the same source album sales are:

    Best Sellers : Worldwide Album Artists

    # Artist Album Sales Last Update
    1 The Beatles 346,500,000 déc-07
    2 Michael Jackson 205,500,000 août-08
    3 Pink Floyd 193,700,000 févr-08
    4 Elvis Presley 187,000,000 *
    5 Madonna 185,300,000 janv-08
    6 Elton John 177,200,000 janv-08
    7 Queen 170,100,000 sept-08
    8 Rolling Stones 169,100,000 *
    9 U2 166,400,000 févr-08
    10 Led Zeppelin 165,500,000 janv-08
    11 Celine Dion 163,000,000 déc-07
    12 Eagles 148,300,000 déc-07
    13 Mariah Carey 145,900,000 déc-07
    14 Rod Stewart 140,100,000 mars-08
    15 Barbra Streisand 139,800,000 févr-08
    16 Whitney Houston 134,200,000 déc-07
    17 Garth Brooks 131,900,000 févr-08
    18 Bruce Springsteen 130,900,000 févr-08
    19 Eric Clapton 129,000,000 févr-08
    20 AC/DC 128,700,000 nov-07
    21 Billy Joel 124,500,000 déc-07
    22 Bee Gees 122,100,000 déc-07
    23 Phil Collins 122,000,000 déc-07
    24 Bob Dylan 119,800,000 déc-07
    25 Fleetwood Mac 118,100,000 déc-07
    26 Santana 117,700,000 mars-08
    27 Neil Diamond 117,300,000 févr-08
    28 Aerosmith 113,500,000 nov-07
    29 Bon Jovi 107,200,000 déc-07
    30 ABBA 106,700,000 nov-08
    31 Simon & Garfunkel 105,100,000 mars-08
    32 Paul McCartney 103,700,000 févr-08
    33 Dire Straits 102,800,000 déc-07
    34 Metallica 102,500,000 janv-08
    35 Prince 99,900,000 févr-08
    36 Genesis 98,000,000 déc-07
    37 David Bowie 95,700,000 déc-07
    38 Van Halen 94,000,000 févr-08
    39 Guns N’ Roses 93,200,000 déc-07
    40 Kenny Rogers 90,400,000 févr-08
    41 The Doors 89,700,000 janv-08
    42 Julio Iglesias 89,500,000 mars-08
    43 Chicago 88,000,000 déc-08
    44 Stevie Wonder 87,100,000 mars-08
    45 Bob Marley 86,600,000 janv-08
    46 Backstreet Boys 85,900,000 févr-08
    47 R.E.M. 83,800,000 févr-08
    48 Eminem 83,400,000 déc-07
    49 Neil Young 79,900,000 juin-08
    50 Enya 78,300,000 déc-07
    51 Kenny G 77,900,000 mars-08
    52 John Lennon 75,700,000 déc-08
    53 The Police 75,600,000 févr-08
    54 George Strait 74,400,000 févr-08
    55 Shania Twain 74,200,000 févr-08
    56 Willie Nelson 73,000,000 mars-08
    57 The Carpenters 71,800,000 déc-08
    58 Britney Spears 70,200,000 févr-08
    59 Red Hot Chili Peppers 69,600,000 févr-08
    60 Nirvana 69,400,000 févr-08
    61 Sade 69,200,000 févr-08
    62 Janet Jackson 66,300,000 déc-07
    63 The Who 66,200,000 nov-08
    64 Sting 65,700,000 févr-08
    65 Bob Seger 65,400,000 févr-08
    66 Lionel Richie 65,300,000 mars-08
    67 Andrea Bocelli 64,200,000 mai-08
    68 Journey 64,000,000 janv-08
    69 Bryan Adams 63,600,000 déc-07
    70 Def Leppard 62,500,000 déc-07
    71 Alabama 62,000,000 déc-07
    72 Meat Loaf 61,500,000 janv-08
    73 Deep Purple 61,400,000 nov-08
    74 Foreigner 59,900,000 déc-07
    75 Iron Maiden 59,700,000 févr-08
    76 Gloria Estefan 58,800,000 févr-08
    77 Pearl Jam 56,700,000 mars-08
    78 Reba McEntire 56,600,000 mars-08
    79 Marvin Gaye 56,100,000 nov-08
    80 George Michael 56,000,000 févr-08
    81 Simply Red 55,900,000 févr-08
    82 James Taylor 55,600,000 mars-06
    83 Linda Ronstadt 55,300,000 févr-08
    84 Michael Bolton 54,600,000 févr-08
    85 Green Day 54,500,000 déc-07
    86 Tina Turner 54,500,000 févr-08
    87 Kiss 54,500,000 nov-08
    88 Alan Jackson 53,600,000 déc-07
    89 Diana Ross 53,300,000 mars-08
    90 Crosby, Stills & Nash (& Young) 52,900,000 nov-08
    91 Alanis Morissette 52,100,000 févr-08
    92 Robbie Williams 51,100,000 févr-08
    93 B’z 51,000,000 déc-07
    94 Cher 50,200,000 mars-08
    95 Black Sabbath 48,400,000 nov-08
    96 2Pac 48,300,000 nov-07
    97 Ray Charles 47,800,000 mars-08
    98 Luther Vandross 47,600,000 mars-09
    99 Boston 46,700,000 févr-08
    100 Ozzy Osbourne 46,700,000 nov-08
    101 Jackson 5/The Jacksons 46,300,000 déc-07
    102 John Cougar Mellencamp 46,300,000 déc-08
    103 Scorpions 44,900,000 nov-08
    104 R.Kelly 44,800,000 févr-08
    105 Tracy Chapman 44,400,000 déc-07
    106 Jimmy Buffet 44,400,000 déc-08
    107 Boyz II Men 43,500,000 déc-07
    108 Duran Duran 43,400,000 déc-07
    109 Oasis 42,800,000 nov-07
    110 Eros Ramazzotti 41,400,000 nov-08
    111 Lenny Kravitz 41,300,000 déc-08
    112 Tim McGraw 41,200,000 mars-08
    113 Spice Girls 39,700,000 févr-08
    114 Jay-Z 39,600,000 févr-08
    115 The Cranberries 39,400,000 déc-07
    116 N’ Sync 39,400,000 févr-08
    117 Dixie Chicks 38,700,000 févr-08
    118 Ayumi Hamasaki 38,400,000 nov-08
    119 Norah Jones 37,400,000 janv-08
    120 Offspring 37,200,000 déc-08
    121 Destiny’s Child 35,800,000 déc-07
    122 Mannheim Steamroller 35,800,000 déc-08
    123 George Harrison 35,000,000 déc-08
    124 Faith Hill 34,700,000 déc-08
    125 New Kids On The Block 34,200,000 déc-08
    126 Mary J Blige 33,900,000 mai-08
    127 TLC 33,600,000 févr-08
    128 Coldplay 32,900,000 mars-08
    129 Creed 32,300,000 déc-08
    130 The Corrs 31,700,000 mars-08
    131 Blondie 31,500,000 déc-08
    132 Shakira 31,100,000 mars-08
    133 Christina Aguilera 30,800,000 mars-08

    These figures are from the website “Fan of Music”.

    Check it out.


  240. rcmsrw says:

    I have a question for all. What happens when the Beatles finally agree to have their music downloaded thru I Tunes? My assumption is it will increase their lead over everybody by maybe 10 fold. Agree?

  241. charles clayton says:

    I believe since Michael Jacksons death he is now the only artist with the most sales of all of his albums combined in the history of music sales. According to the World Music Awards he is the most successful artist as well. Overall, his sales, amount of awards he’s received and the fact that he is known all over this world leads me to believe he has topped Elvis and the Eagles as far as sales and being internationally known. And as times continues there will be more people buying Michael Jackson’s material making the sales increase even the more.

  242. Bob says:

    Hey Charles,

    I think you will find The Beatles are still the biggest selling recording artists of all time as per this reference from the 2008 World Music Awards.

    “The 20th Annual World Music Awards will take place on November 9, 2008 in Monte-Carlo

    Ringo Starr will be accepting a Diamond Award for the Beatles having sold more records than any other recording act in the history of the Music Industry”

    The death of Michael Jackson and his subsequent sales boost have not changed this. Jackson sold 8,286,000 albums in the US in 2009 and perhaps 20 million world wide and The Beatles sold about 11 million world wide in 2009, so Jackson still remains well behind The Beatles in overall sales.


  243. rcmsrw says:

    Charles, if you look at the thread of messages above you will see many sources quoted as to who has the most sales. Most sources say the Beatles have, some Elvis fans sight sources that aren’t usually recognized and insist he has sold the most. Whatever , not one has MJ as the #1 seller. Some have him as high as#2, most much lower. Most sources have MJ at least 150 million less than the Beatles. Here’s a sad fact, you can look it up. MJ sold about 8 million albums in 2009. BEFORE HE DIED HE SOLD 550,000. YEP, LESS THAN A MILLION. MJ was not selling in the US anymore.

  244. CM says:

    Thriller sold over 100 mil worldwide. The world music awards awarded it best selling album for selling 100 mil worldwide. I’m not sure Elvis has sold 1 billion because not one of his albums has sold up to 20 mil. THAT’S A FACT! I’m just not seeing it :)

  245. Bob says:

    Hey CM,

    No recording artist has sold a billion albums. Not The Beatles, Elvis or Michael Jackson. In the US which is the biggest market in the world The Beatles have sold 170 million albums, Elvis 120 million albums and Michael has sold 69.5 million albums according to the RIAA.

    Just do the maths – it is impossible for any recording artist to have sold a billion albums. They may have sold a billion units where the sale of a single is one unit, the sale of an EP is two units and the sale of an album is six units. Media organisations get confused with units and albums.

    Regardless of this The Beatles have sold more albums than any other recording artist.

  246. WayDown says:

    In my Country in Asia, we had posters of Elvis everywhere (shops, appatments, schools) but I can’t remember to have seen a Beatles poster. Actually we didn’t knew them in the 80’s.

    No one have the exact number of Elvis sales but he must be far ahead because of his worlwide impact. My country was a tiny one with only 3 million people but still Elvis was known as the King. When I arrived in France, I sow the same impact here.

  247. Bob says:

    Hey Waydown,

    Audited sales figures indicate The Beatles are the biggest selling recording artists of all time. The Beatles had a greater worldwide impact than Elvis which is reflected in record sales. You do not have any facts to back your opinion – but you are entitled to your opinion.


  248. WayDown says:

    Bob, I’m just telling you what I saw with my own eyes! In Asia when I was teen in the 80’s, no one knew the Beatles at school but we used to talk a lot about Elvis and about how great he was.

    May be I adore the Beatles more than you believe me, I play on my guitar all their songs (best musicians in the history of popular music for me), but I heard about the group only when I arrived in France in 1991. Elvis is known as the King on the entire planet and I repeat in record sales he must be really far ahead. But I still adore the Beatles for their complicated music, but my idol is and always will be the King because of that God given voice, he was the unique artist on the planet to have that talent and the voice to sing all king of music better than anyone. Paul’s voice is ok, but can’t listen to John, his voice irritates even my dog :o)

  249. Bob says:

    Hey Waydown,

    Elvis might have been more popular than The Beatles in your country of 3 million, but The Beatles were more popular than Elvis in my country (Australia : population then of 11-15 million) in the 1960’s when I was growing up but so what. When it comes to audited sales The Beatles are way ahead. All your anecdotal evidence does not count for anything.

    Just check the website : gracenote/map and see who is being listened to most throughout the world – it is The Beatles and that reflects in their sales which exceed any other recording artist.

  250. WayDown says:

    Come on Bob! Lets be serious, your link is a big bull! Do you believe that The Beatles are second in a country like Afghanistan !!! Or Beatles and Elvis 1st and 2nd in Iraq !!! COME ON ! Even if I’m an Elvis fan, Elvis can’t be in the top 10 in Iraq where the 90% listen to Arabic music ! I have been in these countrys !

  251. rcmsrw says:

    waydown. I can’t answer for Iraq but please go to It shows the Beatles totally dominating the charts TODAY in virtually every country in Europe, the US, Japan, Korea, Argentina, Canada. They list 20 countries where the Beatles are totally dominating the charts. This was written 3 months ago.

  252. Bob says:

    Hey Waydown,

    I have provided audited evidence of The Beatles outselling Elvis – RIAA and Soundscan. Also evidence of listening trends world wide which indicate The Beatles dominate. You have not provided any evidence to support your opinion so your arguments do not carry any weight.

    In my posting of January 13th I asked you to provide the countries where Elvis had outsold The Beatles backed by facts not speculation but as yet you have not responded. I am still waiting.

    I have also provided other links that support the contention that The Beatles are the biggest selling recording artists in the world. Please provide some evidence to the contrary if you have any.

    rcmsrw has also provided another link which indicates the massive current popularity of The Beatles.

  253. Nyla says:

    My uncle and aunt both work in the entertainment business and like I said b4, no artist has ever sold a billion albums!
    They also informed me that Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson is and has been for the past 25 years the biggest selling artist of all time!
    You people keep saying Elvis, when Elvis berrly sells a 1,000 albums a year! and the beatles? PLEASE. they for sure have never outsold mike so you beatle fanatics can just shove it!

    Michael Jackson touched so many races and cultures that you can’t even joke about it.
    I have asked many people do they like the beatles and my calculations says that the only people who said yes were WHITE people. The black people I asked barely even knew who the beatles were.
    Though I cannot tell you how many White AND Black people have said that they not only like Michael Jackson but listen to him all the time.

    Now this bullcrap about the beatles and Elvis selling over a billion albums is a media hype and they have not sold nowhere near close to that so all y’all need to shut up. The guiness book of world records have stated that Michael Jackson is the most successful artist of all time, therefore he is the biggest selling artist of all time. Almost ALL of his albums are among the best selling. Since when did the beatles and Elvis ever accomplish that feat? and that thing about the rolling stones is bogus! the rolling stones need to hop off of the beatles d*ck because I know plenty of bands who are wayy better than the beatles.
    As for Elvis, he doesn’t even belong in this catagory, because I have not met not one person who has ever told me that they like Elvis presley so you Elvis fanatics need to learn the facts, draw a bridge and get over it!
    and fu** that RIAA shiz. don’t nobody even know who the hell the RIAA is!

    So to sum things down a bit, Michael Jackson is the biggest selling artist of all time, then comes the beatles, and Elvis isn’t even in the top 5. so there, I rest my case, its settled, its done. and if you don’t believe me, ask any professional, because my aunt and uncle are deeply into the entertainment business and they literally know everything. and my aunt who is a big fan of the beatles even says that MJ outsells them by miles so suck on that you beatle fanatics!

    MJ is number 1, beatles number 2, Elvis doesn’t even belong in this conversation, so peace!!!

  254. Bob says:

    Hey Nyla,

    I agree The Beatles and Elvis have not sold a billion albums – it is impossible. Please read my earlier posts.

    However according to all audited evidence such as RIAA and Soundscan The Beatles have far outsold Elvis and Michael Jackson in the US. The Beatles have sold 170 million albums, Elvis 120 million and Michael Jackson 69.5 million in the US.

    According to the IFPI The Beatles are the biggest selling artists world wide. In 2008 The Beatles received a Diamond award from the World Music Awards in recognition of being the biggest selling artists of all time. So until you can provide audited evidence I will continue to think The Beatles are the biggest selling artists of all time.

    So Nyla, your challenge is to provide audited evidence supporting your contention that Michael Jackson is the biggest selling artist not anecdotal stories from your aunt and uncle.


  255. johnnyhawk says:

    This is nothing more than a favorites competition. Every blogger here has their own. Obviously, each artist has their own merits. But you must take into consideration the time period of each. If you have any knowledge of the history of all this, you CAN’T compare Elvis to the Beatles, or the Beatles to Jackson. NO WAY!! Different times…different situations.

    Elvis took the music of the African-Americans (he admitted this himself!) and made it popular to white audiences. So began rock ‘n roll, to the majority anyway.

    Then the Beatles took it further. What we knew as rock ‘n roll changed. KEY WORD HERE! With what they did, it became rock (as stated earlier). They experimented and innovated. And that spawned innumerable versions of rock music. Bubble-gum, Heavy metal, Acid rock, Southern rock, etc.

    And when there was nowhere else to go, it became disco. Popular because it screamed DANCE!!! And what did Jackson’s music promote? DANCE!!! No screaming guitars, no pounding drum solos.


    So how can you say one was better than the other? You can’t. Plain and simple. What if today’s audience knew of this post? They’d be yelling that Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers were the best. Smarten up, people!!!

    As for the record sales? So many variations, I don’t think anyone can really pinpoint the actual numbers. Will continue to be a debate for years on end.

    And for those who argue Elvis never wrote his own songs. So what??!!! Exactly how does that factor in? Many artists never wrote their own music, especially at that time. There were songwriters hired just for that purpose!! Ever heard of the Brill Building crew? Probably not, by the looks of things. Do you really look for the songwriter when a new song comes out? I highly doubt it.

    In the end, each of these artists earned their rightful place in history. Much can be said for Elvis’ continuing popularity (in doubt? See Cirque du Soliel’s new show, or the sold-out concerts all over the world for the “Elvis Lives!” show) and his continuing longevity, or the re-emergence of the Beatles music to a new generation, or Jackson’s contributions.

    Music constantly evolves…and so does its audiences.

  256. Bob says:

    Hey johnnyhawk,

    What you said is correct, however the title of this blog is “Is Elvis the biggest selling artist of all time?”

    The answer to that on all available audited evidence is no. On all available audited evidence the biggest selling artists of all time are The Beatles.

    If you read my previous postings I have not discussed the artistic merits of The Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson or any other artist but have simply provided evidence supporting my contention that The Beatles are the biggest selling recording artists of all time.

    Every one is entitled to their opinion as to who they think is the greatest recording artist – I do not have a problem with that, but when it comes to talking about record sales then comments should be supported by facts not opinions.

  257. abhishek says:

    search on the google….the best selling artists of all time and the most reknown magazine THE ROLLING STONE and WIKIPEDIA.COM will tell you who is best and they are…


  258. WayDown says:

    Nyla, salutations to your aunt and uncle :o)

    Otherwise, as I told you before, the biggest selling artists ALL TIME are Elvis and the Beatles. Someone must be really stupid to tell who’s the first. Only a small part of the King’s sales are counted by RIAA (do some research why) and the counted sales are still impressing. I know that the Beatles sold lot lot lot either. So no opinion about who’s the first but I know the first 2 places. I don’t know who’s 3rd (Crosby, MJ, Sinatra, ABBA, …), but he’s/she’s very very far from the 2 first giants.

    And I’m convinced that the 2 first of the list sold much more than billion records (albums + singles). Elvis had such impact on Asia in the 80’s no one can imagine, you should be there to feel that. I was teen in the 80’s in Asia and people were still in live with the King. That’s really impressing because 80’s were for MJ his prime period!

    Someone talked about 120 million for Elvis (RIAA numbers). Just for information, only 1 Elvis’s song “It’s now or never” was sold for more than 25 million! 170 million for the Beatles are also bulls as for 60 million for MJ. He sold much more than this. Planet is not US only!

  259. rcmsrw says:

    Johnnyhawk, you give a nice discertaion. However, your quote that it doesn’t matter if Elvis wrote his own songs is simply wrong. The thing about the Beatles and MJ is that they CREATED WHAT THEY PRESENTED. SURELY THAT MEANS MORE THAN SIMPLY HAVING A PRETTY VOICE, A HANDSOME FACE AND A NICE PRESENTATION OF THE SONG NO MATTER WHAT IMPACT THOSE SONGS HAD.
    And Nyla, listen to Bob. There are so many sources that say the Beatles are #1 and Elvis #2 that you simply can’t argue it anymore. Like Bob says gives us some evidence as to MJ being #1. Bet you can’t.

  260. WayDown says:

    “rcmsrw”, are you sure that JUST to sing with a pretty voice is simple? Then ask John Lennon who has the ugliest voice on the planet to sing like Elvis :o)

    “rcmsrw”, the voice is God given, you have it or you don’t have it. Pavarotti, Caruso, Callas, Sinatra, Aretha Franklin wrote NOTHING, but God created them differently. Anyone can play an instrument by studying a year or two, anyone can compose by studying music a year or two (Not as great as the Beatles but I can compose… and by the way I compose music).

    Paul + John + MJ + Sting + U2 + …. All these together can’t sing a song like “Hurt”. The voice is God given and can not be studied. You can have teachers to teach you how to use your voice, but if the nature made you like for example John Lennon, the teacher can’t do miracles!
    With all the respect I have for you “rcmsrw”, you told bulls this time ;o)

  261. rcmsrw says:

    Waydown, we will have to agree to disagree. I just do not believe that a pretty voice is equal to creation. Pavarotti singing Opera may be beautiful but it is not as great a feat as the person who composed it. So in your mind Caruso, Callas and Pavarotti equal Mozart, Beethoven and Rossini? I’m not buying it. A beautiful voice is God given, but its just your vocal chords being aligned in the right way. Using your brain to create is much more of an accomplishment than singing that accomplishment. Paul Anka wrote “My Way” and Sinatra sang it. To me Anka’s accomplishment was greater …BY FAR.
    One more thing. Anyone can compose? You can be taught to color but how many become Picasso? You can use an erector set, but how many become Frank Lloyd Wright?

  262. WayDown says:

    “A beautiful voice is God given, but its just your vocal chords being aligned in the right way.” ? Then ask John to align his vocal chords ! Are you kidding me “rcmsrw”?

    When I listen to Pavarotti singing “Nessun Dorma” I travel galaxies! Millions of tenors could sing what have wrote Puccini but that does not make you travel! Some artists have that God given talent to give a life to a song. John or MJ can sing “Are you lonesome tonight” and that will sound like garbage! Not only the song makes the difference but how you sing it! Elvis sang too many simple and lost songs by transforming them to diamonds! These songs were not written by the greatest writers in the history of music!

    Once again you’re wrong my friend.

  263. rcmsrw says:

    No waydown, I’m not kidding and again I guess we’ll just disagree with each other. There’s no way you will ever convince me that a person with a pretty voice has more talent than someone who writes an opera. So are you saying James Taylor is the equal of Bob Dylan? No way. Let me ask you this. Look at the Mona Lisa. In your view Mona Lisa herself, because of her beauty, contributes more than DaVinci who painted it. You’ll never get me to agree with that.
    Again I stand by what I said. A beautiful voice is simply the vocal chords lined up in a perfect way. We all have brains but it takes special people with talent to create things with that brain.

  264. WayDown says:

    Yes “rcmsrw”, we’ll disagree with each other on this point because I’m a lyric singer and I sing operas, and I know how a voice is God given, how a voice can be magic and can make you travel (not just only pretty like you’re saying). Listen to the song “The sound of your cry” from Elvis, his voice kills you. Other artists can sing the same song written by the same writer and you will feel nothing. The voice is the most beautiful creation of God when talking about music. This is my opinion and I respect yours.

  265. rcmsrw says:

    Waydown, we do disagree but not to the extent that you think we do. I certainly understand the importance of how a song is presented and how beautiful a voice can be. Believe me I listen to Sinatra everyday. That is why I get upset when you say the Beatles and especially John had “ugly” voices. Sure they weren’t great voices but they were perfect for what they sang. John was made to sing Rock and Roll. Listen to his voice on the early stuff, Twist and Shout, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Bad Boy, Postman, The perfect Rock and Roll voice. Then listen later in the angst in his voice in Hide your Love Away, the softness in Girl, It’s Only Love, and Norweigen Woods. Its haunting in Day in the Life and actually beautiful in Because. Side 2 of Abbey Road the critics said they harmonized better than the Beach Boys. And they did. So, no I understand the beauty of the voice and how Elvis could sing better than any of the Rock guys. No argument. My only difference with you is that I believe the greater achievement is creating a Day in the Life rather than singing it. I love to listen to janes Taylor. I could all day, his voice is beautiful. But as an artist he doesn’t come close to Dylan who couldn’t sing a lick. That’s my position.

  266. Gross says:

    Elvis is King. There’s no doubt about that. Some of you people have to realize that really bad spelling, punctuation, and grammar makes your opinions irrelevant as it is obvious that you do not possess the skills to form an opinion worth listening to.

  267. rcmsrw says:

    Hey, Gross. This site does not need an elitist attitude. Every person is entitled to their opinion. Having the ability to correctly spell, punctuate, and produce proper grammar does not add to your love and enthusiasm for the artists mentioned, nor does it elevate your opinion in any way.

  268. WayDown says:

    I agree with “rcmsrw”… Only for the proper grammar :o)

    Every person can give his opinion on music. Too many people (me either) don’t live in English speaking countries but it’s a plesure to us to share our opinion with you guys…

    Elvis the King ;o)

  269. cathy says:

    I have been reading up on who was the top selling artist and in two places they have

    The Beatles


    Michael Jackson

    On two other list it has


    The Beatles

    Michael Jackson

    Even one had said that Michael and the Beatles were neck and neck in sales saying that both had sold 750 mil.

    As for voice Michael’s voice is way better then The Beatles and espeically Elvis. Elvis was a singer that sang but did not put much feeling in the song. IMO that is. With Michael you could cry along with him with touching songs like She’s Out of My Life. He sang at 10 with the soul of a man who was 30 years his senior. I felt every heartstring pull when he sang many of his songs he put so much enotion in his songs. From joy to sadness to anger and pain.
    Michael just is simply the best performer of all time. He changed the face of music, dance, music videos. He sang many songs that had a meaning beyond time and space. About the world and how we as a people need to start to love our fellow man and save the planet.
    He didn’t just write songs he composed, wrote, produced, and performed much of his own work.

    On others it has

  270. cathy says:

    And remember Michael Jackson has the biggest selling album of all time, Thriller. He has won at least 372 awards for his musical efforts as well as his humanitarian efforts. Plus he had a wide range of music. His albums didn’t have just one style of music on them. It was a mixture of many different styles from soul, R@B, rock, pop. It didn’t matter he sang what he felt and he did it beautifully.
    I think Elvis was a good Rock and Roll singer and the Beatles were ok. I never really liked their music. Not that it was bad I am just not into their type of music.
    As you can tell I am a Michael Jackson fan and will be til I pass. The Beatles and Elvis were both great singers in their own right but to look at the big picture Michael Jackson buries them. He can do everything and does it flawlessly from writing, composing, producing, directing, choreographing and just plain being hands on whenever he did something he was right there making sure it was the best that it could be.
    He was never taught how to sing or to dance that was an innate ability he had since birth. He studied the greats and became greater as in dancing. And the Greats in dancing themselves Fred Astaire, Sammy Davis Jr., James Brown, Jackie Wilson stated this fact.
    Also he has universal appeal. From every corner of the globe. He had the biggest tour in history singing to billions of loyal fans during that tour. His tour that was to start just after his passing was sold out. 50 sold out shows for a man who had not been on stage since 97 and this was 09. And this was at the o2 Arena in London. That has to tell you something.

  271. rcmsrw says:

    Cathy, you have a right to your opinion. MJ was a great performer, no doubt about it. He was the biggest star of the 1980s, again, no doubt. But your opinion just doesn’t hold up when compared to what the majority of artist, musicians and critics think. When these people are questioned for quality of music, MJ is like in the middle of the pack. After Thriller his music was good, not great. And for Thriller try and find a list, any list that ranks it in the top 10 for quality, not quantity. You can’t find it. For the Rock era, circa, 1950s thru now, the Beatles are ALWAYS RANKED #1 IN QUALITY OF MUSIC. The depth and breadth of the Beatles music far surpasses MJs, by light years. And oh by the way, don’t let waydown hear you say MJ sang better than Elvis. Not close.
    Mj was the biggest star of the MTV era, by far. Elvis and the Beatles changed the world, not just musically but culturally as well. Time magazine ranked the Beatles as the #2 most important cultural impact of the entire 20th century. Think of that.
    MJs last tour was sold out, yes, but do you know before he died he hadn’t even sold 1 million albums in 2009. His sales went up after he died as you would imagine, but in just the last 20 years, so currently, the Beatles are #2. They’re #2 in just the last 10 years. So, 40 years after they quit, the world continues to buy their stuff almost more than anyone. Imagine that. You can say you don’t care for them, but apparently the world does. MJ doesn’t crack the top 15. His “worldwide” appeal seemed to be vanishing.

  272. Christina says:

    Elvis could sing. He couldn’t write, he couldn’t dance or do anything else. Everything wa shanded to him on a plate and all he had to do was sing. That’s why he’s released almost 200 effing albums! And Michael released no more than 10. And still he’s sold over 750,000,000 albums, inclouding THRILLER, THE BIGGEST SELLING ALBUM OF ALL TIME! 110,000,000 copies sold baby ;)
    He was in on eeeverything in his dances and music. He wrote, choreographed, danced, sang, produced, directed, beatboxed, drew, and SO MUCH MORE! He did everything, and everything he did, inspired millions to become what they are today. trust me. Almost ALL the artists today have said that MJ inspired them so much in so many ways. the only ones not is Eminem and kiss. Good for them. Everyone else are huge MJ fans. And he’s also inspired millions of dancers and choreogrpahers. MJ was a man for all. He did everything perfectlt, while having such a HUGE heart and donated over 300 million dollars to charity, created charities and raised money through his songs. I can’t believe he was real.He was too good to be true. I still cry. RIP Mike<3 The King

  273. cathy says:

    I am glad I am not the only one who still cries over the loss of Michael our sweet wonderful magical one.

  274. cathy says:

    Thank you!!! Yes I don’t understand why people say Michael didn’t make an impact like Elvis or the Beatles. Michael Jackson inspired many almost all of the artists of today. Beyonce said that he was the one who inspired her to start to sing. She said that if it was not for Michael Jackson she would not have started singing. He was a inspiration to many like James Brown was for him. In fact Black Eyed Peas leader Will I Am, said ‘Something needs to put a jolt back into the music industry and the only thing that can do that is the jolt itself, Michael Jackson’

    The songs he wrote and composed by himself are:

    For the Off The Wall Album

    Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
    Working Day And Night

    For the Thriller Album

    Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
    The Girl Is Mine
    Beat It
    Billie Jean

    For the Bad Album

    The Way You Make Me Feel
    Speed Demon
    Liberian Girl
    Another Part Of Me
    I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
    Dirty Diana
    Smooth Criminal
    Leave Me Alone

    Street Walker=On the special edition of Bad

    For the Dangerous Album

    Heal The World
    Black Or White
    Who Is It
    Will You Be There

    For the History Album

    They Don’t Care About Us
    Stranger In Moscow
    Earth Song
    Little Susie

    For the Blood On the Dance Floor album


    Songs for the Invincible Album

    The Lost Children

    Songs that Were Never Released or was on other people’s albums

    Beautiful Girl
    In The Back
    Sunset Driver
    The Way You Love Me
    What More Can I Give

    The songs that he co-wrote are:

    For the Off The Wall Album

    Get On the Floor

    He didn’t co-write any songs for the Thriller album or the Bad albums

    But for the Bad Special Edition Album he co-wrote

    Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu (I Just Can’t Stop Loving You – In Spanish)
    Fly Away

    For the Dangerous Album

    In The Closet
    She Drives Me Wild
    Remember The Time
    Can’t Let Her Get Away
    Give In To Me
    Keep The Faith

    For the History Album

    This Time Around
    Tabloid Junkie
    2 Bad

    For the Blood On The Dance Floor Album

    Blood On The Dance Floor
    Superfly Sister
    Is It Scary?

    For the Invincible Album

    Break Of Dawn
    Heaven Can Wait
    You Rock My World
    2000 Watts
    You Are My Life
    Don’t Walk Away
    Whatever Happens

    Other songs that were either not released or were on other people’s albums

    Got The Hots
    Mind Is The Magic
    Monkey Business
    Say Say Say duet with Paul McCartney
    Scared Of The Moon
    Someone Put Your Hand Out
    The Man duet with Paul McCartney
    We Are Here To Change The World
    We Are The World
    We’ve Had Enough

    Also he wrote a few songs for him and his brothers to perform together

    This Place Hotel
    Shake Your Body Down To The Ground
    Can You Feel It

    There may be others that he wrote for them I really don’t know. I know for sure that he wrote those songs because he said so in his book ‘Moonwalk’.

    Also remember he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. Once with his brothers and once by himself. He has been put into The Guinness Book of World Records eight times I believe. He raised the bar and then broke that bar. He is the best and time will prove my point. There will never be anyone like Michael Jackson and that is sad because besides being a musical genius he was a wonderful human being who loved all and helped as many as he could with his music, his money and his time. Heck he donated all of his money he got from the Victory tour to charity. He gave all the money he got from the sales of the single Man In The Mirror to charity. Heck the money he got from Pepsi after that burn accident he used that money to build the Michael Jackson Burn Center. He was very humble. He believed that his gifts were God given and if you were not humble that he would take them away so he stayed humble and showed his fans that he appreciated them and loved them as much as we love him.

  275. rcmsrw says:

    Ok, Cathy and Christina, listen to me. First of all MJ was a great talent. One of the greatest in music history. He elevated MTV to gigantic status. He was the biggest star in the world for 10 years. He was a true talent. I’m not denying that. Here’s what I am denying.
    #1. Music quality. What do Bob Dylan, Paul Mc Cartney, John Lennon, Bruce Sprinstein, Sting, Elton John, Mick Jagger, Brian Wilson, just to name a few off the top of my head have in common? They all wrote more songs than what you have listed above AND THEY WERE BETTER SONGS. This isn’t just my opinion. Look at all the reputable critics, musicains and artists in the world. Whenver they rank THE BEST, Michaels songs start in the middle and go down from there. Thriller was a terrific album. Rolling Stone Magazine says it’s the 20th best of all time. 20th!!!! After that the rest are lower. The Beatles have 6 in the top 12. He was a great song and dance man, maybe the best, but the music he created was just good, not great.
    #2. Influence. First let it be known if not for Elvis, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. He brought Rock and Roll to mainstream America and from there a whole generation became united through his music. United in our dress, actions, everything. Then came the Beatles. They elevated everything. First of all their music. The depth of their music has never been equalled. Again this isn’t just me saying this. Look at any inquiry with respected musicains, critics and artists. The Beatles are always #1. Leonard Berstein once said the greatest composers of all time were the 4 “Bs”, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Beatles. Next they took our generation and united them not just in the ways Elvis did but gave that generation a feeling of power, both Politically and Socially. They created the “60s”
    Michael came along when MTV was 3 years old. It was on but not a force. With Thriller he transformed MTV into a powerhouse. But Madonna, Prince, they were all there and some say contributed as much. I don’t agree with that but he didn’t “change” music like Elvis and the Beatles did.
    And staying power. You can look this up. In the last 20 years the Beatles are the #2 selling artists in the world. MJ was 15th???? In the US alone last year BEFORE HE DIED, he had sold 1/2 million albume. The Beatles were close to 4 million. They were also #1 in 15 countries including every country in Europe.

  276. aiebwgr says:

    God, this forum is laughable, and full of deluded individuals. Michael Jackson sales are by far the MOST accurate as they use modern tracking techniques. The labels, billboard, R.I.A.A etc. have admitted MANY TIME’s that the sale’s figures for Elvis were almost a total guess, and partly submitted by labels trying to promote him by overinflating his sales. You do not seriously believe that Elvis was anything much outside the USA and the UK and some other EU countries do you. That about 1.5 billion in all those countries, and you are basically implying that almost every single person, yes every single one bought and Elvis record or a beatles record, to be frank it’s utter BS. There is hardly anything in this contest at all, and yes Michael Jackson is way up there and miles ahead of people you try and push him down with, your also deluded if you can’t see this. Lets take some FACTS which can ACTUALLY BE PROVEN now shall we. Michael Jackson BAD TOUR DANGEROUS TOUR and HISTORY tours are all the top 3 highest grossing tours in history FACT. Michael Jackson has sold records in places where the beatles and Elvis are not even heard off………….. Michael Jackson Is the Most awarded Star in History, Michael Jackson has the biggest selling album of all time, Some of you here would probably also believe that The eagles greatest hits is also the biggest selling album in the United states, if you actually bothered to look at the numbers they are absolutely ludicrous, and funnily enough the album supposedly sold 7 million copies a decade after its release within 3 years with no promotion, this perfectly coincided with the media trying to destroy Michael Jackson FACT. It doesn’t take a genius to put the puzzle together. Michael Jackson is right up there right with them and you need to wake up to it and stop kidding yourself. There know people will not seriously check these figures from Elvis times as they cannot be contested as there is no proof, so whats to stop them lying about them, if you think they would not do that then you are so naive and foolish. Michael Jackson’s sales figures are much more acuratly tracked and are far more likely to be the truth. The cannot lie about them, but what they can do, is lie about sales of older rivals again if you can’t see it your Naive. I’m not saying an order, I’m just giving some support for Michael Jackson who you are all ganging up on and it wouldn’t surprise me if some of you saw him as a threat. I think the most likely order is
    1. Beatles
    2. Michael Jackson
    3. Elvis
    I think the beatles are quiet a way ahead, and Michael is about 20 million up on Elvis. But here is a last little thing to consider, in elvis’s time the music industry was far less competitive than michaels era, Elvis released far more music than michael, as did the beatles.
    But to go round quoting random sales figures from dodgy websites ect is mindless and so many of these stats are false…. All mine are from official sources such as the guiness book of records etc. And bearing in mind there has never been a source that hasn’t been against Michael Jackson in recent years well lest just say I think it’s obvious……….

  277. aiebwgr says:

    and the fact RCMSRW quotes rolling stone with refernce to Michael Jackson says it all………….. They are well known to be one of the most biased magazines around when it comes to Michael Jackson.

  278. aiebwgr says:

    people are craking me up on this, you are presenting your opinions as fact, when I’m presenting Fact as Fact. People saying Elvis had a better voice than Michael Jackson…….. it’s hillarious. What you probably mean is he had a more inconic voice to you, Michael Jackson has mastered more vocals techniques than any other male vocalist on the major music scene, he has the highest vocal range of any male singer ever on the mainstream music scene, I could go on, Elvis has none of these vocal records and these are facts and have been tested. who is better is your opinion, I gave you some points there, but it’s still an opinion.

  279. aiebwgr says:

    what I’m gettin at is that none of you really know, as sales figures have never been accurately tracked. Michael Jackson last 3 albums came out in a period where the music industry was in major decline, but as a sales ratio relative to other acts he was still incredibly high, and back in the day of the beatles Elvis, etc. Those 20 million sales would have been more like 40 million especially for his last album invincible. Sales figures are one thing. But I seriously hope you can see That Michael Jackson was the biggest they ever came overall

  280. rcmsrw says:

    Hey, lets get our FACTS STRAIGHT Aiebwgr. I’ve just checked 5 sights and the consensus is the Stones Bigger Bang is #1 concert tour of all time. Followed by U2, then Bon Jovi or Madonna depending on sight, then U2 again. What kind of a fact is “MJ has sold records in places that haven’t heard of Elvis or Beatles”. NAME THE PLACE AND PRESENT THE FIGURES. Rolling Stone magazine is one of the most respected periodicals in the music industry. But don’t just look at them. Look at any periodical, anyone that ranks music for quality and give me the results.

  281. cathy says:

    You want facts alright here are record sales facts.

    US chart records and achievements

    Jackson’s Thriller (1982) remained at number one on the Billboard 200 album chart for thirty-seven weeks, second only to the soundtrack for West Side Story. Thriller spent a record 80 consecutive weeks, more than a year and a half, in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200. It was the first of only three albums that have remained in the Top 10 for more than one year (along with Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill and Celine Dion’s Falling into You). It is the only album to have sold more copies in the United States than any other in two separate years, topping the sales charts in 1983 and 1984, and selling over 29 million copies to date. Worldwide, its sales total has been estimated at 110 million copies by the Guinness Book of World Records top-selling album in the history of music.
    * Five of Jackson’s albums, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory, Invincible, and the soundtrack to Michael Jackson’s This Is It, debuted at number one in the United States.
    * Jackson was the first artist to chart four Top 10 singles from one album (Off the Wall).
    * Jackson was the first artist to chart seven Top 10 singles from one album (Thriller), a feat matched only by his sister Janet and Bruce Springsteen.
    * Jackson is the only artist to chart five number one hits from one LP, Bad (“Bad”, “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Man in the Mirror”, “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”, and “Dirty Diana”).
    * With “Thriller”‘s “Billie Jean”, Jackson became the first artist to simultaneously have the number one album and number one single on Billboard’s Pop Charts and Black Charts.
    * Following changes in Billboard’s methodology, Jackson became the first artist to have a song debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 (“You Are Not Alone”).
    * In 2009 Jackson became the first artist in history to have four of the top 20 best selling albums in a single year in the United States
    * Jackson has had 13 #1 singles on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart, trailing only The Beatles (20), Mariah Carey (18) and Elvis Presley (18 or 17, depending on source). This total does not include “We Are the World”, co-written by Jackson and credited to USA for Africa, or the four #1 singles by The Jackson 5.
    * Jackson had 28 top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100, one less than The Beatles (29), and trailing Elvis Presley (36) and Madonna (37).
    To Be Continued

  282. cathy says:

    Michael Jackson had 28 Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in the US.

    Michael Jackson had 13 number one hits on the Billboard R&B charts in the US.

    UK chart records and achievements

    * With 11.5 million sales, Michael Jackson is one of only eight musical acts that have sold more than 10 million singles in Britain.
    * Jackson had 7 #1 hits on the UK Singles Chart, tied for 12th all-time.
    * Jackson had the most Top 40 hits in the UK Singles Chart in one year, 19 in 2006.
    * Jackson had 40 Top 10 hits in the UK Singles Chart. Elvis Presley has the most, with 77.
    * Jackson’s Thriller and Bad are the 8th- and 9th-highest-selling albums in UK history. Besides Jackson, only Queen, with the 1st- and 7th-best-selling albums, has multiple entries in the top twenty.
    * In the second week following his death, Jackson had 13 songs in the Top 40, and 5 albums in the Top 10, including the top-selling album.

    Michael Jackson had seven number one hits on the UK Singles Charts.

    French chart records and achievements

    * Invincible, released in 2001, had the highest first week of sales for a foreign album in France, selling 166,000 copies.
    * Jackson had four diamond albums in France. They are Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, and HIStory.
    * Jackson had 22 top ten hits on the French Top 100 Singles charts.
    * Jackson had 36 top 40 hits on the Top 100 Singles charts.

    Michael Jackson had seven number one hits on the Top 100 Singles charts in France.

    German chart records and achievements

    * Jackson had five albums in Germany that reached platinum status: Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory, and Invincible.
    * Jackson had 16 top ten hits on the German Top 100 singles charts.
    * Jackson had 29 top 40 hits on the Top 100 singles charts.

    Michael Jackson had two number one hits on the Top 100 singles charts in Germany

    Spanish chart records and achievements

    * Jackson had 35 top 20 hits on the Top 20 Singles charts.
    * Jackson had 29 top ten hits on the Top 20 Singles charts.

    Michael Jackson had 21 number one hits on the Top 20 Singles charts in Spain.

    Canadian chart records and achievements

    * Jackson had five number one albums in Canada: Thriller, Bad, HIStory, Number Ones and This Is It.
    * Jackson had three singles that earned at least one platinum certification in Canada: “Billie Jean,” “Beat It,” and “Say Say Say.”
    * Jackson had 29 top 20 hits on the Top 50 Singles charts.
    * Jackson had 20 top ten hits on the Top 50 Singles charts.

    Michael Jackson had five number one hits on the Top 50 Singles charts in Canada.

    Australian chart records and achievements

    * Jackson had eight albums in Australia that earned platinum or multi-platinum certifications: Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory, Invincible, Number Ones, and The Essential Michael Jackson.
    * Jackson had 27 top 20 hits on the Top 100 Singles charts.
    * Jackson had 20 top ten hits on the Top 100 Singles charts.

    Michael Jackson had four number one hits on the Top 100 Singles charts in Australia.

    Norwegian chart records and achievements

    * Jackson had three singles that earned a gold certification in Norway: “Earth Song,” “They Don’t Care About Us,” and “You Rock My World.”
    * Jackson had 21 top ten hits on the Top 20 Singles charts.

    Michael Jackson had four number one hits on the Norwegian Top 20 Singles charts.

    Swiss chart records and achievements

    * Jackson had 24 top ten hits on the Top 100 Singles chart.
    * Jackson had 21 top ten hits on the Top 20 Singles charts.

    Michael Jackson had four number one hits on the Swiss Top 100 Singles charts.

    New Zealand chart records and achievements

    * Jackson had 24 top ten hits on the Top 100 Singles charts.

    Michael Jackson had three number one hits on the Top 100 Singles charts in New Zealand.

    Irish chart records and achievements

    * Jackson had 70 chart entries on the Top 100 Singles charts.

    Michael Jackson had ten number one hits on the Top 100 Singles charts in Ireland

    Too Be Continued

  283. cathy says:

    Other records and achievements

    * Jackson has been credited with supporting more charities than any other artist – 39 charitable organizations – either with monetary donations through sponsorships of their projects or participation in their activities.
    * David O. Selznick’s 1940 Best Film Oscar for Gone with the Wind (USA, 1939) was bought by Jackson for $1,542,000 on June 12, 1999, at Sotheby’s, New York City. The Academy Awards no longer permits such sales, all but ensuring that it will remain the most expensive Oscar.
    * Jackson financed the most expensive music video (“Scream” in 1995. The clip, which co-starred sister Janet Jackson, reportedly cost over US$7 million.
    * On November 14, 1991, the debut of Michael Jackson’s music video Black or White was broadcast simultaneously in 27 countries, to the largest estimated audience to view such a video: perhaps 500 million people.
    * In March 1991, Jackson signed a record-breaking US$890 million contract by Sony. It remains the largest recording contract. His 1986 $15 million deal with Pepsi was, at the time, the largest ever promotional endorsement.
    * Jackson has 9 U.S. platinum singles, the second most by any male artist (Elvis Presley is first). Jackson has 13 # 1 singles in United States, which also trails Presley for the second most ever by a male solo artist.
    * Jackson has the two best-selling VHS music videos ever released: “Moonwalker” (1988), and “The Making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller” (1984).
    * Jackson has been given 366 recognized awards, which has been promoted as being the most for an artist. These include the most Grammy Awards and American Music Awards ever won in a single year. Jackson’s eight Grammys at the 1984 ceremony were equalled only by the musical group Carlos Santana in 2001); his eight American Music Awards (also in 1984) were later matched by Whitney Houston in 1994. Jackson won four posthumous American Music Awards in 2009, for a career total of 23 awards, the most by any artist.
    * Jackson has won the most World Music Awards by a male artist, 15. Five of these came in 1996, tying Whitney Houston’s record total from 1994. He has also won the most Billboard awards by a male artist, 26. Jackson’s 13 Billboard awards in 1983 are the highest-ever one-year total.
    * In 2002, MTV awarded Jackson the “Artist of the Millennium” award. Jackson was named the “Best Selling Male Artist of the Millennium” at the World Music Awards ceremony in 2000, and the “Artist Of The Century” at the American Music Awards ceremony in 2002. In 2006, the Guinness World Records identified Jackson as the “Most Successful Entertainer Of All Time”, and the first performer to have sold 100 million albums outside the U.S. Also in 2006, Jackson was awarded the “Chopard Diamond award” at the World Music Awards. commemorating sales of over 100 million records.
    * Jackson’s “Bad World Tour” (1987–1989) was the highest-grossing tour ever at the time, with over $125 million earned. This record was later broken by the “Dangerous World Tour” (1992-1993) and later broken again by the “HIStory World Tour” (1996-1997), which is still the biggest tour ever in terms of international attendance (4.5 million tickets outside of USA). 700,000 tickets were sold in about four hours for the cancelled “This Is It” concert series in 2009.
    * While the bulk of his sales achievements have come in the fields of pop music and R&B, Jackson has also had success in subgenres. His “Dangerous” (1991) album (38 million sales worldwide) has been cited as the top-selling New Jack Swing album, while his “Blood on the Dance Floor” (11 million sales worldwide) is the biggest selling remix collection.
    * Jackson’s double album “HIStory” is one of the top-selling multiple discs of all time. Though estimates of its worldwide sales total range as high as 21 million copies (42 million discs), over 11 million copies of “HIStory” are known to have been sold.
    * Jackson was once one of the wealthiest entertainers in the world, with an estimated fortune of more than $750 million.
    * Following his death, Jackson became the first artist to sell more than 2 million downloads in a week.
    * “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” is the top-grossing concert film and documentary film of all time. The posthumous movie has earned earned over $250 million worldwide to date. It also set a record for concert films with $103.9 million in worldwide ticket sales in its first five days of release. However, its opening weekend total did not match 2008’s “Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert”, which brought in $31.1 million in its opening weekend despite opening in just 683 theaters. “This Is It” debuted in 3,481 U.S. theaters and earned $23.2 million.

    Too Be Continued

  284. cathy says:

    Michael Jackson Memorial Breaks All Known Records for “Obitutainment”
    Famous in analog. Mourned in digital. In death the King of Pop inspired the greatest online eulogy in human history.

    Millions watched live on TV. Many more followed online. Despite claims of ambivalence, MJ-overload, and “obitutainment” fatigue, the public’s interest in Michael Jackson’s death and subsequent eulogizing has met and arguably exceeded that of Diana, Elvis, Lennon and James Dean. It’s what happens when primal emotion meets both the analog and digital ages.

    As one commentator answered the question, “How big is the MJ memorial?,” “Just imagine if there was an Olympic sport in which Elvis, Frank Sinatra, the Beatles and Mozart duked it out with nuclear weapons. Maybe that would be a bigger deal.”

    Jackson’s memorial, tickets to which were given away on a lottery system, then sometimes sold for up to $20,000 online (with many fans flying in from overseas, even without a ticket) was broadcast live on a dozen channels, including each of the big networks. It was also shown free of charge in more than 50 theatres across the U.S. I’ve met very few people who tuned in to none of it.

    During the 10-day grief-a-thon, ratings for cable news channels have seen the largest spike since the presidential election, and CNN’s ratings alone have been up 85 per cent in the 25- to 54-year-old demographic, compared to the average audience year-to-date.

    But more interestingly, mourning happened even more online than on or off TV. The memorial was live-streamed on dozens of sites including Facebook, MySpace, TV network sites, and media outlets like the New York Times. More than 30 per cent of Twitter posts were about Michael Jackson July 1st and all 10 top Twitter topics were about him on that Tuesday. That’s not even mentioning the millions of blog and comment forum posts about him.

    That’s the great irony of this grief: it’s over a celebrity who could only have become this famous in an analog time, being mourned in a way that could only happen in a digital age.

    Twenty years ago, the few media outlets that existed crowned the rare pop kings and queens, and fed us information through the TV and print one-way highway. Now, so many outlets cater to different tribes that seemingly as many musicians exist as fans — so there can’t be one King of Pop like MJ. But those same channels mean when there is a topic of common interest, the Net can spread (mis)information fast.

    So MJ’s mourners have created the biggest funeral phenomenon ever, not only because of sheer numbers (due to the analog age), but because of their ability to connect quickly with each other (due to the digital age). We might never see this confluence of factors again.

  285. Bob says:

    Check out the following site:

    The Beatles appear to dominate.

  286. WayDown says:

    “aiebwgr” & “cathy”, very very boring comments… :o(

    The thing I love the most is that people who live in US give their opinion for other countries where they have never been :o) I lived in a tiny country in Asia in the 80’s which was MJ’s prime period, STILL ELVIS WAS KING THERE ! People used to buy everything concerning the King (records, cigarette lighters, sun glasses, tee shirts, …). We knew in Asia only the songs Thriller and Bad and that was a big success. But don’t ever think that MJ was the ONE! No way, other artists had the same kind of success with songs like “la isla bonita”, “careless whisper”, “still loving you” or “I Just Called To Say I Love You”. But none of these artists had the impact and the respect comparing Elvis and the Beatles. So stop being Medias puppets and concerning selling records “in places where the Beatles and Elvis are not even heard off”, listen to people who came from those small countries (like me)!

    Now talking about real facts. We all know that only a fraction of the King’s records were counted by RIAA (you have the explication on many sites on internet) but he still remains second to the Beatles. These are official numbers and not my numbers. “It’s now or never” sold 25 million in 1960 ! The times ware harder, THE COMPETITION WAS HARDER (not like 80’s junk New Wave music) and teens had no money comparing to today’s to buy records. The planet was less than 3 billion and medias were divided by 1000 ! 25 million is for 1 song not for an album! Aloha from Hawaii was done in 1973, a period where ONLY big big events could be transmitted by satellite (NOWAY for musical concerts!), no other artist could dream to have that show in 1973. MJ could not even dream to have that favor in the 80’s! Don’t even compare a super star like MJ with the man who changed the planet! If the King didn’t shake his legs in the 50’s, MJ couldn’t touch his balls in the 90’s! The king wrote the book and opened the door for ALL the artists (black or white). Some great artists are grateful to the King (like the Beatles who gave then a real musical treasure with a complicated music still not equaled) and others like MJ jealous (“They call him the King, why not me” Michael Jackson) !!!

    About singing, I will give you quotes from one of the greatest opera singer of all time, that will help you to meditate about MJ’s “vocal talents”! I hope you know Domingo otherwise you will understand nothing ! :o(

    “He was the one voice I wish to have had, of all those emanating from singers in the popular music field”
    The world’s top tenor and opera star, Placido Domingo, from Spain,on Elvis.

    I repeat :
    Best musicians in the history of popular music : Beatles
    Best entertainer in the history of popular music : Elvis

    There are these 2 giants and the others…

  287. rcmsrw says:

    Cathy, as I’ve said MJ was a great artist and set many records. I am not denying that. he was great. He was one of the biggest stars the world has known. But before you checkout Bob’s sight where you can see the Beatles records a mile long also, I’m only saying this:
    1. When all is said and done every reputable source says the Beatles have sold more music than any other artist, including MJ. You simply can’t deny it. The evidence is there.
    2. For quality, it’s all opinion, but when 300 artists, musicians, and critics send in what they consider the best music of the Rock era, the BEATLES DOMINATE, where MJ is in the middle. You can look this up anywhere you want.
    3. Take away his death and he was fading fast as a lasting artist while the Beatles continue to dominate. Fact. In the last 20 years the Beatles were the #2 biggest selling artist. MJ was #15. In the last 10 years, the Beatles were #2 to Eminem, MJ fell to #22. These are current facts. Of course when he died his sales took off. maybe he’ll have a better showing in the next decade.
    I’m not putting MJ down. I watched him and listened to him a lot. He was great, one of the best ever. All I’m saying is he does not top the Beatles in terms of sales and quality of music.

  288. rcmsrw says:

    and oh by the way. You wrote about 6 paragraphs on his death, how big it was. In this day of technology? Heck the Bubble Boy was on TV non stop for a week. One of the biggest stars in America died, at a young age and mysteriously. You don’t think the media is going to be all over this for a long time?

  289. cathy says:

    I was never saying that the Beatles or even Elvis were not great or they sold less then Michael. I know that both sold more than Michael overall but they have been around longer then Michael. I am just saying he was the King of Pop did I say Rock and Roll no. You said that Elvis is the King of Rock and Roll never denied that. He was great.

    But no one can doubt that Michael was very versatile. He was a child star that became even bigger as a solo artist as an adult. Micahal was an innovator in most of what he did. He loved the Beatles heck Paul McCartney wrote a song with Michael in mind which Michael later recorded ‘Girlfriend’ for the Off The Wall album. Also Michael wrote ‘Say Say Say’ and ‘The Man’ which were recorded by Paul and Michael as a duet for Paul’s album. Not sure if it was for one or two of Paul’s albums. Michael did a cover of one of the Beatles songs ‘Come Together’ some people liked it some didn’t. But it remains that it was a tribute to the Beatles.

    Michael himself said that Elvis really had not influenced him and he knew very few black people who listened to him. That does not mean Elvis did not have a black following I am sure he did. But not as much as black artists of the time like James Brown, Little Richard and the like.

    It was said that the Jackson 5 had an effect akin to Beatlemania. In fact the first time they visited England Heathro airport was litterly taken over by fans. He said him and his brothers felt fortunate that they got out of there alive that day.

    Elvis and the Beatles may have had some of the same experiences with fans but what makes the Jackson 5’s experiences so unique is that at the time Blacks and Whites were still very much segregated if not in public then in the households of America. Blacks just did not have the opportunities that Whites had at that time which Michael helped to bridge that gap between the races in that areana. Remember the Jackson 5 came out 69 or 70 and had there first 4 singles go Number 1 which no other artist has been able to do.

    Then when Michael stepped out on his own and did the Off The Wall album he was still breaking records and continued to do so even after his death.

    Everyone will have their own opinion as to who was the best either Michael Jackson, The Beatles or Elvis. And no one will be able to change their minds as to whom is the best. That is what a real fan is they are being loyal to their idol.

    Like I said all three were great but IMHO it was Michael who is better because he was an innovator, he did more than sing and dance and he was more versatile as in he could sing Rock, Pop, Soul and R@B. He was one of the greats and no one can argue with that.

  290. rcmsrw says:

    Cathy, that was good rebuttal. You got your point across and made your case for MJ, while being respectful of everyone else. Good argument.

  291. WayDown says:

    I agree with “rcmsrw”

  292. Simon says:

    There has only been one real King in the music world and of Course that is Elvis. There have been many pretenders, there have been many contenders, but there is only one king. Elvis has outsold Everyone and if you think otherwise, you are living in a dream world. Long live the king!

  293. rcmsrw says:

    Hey, Simon. I guess I’m living in a dream world along with every reputable music sight there is that say The Beatles have certainly outsold Elvis. You can’t deny it.

  294. Bob says:

    Hey Simon,

    I agree with rcmsrw – every reputable music site and all audited sales organisations (RIAA,Soundscan) indicate the Beatles outsold Elvis. Who is in the dream world?

  295. WayDown says:

    “rcmsrw” & “Bob”, really guys, do you beleive that Beatles outsold the King? Search for RCA proofs on internet which explains in details (simple maths) how the King outsold EVERYTHING, even the Beatles by far. As I said before, only a fraction of the King’s records were captured by RIAA and still he’s second to the Beatles. You wanted proofs, then look at RCA which gives you long long long details and proofs that the King is first and by far. RCA does not playing the same game as SONY for MJ, no they are giving PROOFS.

    But still I will not be as stubborn as you and will say both sold huge quantities. I’m not sure about the first but I’m sure about the third ;o)

  296. Bob says:

    Hey Waydown,

    RCA are not an independent organisation – they have a vested interest in saying that Elvis is the biggest selling artist as they are his record company. However they cannot provide any audited documentation to support their claims. Interestingly EMI do not make such claims for The Beatles – maybe they are content to let the independent audited figures do the talking.

    In my posting of January 13th I asked you to name a country and provide evidence where Elvis has outsold The Beatles. I am still waiting. All independent audited evidence supports The Beatles being the biggest selling artists.

  297. rcmsrw says:

    Sorry, Waydown, but I have to remain stubburn. Forget RCA, the 4 biggest estimators, RIAA, Soundscan, Billboard, and the IFPA ALL SAY THE BEATLES HAVE OUT SOLD ELVIS. I believe they are close in singles, because people bought singles in Elvis’ day. But album wise and overall I believe Beatles pretty much crush him. And they keep climbing. They outsold him by 30 million in the last 20 years.

  298. cathy says:

    I am confused about what you said. ‘RCA does not playing the same game as SONY for MJ,’ the only game I know that Sony played was deciding Michael Jackson was to old as well as being a black artist Tommy Matola would not promote his album ‘Invisible’ like they had with all of his other albums. I will admit I did not buy his ‘Invincible’ album. I am ashamed to say it but I didn’t know it existed. If I had I would have bought it.

    As for who is the King of Music well Elvis is the King of Rock and Roll but Michael Jackson is the King of Pop. In my opinion who sold more either Elvis or the Beatles is beside the point. Each of the three made huge impacts on the world at large as well as to music in each of their times. Elvis brought Rock and Roll to the forefront of popular music. The Beatles did all of the fee love thing in the 60’s made the 60’s the 60’s. Michael Jackson made music video what it is today. As well as other things. All three were great in their own right. Each were great mucisions(i know it is misspelled). Lets just agree to disagree.

  299. rcmsrw says:

    Good argument again Cathy. We should look at it like you say. I think it’s a pride thing. People want their favorite to be “the best”. Your 2nd paragraph pretty much says it like it is. Good job. PS to WayDown—Beatles sold the most. LOL.

  300. Bob says:

    Her rcmsrw,

    Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion as to who is the greatest recording artist. However the title of this thread is:

    “Is Elvis the biggest selling artist of all time?”

    The answer is no. Audited sales figures indicate The Beatles are the biggest seling artists of all time – something you agree with. You and I are still waiting for some audited evidence to support any other artist’s claim to that title.

  301. WayDown says:

    “cathy”, saying that Elvis is the King of Rock and Roll is the biggest insult that someone can do to the King. Only people who don’t know him think that he was the best in only Rock and Roll ;o)

    “Bob”, you’re wrong :o) Read the RCA proofs, these are not ideas or rendom numbers, these are facts, proofs… Simple maths that anyone can understand. You can’t desagree with proofs!

  302. rcmsrw says:

    Again, Waydown, I’m not and you should not buy what RCA is saying. They can throw out any numbers they want. They are Elvis’ label as you know. Again, the overwhelming evidence, shown in detail by Soundscan, RIAA, Billboard and IFPA ALL SAY THE BEATLES SOLD THE MOST. These are the 4 biggest and most reputable sourses in the whole industry. You’re saying ALL 4 ARE WRONG? Come on!

  303. Bob says:

    Hey Waydown,

    rcmsrw is correct. RCA can throw out any figures but if they are true why don’t they have them independently audited? The simple answer is they have no documentary proof. What RCA states may or may not be true, but they cannot prove it – if they could they would have been audited by the RIAA.

    Independent audited evidence indicate The Beatles are the biggest selling artists of all time.

  304. 6782 says:

    I’ve done a little comparisom within the people I know.
    I am still schooling.When I ask my friends who are older than me & younger.When I ask them “Do U like Elvis Presley?” they’ll say NO.Some will say his songs make them fall asleep.Some will call him bad words.I don’t wanna say them.But,I don’t admire him though I don’t call him bad words.When I ask them about Beatles they’re not interested.When I ask them about Backstreet Boys,Madonna,Britney Spears and all some like and some don’t.When I ask them about Michael Jackson a lot of people like him.They say his songs are wonder full,he’s awesom,he’s the best legand ever no one can beat him They’ll say .Even the ones who don’t like MJ at all will say his songs are good.
    So that is the truth after all.

  305. WayDown says:

    “Bob” & “rcmsrw”, RCA is not throwing rendom numbers. Otherwise that will be the same game as SONY concrning MJ sales. RIAA knows and admits that many singles/albums of Elvis are sold but not counted. Why not counted? Read what RCA is talking about and you will understand that Elvis is first and by far. Just for example (there are many many others), 500000 records sold is counted as 500000 for RIAA, but 499999 records sold for a single is concidered as 0 for RIAA (and Elvis is losing a lot comparing to Beatles or MJ in this game (read the article to understand why))! RCA is giving numbers that are accepted by RIAA BUT NOT COUNTED because…Read the article. Simple maths, not rendom numbers. SONY is just saying that MJ sold 750 million without any proof. That’s not the case for RCA (read it!).

  306. WayDown says:

    “6782”, return back to Earth !

  307. rcmsrw says:

    6782 see waydown. What kind of argument is that? I asked my dads friends and they said Sinatra is the best. So, I guess he is?
    Sorry waydown but BOb is right. RCA has figures but no real proof. The experts, the authorities say Beatles, no doubt. You quote RIAA, but what about Billboard, IFPA, Soundscan and oh yeah, Guinness world records? Guinness verifies their records, they research. All these others don’t count Elvis correctly, but everyone else they do? Come on. Way too much evidence for Beatles. Real hard numbers. Five authorities say the Beatles are #1 and Elvis fans say no they’re not counting right. Come on, I’m not buying it, neither are the experts.

  308. rcmsrw says:

    Waydown, its me again. I’ve been doing some research and thought you might like to hear this. A couple years ago RIAA DID AUDIT Elvis with RCA cooperation. They then made a public announcement, WITH RCA AND BMG AUDITORS PRESENT. They added many singles and albums and put Elvis higher than he was. In America he is still millions under Beatles. Let me repeat, this announcement was done with RCA approval. The announcement verified Elvis as largest solo artists ever. I repeat SOLO. RCA must have been happy with this as again, they were present during announcement. However, he is STILL MILLIONS BEHIND BEATLES.

  309. WayDown says:

    “rcmsrw”, I never said they are not counting right! But their counting methods decimate a huge quantity of Elvis’ sales (much more for Elvis than for others). That’s a fact and you can check that.

    There are many many proofs about Elvis that millions of sales are not taken into account (sales before 58 in US, then imagine Europe!), sales less then 499999 (or 999999, or etc…), RIAA started to count US sales after 1958, many Europeen countries after 1962, 65, 85…depends on countries.

    Anyway if you don’t want to read proofs I can’t help you! You will stay with your 4 sources and shout victory :o)

    Nevermind, I also adore the Beatles, even if they were first I think that they would deserve it.

  310. cathy says:

    Finality someone understands. It is the fans who say who is the best in their eyes. I listened to Elvis when I was a kid because that was really the only type of music other then country music that was in my house. My parents liked Country and 50’s music. Once I became a teenager and I saw Michael Jackson on MTV for the first time I fell in love. He has been the best in my eyes ever since.
    I don’t know anything about RCA and what or what they did for Elvis but I do know that Sony did not inflate Michael Jackson’s sales. If you don’t want to believe that he has the biggest selling album of all time though every source says so. The best source being the Gueniss Book of World Records says it is then it is your right. You tell other people that we are living in a dream world you should wake up yourself. Just because you may not like Michael Jackson you cannot argue with proof which you have said. Michael may not have sold more records then Elvis or the Beatles but like I previously said Elvis has been around since the 50’s and the Beatles since the 60’s plus they both put out more albums. But just think he put out less albums and has been here less time but he is still right up there in sales as third of all time with less music out there.

    Also I am not sure who said it but it was said on this forum that if it wasn’t for Elvis swaying his hips Michael would have not been able to touch his balls now. I don’t agree with that. There were a lot more provocative moves before Michael’s crotch grab. The reason that it got more attention was that Michael had this goody goody image which he wanted to change with the black leather and buckles. Plus that crotch grab was so out of character for the goody goody Michael it got a lot of more attention. If Prince had done that it would have not likely even been noticed. And anyway that is where Michael said the music had him go. He did not intentionlly think about putting his hand down to a possbily inapprovpiate area.
    Also lets look at the amount of music that has been downloaded off the internet since we have gotten into the internet age. Are those ‘sales’ been counted? There is no way to accurately count how many downloads that have been done for any recording artist. If we didn’t have the convenience and for it being free. Who knows how much more albums any artist could have sold. The real big fans of course went out and bought the albums cause they wanted to keep it. But there are others who don’t want to spend their time and money to go out and buy an album when it is easier and cheaper to do it the other way.

  311. Bob says:

    Hey Waydown,

    I have read the RCA article and it is based on a lot of assumptions, supposition and speculation. For example, and I quote from the article:

    “For the purpose of this exercise, if we average the numbers and say all artists will be credited 500,000 extra sales for records between the various platinum levels, the figures look like this based on the artists current number of certified albums:

    Elvis 43 Platinum x 500,000 = 21.5 mil. New Total: 109

    Beatles 36 Platinum x 500,000 = 18.0 mil. New Total: 168

    Garth 12 Platinum x 500,000 6.0 mil. New Total: 106

    If we take that one step further and add 250,000 units as an average on all Gold albums(half of the difference between 500,000 and 999.,999, we find that The Beatles and Garth Brooks have only albums that have platinum status and therefore get no additional figures:

    Elvis 38 Gold x 250,000 = 9.5 mil. New Total: 118.5

    Beatles 0 Gold = 0 New Total: 168

    Garth Brooks 0 Gold = 0 New Total: 106

    If we go one step further and award the average 250,000 to albums that haven’t reached gold status, it becomes VERY interesting because neither The Beatles nor Garth Brooks have any albums that have not been certified. Elvis, however, has more than 200 non-certified.

    Elvis 220 Uncertified = 55 New Total: 173.5

    Beatles 0 Uncertified = 0 New Total: 168

    Garth Brooks 0 Uncertified = 0 New Total: 106”

    Phrases like “For the purpose of this exercise” give the game away. That is not evidence based but pure speculation.

    Those figures are not accurate – they are purely speculative and assume a certain level of sales. Those assumptions are not supported by any evidence.

    David Kronemyer wrote an article (you can Google his article) about The Beatles sales in the US. In 1985 he was Vice President of Capitol records and from his information which covers the period 1964-1985 and from Soundscan figures from 1991-2009 and some interpolatopn for the period 1986-1990 the following figures for Beatles US album sales are obtained:

    1960s = 32,514,816
    1970s = 30,413,129
    1980s = 17,858,890
    1990s = 30,188,000 (1990 plus half of 1991 to be added)
    2000’s = 30,182,000

    At least 141,156,835 albums to date in USA. In these figures a double album counts as one sale, however the RIAA measures the sale of a double album as 2 sales. When you add in sales of double albums that equates to 170 million as measured by the RIAA.

    According to Soundscan The Beatles have sold 60,370,000 albums in the US since mid 1991, compared to about 32,000,000 for Elvis.

    The Beatles certainly outsold Elvis in the 1960’s and probably in the 1970’s and 1980’s. So when did Elvis outsell The Beatles, other than the 1950’s?

    I look forward to some factual evidence, not just emotive arguments supporting your contention that Elvis outsold The Beatles.

  312. WayDown says:

    “Bob”, send an email to RCA saying that their article is based on bulls :o) !…!!

    “cathy”, where I said that Thriller was not the best selling album?!! He had that, ONLY THAT.

  313. rcmsrw says:

    Bob, good reply. Waydown, it seems to me that if the RIAA DID audit Elvis’ sales with the cooperation of RCA and BMG and came up with new figures that RCA AGREED WITH and those new figures are still less than the Beatles then the argument is over. RCA may have put forth their numbers, but after an audit, which BOB kept insisiting someone do, and RCA AGREED WITH AUDIT NUMBERS, which they did, you can look it up, then the argument is over. Beatles #1 and Elvis #2 biggest solo artist ever. End of story.

  314. Bob says:

    Hey Waydown,

    Still no facts forthcoming. As rcmsrw accurately states, the audit of RCA by the RIAA shows The Beatles clearly outselling Elvis.

    The article by RCA is based on assumptions such as averages for each album below RIAA accreditation points. There is no evidence that these figures are correct. It is just a statistical trick to support their contention that Elvis is the biggest selling artist. There are lies, damned lies and statistics!

    When they say ‘For the purpose of this exercise’ you know they are not dealing with real figures but providing a possible scenario which is not supported by any evidence.

    When you some up with some evidence be sure to provide it.

  315. Simon says:

    The Beatles sales are all hype, believe me. One very good indication as to what STILL sells is this, go into a big record store and see what they have on The Beatles and Elvis CD’s. There’s always a stack of Elvis cd’s and DVD’s for that matter, and almost zilch on The Beatles. Record stores Only stock things that still sell, Elvis still sells, The Beatles are only regarded highly by stuck up Music journalists. Elvis was and is so cool, it’s just too much for some people to recognize this. Also go and try buy a Beatles poster, good luck :) Elvis on the other hand is EVERYWHERE, posters, t-shirts etc.
    And sure you also see a lot of Michael Jackson stuff in stores, but come back in a couple of years….zilch.
    Also, everybody knows the name of Elvis’ ex, nobody knows the names of John Lennon’s chicks. Elvis’ house is visited by over 600.000 people every year. Most people don’t even know wheter John Lennon was buried or cremated. No yearly get-togethers that run in the tens of thousands, like with Elvis on August 16.

    Elvis has been selling steadily since 1955, in 1956 and 1957 his singles were all over the top 10. Unfortunately all those sales haven’t even been counted. He HAS outsold those 4 boys by at least 500 million units. And Michael Jackson has only sold about 300 million units. That’s one fifth of Elvis’ sales. There can only be one king, and yes folks, that’s ELVIS :)

  316. Simon says:

    By the way, did you all know that Elvis had tried to have John Lennon kicked out the United States in the Seventies? And rightly so, if you criticize a country for its actions….get the hell out!

  317. MIKE BML says:

    I could care less who sold the most, it doesn’t effect my pocket. I do feel that it may go Beatles, Elvis and MJ. In that order. I also take exceptions to those of you who give tribute all of hese artist being the “alpha” of their music genre. Elvis didn’t create Rock n Roll he made it popular. I give credit to those black blues artists that changed their tempo and created “Jump Blues”. Way before Elvis and Bill Haley. Some like to call it “Rockabily” but the same tempo and sound was invented from those blues artist years before. Blues was the root of it all. The fruit of this root was Rock n Roll, Electric Rock, Jazz, R & B, and now Hip Hop. For all you Rockers that don’t beleive this, ask the early Rock musician who influenced them. Most would say Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Robert Johnson etc. Even Elvis gave credit to Blues artist. For you Elvis fans, Sun Records recorded Blues artist first. Elvis was steered to this music by Sam Phillips. Argue all you want about who sold more…but don’t forget the orgins of music of all these great musicans.

  318. MIKE BML says:

    Also by the way, MJ was a more international figure, The Beatles and Elvis sold more albums here in the States. MJ sold more albums abroad. According to many publications he sold more albums in Europe then The Beatles and Elvis combined.

  319. Bob says:

    Hey Simon,

    What world do you live in? Just compare the sales of the Beatles remastered CD’ to Elvis 75 – both recent releases. The Beatles remasters sold millions compared to meagre sales for Elvis 75.

    Compare the sales of The Beatles 1 to Elvis’s 30 #1’s. In the US, The Beatles 1 has sold 11.5 million copies compared to Elvis 30 #1’s 4.5 million copies. Here we are talking a similar product, in the same market during a similar time period (2000-2009 and 2002-2009) You are talking anecdotal rubbish. When you come up with some facts get back to me.

  320. rcmsrw says:

    Mike, according to many publications??? Name them. Give facts that MJ sold more than Beatles and Elvis outside America. You can’t because it isn’t true. As of today, right now, the Beatles are currently, not from long ago, currently the #1 artist in 20 countries including EVERY EUROPEAN COUNTRY. You can look it up, its a fact. Go to Check it out.
    Simon, yes you do live in a dream world. As has been pointed out, 5 authorities, RIAA, Billboard, IFPA, Soundscan and Guinness say the Beatles have sold the most. End of story. Sounscan verifies they have outsold Elvis 2-1 in the last 20 years. Also, 2-1 in the last 10 years. Nope, they have and continue to outsell Elvis, checkout any source. And don’t give us that crap about his t shirts and who goes to Graceland. He is an American and we in America have made him an icon. No one deny’s that. Go to England. They have made an industry off the Beatles with tours and such, so that’s how it is.
    The only thing you can’t deny is the Beatles created the best music of the rock era, by far, and also they have sold the most. End of story.

  321. rcmsrw says:

    Hey, MIke, you can look this up for verication. The Beatles are the #1 seeling artist of all time in Europe with 93 million sales. MJ is 4th with 70 million. Oh by the way, Elvis is not in the top 10.

  322. Simon says:

    Bob, every sensible person knows Elvis sold more than the Beatles and MJ combined. That’s a fact no-one can deny. Elvis’ double sided multiplatinum single Don’t Be Cruel/Hound Dog hasn’t even been counted, like countless other early singles and LP’s and E.P’s.
    And MJ more an international star??? Elvis was and is being sold all over this globe. Ever since 1956 boys and girls. Elvis will NEVER be outsold and don’t you just love it. Long live the King.

  323. Simon says:

    @Mike BML : ‘According to many publications he sold more albums in Europe then The Beatles and Elvis combined’

    Only according to the MJ camp. Like the title he bestowed upon himself, King of Pop :) Now that’s a joke, more like ‘king of courtbattles trying to prove there’s nothing wrong with sleeping with little boys’.

    Outside the fans camp MJ is looked upon as a freak and child molester folks. And he had a lot of things going for himself for only a period of about 3 years. Thriller was a big hit, no denying that, but after that it all went downhill pretty fast now.

    Also, Garth Brooks may have been big in the States, but over here in Europe, when you mentioned/mention his name, people will say, what is a garth brooks. He didn’t even have ONE bloody hit over here!

    Cheers, long live the king, ELVIS of course.

  324. Simon says:

    Do 600.000 fans cram Abbey Road Studios each and every year? I think not, and as you are from the USA as you state, you should be more proud of your own heroes, The Beatles themselves were like drooling school boys when they met the King. And rightly so, Elvis did afterwards say he didn’t understand whey they had such bad teeth :)

    And in England, the funny thing is: Elvis is MUCH bigger than the so-called Fab Four. By your words I can safely deduce you have never been there yourself :)

    Live with it son, Elvis has sold more than The Beatles and MJ combined, there can only be one King, Elvis is his name, bu-bye.

  325. Simon says:

    And for those who still don’t believe Elvis the King has outsold the 4 boys and the strange one:

    “According to RIAA certifications from 1955 to 1996…

    The Top Pop Albums (sales) that went GOLD or Better were:
    1. Elvis Presley (80 albums)
    2. Barbara Streisand (46 albums)
    3. The Beatles (39 albums)
    4. The Rolling Stones (38 albums)
    5. Neil Diamond (37 albums)
    Michael Jackson was not in the top 14

    The Top Pop Singles (sales) that went Gold and better were:
    1. Elvis Presley (24 Gold & 28 Platinum)
    2. The Beatles (18 Gold & 6 Platinum)
    3. Whitney Houston (14 Gold & 6 Platinum)
    4. Janet Jackson (16 Gold & 3 Platinum)
    5. Elton John (13 Gold & 6 Platinum)

    The Gold and Platinum are NOT the same records with a few extra. An album or single was only counted ONE time. It is not in BOTH totals (gold AND platinum).

    I know it says “Pop” but it lists performers from ALL music venues so I’m going to say the answer to your question is:

    The KING of Rock and Roll – Elvis Presley…and I don’t think ANYONE is going to surpass 80 ALBUMS that have gone a minimum of GOLD..Not the Beatles, Not Michael Jackson, Not Mariah Carey. No one.”

    The REAL end of story.

  326. Bob says:

    Hey Simon,

    Every thing you say is just your opinion and is not backed by any evidence and is therefore worthless.

    A few facts for you Simon:

    Top 10 Album Artists of SoundScan Era (1991-2009) in the US:

    1) Garth Brooks – 68,363,000 (2009 sales: 220,000)
    2) Beatles – 60,370,000 (2009 sales: 3,282,000)
    3) Mariah Carey – 52,388,000 (2009 sales: 819,000)
    4) Metallica – 52,160,000 (2009 sales: 1,024,000)
    5) Celine Dion – 50,933,000 (2009 sales: 362,000)
    6) George Strait – 41,843,000 (2009 sales: 1,224,000)
    7) Tim McGraw – 38,677,000 (2009 sales: 1,086,000)
    8) Alan Jackson – 37,447,000 (2009 sales: 927,000)
    9) Pink Floyd – 35,867,000 (2009 sales: 654,000)
    10) Eminem – 35,326,000 (2009 sales: 2,166,000)

    Top selling 50 Album Artists Of The Decade in the United States (2000-2009):

    01 Eminem 32,241,000
    02 The Beatles 30,182,000
    03 Tim McGraw 24,769,000
    04 Toby Keith 24,469,000
    05 Britney Spears 22,969,000
    06 Kenny Chesney 22,034,000
    07 Linkin Park 21,421,000
    08 Nelly 21,232,000
    09 Creed 20,594,000
    10 Jay-Z 20,424,000
    11 Nickelback 19,817,000
    12 Rascal Flatts 19,408,000
    13 Josh Groban 19,348,000
    14 Alan Jackson 18,857,000
    15 N’Sync 18,303,000
    16 Dixie Chicks 18,178,000
    17 Johnny Cash 18,143,000
    18 Kid Rock 17,614,000
    19 Metallica 17,403,000
    20 Celine Dion 17,363,000
    21 George Strait 17,275,000
    22 Michael Jackson 17,261,000
    23 Norah Jones 17,087,000
    24 U2 16,817,000
    25 Elvis Presley 16,486,000
    26 Usher 16,329,000
    27 Dave Matthews Band 16,025,000
    28 AC/DC 15,935,000
    29 50 Cent 15,868,000
    30 Alicia Keys 15,561,000
    31 Rod Stewart 15,561,000
    32 Santana 14,975,000
    33 Destiny’s Child 14,878,000
    34 Coldplay 14,604,000
    35 Mariah Carey 14,341,000
    36 Pink Floyd 14,164,000
    37 Shania Twain 13,850,000
    38 Ludacris 13,442,000
    39 Enya 13,422,000
    40 Green Day 13,363,000
    41 Andrea Boccelli 13,353,000
    42 Outkast 13,277,000
    43 R. Kelly 13,234,000
    44 Faith Hill 12,899,000
    45 Mary J. Blige 12,614,000
    46 3 Doors Down 12,551,000
    47 Christina Aguilera 12,380,000
    48 Limp Bizkit 12,378,000
    49 Bon Jovi 12,378,00
    50 Frank Sinatra 12,221,000

    The top-selling albums of the decade in the United States (2000-2009):

    1. The Beatles,1 – 11,499,000
    2. ‘NSync, No Strings Attached – 11,112,000
    3. Norah Jones, Come Away With Me – 10, 546,000
    4. Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP – 10,204,000
    5. Eminem, The Eminem Show – 9,799,000
    6. Usher, Confessions – 9,712,000
    7. Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory – 9,663,000
    8. Creed, Human Clay – 9,491,000
    9. Britney Spears, Oops! … I Did It Again – 9,185,000
    10. Nelly, Country Grammar – 8,461,000

    Source: Billboard and Rolling Stone Magazine.

    f you want to talk about income from outside record sales the following will be of interest:

    Top ‘brand artists’

    “Due to the recession, lots of musicians are having to look at different ways of earning money.

    A study out today by royalties body PRS For Music shows that The Beatles are the top ‘musical brand’, in terms of the cash they generate beyond record sales.

    As well as numerous advertising endorsements, there is a Rock Band video game dedicated to the iconic quartet, who split more than four decades ago.

    They have also made appearances on the US cartoon The Simpsons and are the subject of musical shows Beatles Love and one of the Cirque Du Soleil series.

    They were followed by the late Michael Jackson, Queen, the Spice Girls and Abba.”

    You will notice there is no mention of Elvis. You are in your own world Simon.

    I hope you read what rcmsrw said about The Beatles being the biggest selling artists in Europe with 93 million sales and Elvis not in the top 10.

    Top selling artists in the US according to RIAA:

    Top Selling Artists

    Artist Certified Units in Millions

    BEATLES, THE 170
    LED ZEPPELIN 111.5
    EAGLES 100
    JOEL, BILLY 79.5
    PINK FLOYD 74.5
    AC/DC 71
    JOHN, ELTON 70

    Another piece of information from Japan:

    The Beatles Win “Artist Of The Year (International)” At Japan Gold Disc Awards

    The ceremony of the 24th Japan Gold Disc Awards, sponsored by RIAJ (Recording Industry Association of Japan), was held, and The Beatles won “Artist of the Year (International)”, one of the grand prizes of the award.

    Artists are awarded based on the total net sales value of their albums/tracks released during the period, 1st January 09 – 31st December 09.

    The Beatles won the award with the total sales of 619,955 units, but as the digital re-mastered The Beatles boxed set and The Beatles In Mono released on 9th September 09 were counted as one unit per box set, their actual total sales were more than 2.5M units in terms of total albums.

    This is the fourth time The Beatles have received this award since the Japan Gold Disc Awards were launched in 1987, the second highest number of wins after Madonna who has won five times.

    This is a great achievement and shows that The Beatles still have enormous popularity in Japan.

    So, Simon the chalenge for you is to cut out the claptrap and back up your opinions with facts and figures. Let’s see if you can.

    The independent audited figures indicate The Beatles are the biggest selling recording artists in the world.

    Nothing you say will change that Simon.

  327. Simon says:

    Didn’t you read my above post Bob? Those figures say it all, Elvis is no. 1, as if anyone really doubted that fact! Here’s another clue, check it out.

    I’m sure the Beatles sold really nice, around 500.000.000 and that’s no small feat for those boys! Combined with Jackson’s sales of 300.000.000 that makes 800 million. ELVIS sold 1.5 billion records, that’s 1.500.000.000 Bob :) So he has almost sold twice as many records for the Beatles and MJ combined!!!! Don’t ever come back here with those outright lies. It’s plain and simple for everyone, Elvis is the number one seller and will NEVER be beaten. I wouldn’t care really Bob if the beatles HAD sold more, but the facts are simple. Elvis outsells the Beatles 3 to 1. But you knew that all the way, I don’t believe you are really that stupid.
    Cheers. Long live the king.
    End of this discussion. Elvis was, is and remains number one folks.

  328. Bob says:

    Hey Simon,

    Your previous post wasn’t listed when I posted last – must have been in the moderation stage.

    However Elvis having 80 gold albums only means a minimum of 40 million sales and less than 80 million sales. It is total sales that count.

    The Beatles have 6 Diamond albums in the US – 6 albums that have sold 10 million or more, which means a minimum of 60 million sold.

    In fact those albums are:

    The White Album 19 million
    1967-1970 16 million
    1962-1966 15 million
    Abbey Road 12 million
    Sgt Pepper 11 million
    1 11 million

    A total of 84 million sales from 6 albums.

    In TOTAL the RIAA has The Beatles selling 170 million albums in the US compared to 120 million for Elvis – so those 80 Gold albums don’t add up to more than The Beatles sold.

    Interpreting statistics correctly is more important than the statistics.

    So Simon, according to the RIAA which you are now quoting, The Beatles are 50 million ahead of Elvis – thanks for proving my point that The Beatles have outsold Elvis.

  329. popdirt says:

    Locking comments and continuing discussion here.

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