Is Jennifer Lopez Jealous Of Ben Affleck’s New Girlfriend?

A friend of Jennifer Lopez tells In Touch magazine that despite being married to Marc Anthony, the diva is jealous of ex-fiance Ben Affleck’s new romance with Jennifer Garner. “There is certainly a level of annoyance for J.Lo that Ben is dating Jennifer,” the pal said. “It draws out all of her insecurities.” Another pal added, “I am sure she’s absolutely heartbroken that Ben has found happiness [with Jennifer]. She has difficulty letting go.”

Jennifer Lopez Ponders First Tour

October 9, 2004 – The Mirror reports that Jennifer has revealed she’s thinking about embarking on her first tour. “I’ve been talking about it for a long time but I always get side-tracked because of movie things,” J.Lo said. “This time I’m really going to get out there.” A friend of the diva added, “She’s taken a lot of knocks over her films not doing well at the box office and for her relationship with Ben Affleck. Jen feels that her music career still has credibility and she’s got the potential to pull off a headline grabbing tour like Madonna.”

Jennifer Lopez Feels A Little More Grown Up

October 9, 2004 – After her very public romance with Ben Affleck, these days Jennifer and her husband Marc Anthony are making their own moments much more private. “I’ve got to try a different approach,” Jennifer tells ‘Extra’. “Because the approach I was using? Not so good; not so much! Love is a sacred thing and you have to treat it with care, Now, I feel like… I’m a little more grown up.”

Cojo On Jennifer Lopez’s Fashion

October 9, 2004 – Why are some celebrities are taking a closer look in the mirror, how Jennifer stands the pain of high fashion and a heavy metal look for the upcoming holiday season. Contributor and celebrity-style expert Steven Cojocaru was invited to appear on ‘Today’ to discuss all this and more. Watch the clip at

Jennifer Lopez To Hit Orange County?

October 8, 2004 – In this week’s edition of US Weekly it is reported that Jennifer will be making a special appearance on the hit series ‘The O.C.’ It appears this happened when Mischa Barton approached her and asked if she’d be willing to make a cameo, to which Jennifer gladly accepted.

Jennifer Lopez Mobbed At ‘Shall We Dance?’ After Party

October 7, 2004 – Syndicated columnist Liz Smith reports Jennifer and hubby Marc Anthony were the first to arrive at Branch for the ‘Shall We Dance?’ after-party. Lopez was almost crushed as she navigated though a narrow entry-way, but genially tossed thank-you’s over her shoulder as she was led away to the roped-off area.

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2 thoughts on “Is Jennifer Lopez Jealous Of Ben Affleck’s New Girlfriend?

  1. Pheobe says:

    I despise J-Lo but why would she be jealous of Jennifer Garner? Jennifer Garner is sickening, she cheated on and left her husband (Scott Foley) for Michael Vartan, then cheated on and left Michael Vartan for Ben Affleck. Who is she going to leave Ben Affleck for, only time will tell. If they cheat with you, they will cheat on you.

  2. usuckbananas says:

    No way is she jealous of Jennifer Garner. You can tell in her knew interviews that she’s happy. Way happier than she was before. So I highly doubt she’s jealous. I happen to be though.

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