Is Jennifer Lopez Pulling Ben Affleck’s Strings?

Ben Affleck recently dumped his long-time publicist, David Pollick, and well-placed sources tell Jeannette Walls of that was behind the move. “Pollick was in J.Lo’s way, so J.Lo got him out of the way,” the source revealed. “There’s no room for reason on Planet J. Lo.” Lopez’s publicist countered, “We [Lopez and I] were advised of the change. We didn’t even know about it until it happened. I mean, I don’t know when she knew about it, but your source isn’t that good.”

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez’s Battle With Celeb Status

May 20, 2003 – WENN reports Ben admits he sometimes wonders whether living the high life with Jennifer is worth all the media attention. “Let’s say the jury’s still out on that one,” he admitted. “It’s impossible to lead a normal life! There’s nothing that is normal about my life, apart from what I do when I’m at home in my house, because otherwise everything I do is observed – and that’s not normal. That is extortion.”

Jim Carrey On Mariah & J.Lo

May 19, 2003 – Jim Carrey was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday and was asked about if he shares anything in common with besides a last name. “Well, maybe a little off centeredness maybe,” he said. “A little eccentricity.” He added, “Maybe a tiny bit to the left, yeah. We play left field, both of us.” Asked if he ever hit on while she was a Fly Girl on ‘In Living Color’, Carrey said, “No, she had two of the butts when she was on the show. No, she is incredible now. And I definitely would if she’s now with the big guy.” Carrey also picked Ruben Studdard to win ‘American Idol’, though appeared to just be prompted by the TRL audience.

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