Is Jessica Simpson A Real Musician?

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This isn’t an opinion. This is more of a thought. Well, I was thinking that Jessica Simpson isn’t really a celebrity for anything else other than her reality show. It’s a cute show. I’m glad her and of are happy, but I think she’s under the impression (and maybe it’s the right impression) that people are in love with her and Nick being in love. Take ‘Take My Breath Away’, it’s a very good song. I loved the original too, but every single she has put out has been about her love life, and because she can’t dance she only releases slow songs. So I think her popularity from TV is the reason she is succeeding as an artist. I do realize she has been out there longer than Britney, and she is a very nice girl, but I FEEL that she has more to prove. Saying tuna is chicken isn’t how Britney or Christina launched their music careers. But one last thing she is being very smart with capitalizing on her popularity to do other things beyond music, but if she is meant to be a true artist I need more and better music. It’s just my opinion. What do you all think?

Mischa Barton Refuses To Introduce Jessica Simpson At ‘Divas’

May 5, 2004 – Us Weekly reports ‘The O.C.’ star Mischa Barton was unwilling to share the stage with Jessica Simpson at the VH1 ‘Divas’ concert in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand on April 18th. Barton refused to introduce Simpson, instead wanting to introduce what she probably felt was a more deserving diva. “Mischa was definitely insulted and acted like she was too good for Jessica,” a source said. “She wanted to introduce Patti LaBelle or not participate at all.” Another source sneered, “It’s really ridiculous that Mischa would even think that she’s a big enough star to introduce someone like Patti. After all, Jessica and Mischa are technically peers – they have the exact same fan base.”

Jessica Simpson Creates A Beatle-esque Stir

May 3, 2004 – The Dallas Morning News reports Jessica Simpson created quite the buzz when arriving at Nikita on Thursday night with 25 pals. Owner Russell Hayward whipped out his velvet rope and sealed off the VIP room at his West Village nightspot, and after their night of fun, the crowd that gathered around the rope showed their adulation. “On her way out, it was like something out of a Beatles’ movie,” Hayward said. “People were chanting ‘Jessica, Jessica!'”

‘Upskirt’ Videographer Arrested At Jessica Simpson Event

April 28, 2004 – Celebrity Justice reports that a Florida man was arrested on Saturday (April 24) for using a video camera to film up the skirts of young girls waiting in line at a Jessica Simpson autograph signing in Times Square, cops said. Bruce Bartling, 43, was nabbed after a man watching him became suspicious as he kept dropping a bag containing the camera directly at the girls’ feet. Police said Bartling posted his $10,000 bail and was arraigned on two counts of unlawful surveillance and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

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8 thoughts on “Is Jessica Simpson A Real Musician?

  1. urbaniz3d says:

    I think she’s already proven she can SING. She wouldn’t be semi-famous if she couldn’t sing. They wouldn’t have been asked to be on newlyweds if they weren’t somewhat well-known. “i wanna love you forever” & “irresistible” were hits before newlyweds. You act like Jess has no talent. Sorry, but she is way better vocally than Britney can only WISH to be. She is a true artist, because she’s proven that she is one. People may be buying her CDs more now because of Newlyweds, but that wouldn’t detract from the fact that she can sing.

  2. PopCynic says:

    Well, everything you said is pretty true, but it’s less than profound. (1) The fact that Jessica is now successful for nothing except her reality TV show is not a new thought. The show has gained her a few fans who went out and resurrected her album, but that doesn’t change the fact that the album, well, sucked. The show also hasn’t given her any respect in the industry. Yes, she’s making money and is “successful” but it’s the same king of success that Anna Nicole Smith had and unless she makes some smart business decisions, it’ll be gone just as fast. (2) The point about all of her songs being love songs is kinda moot. Almost all pop songs are love songs (or at least about some aspect of relationships). She’s no different than most other artists. (3) “Take My Breath Away” is a good song? Did you hear it!?! She destroyed it. Fun Fact: Her dad thinks that her song Angels (which she sang on Divas) is going to “take her to the next level” and win her a Grammy. The song would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    She can belt, but can she sing? I think she’s as cute as the next pearson but her voice is nothing special and the *way* she sings her songs (“Take My Breath Away”) just mutilates them. “Take My Breath Ahhhhhh-WAYYYYYYY” Also, the idea of Britney wishing she could sing like Jessica is kinda funny considering that Jessica made no qualms about admitting that she was trying to be like Britney on her Irresistible album.

  3. NewUpcomingArtist says:

    Why do artist who have GREAT Voice range are disapprove off, negatively criticize, attack, and judge when other “supposedly artist” who lip sing to 90% of their songs are adore like a gods. Give me a break!

  4. PopCynic says:

    A great voice does not make an artist. Singer and artist aren’t the same thing, and I wouldn’t call someone who lip synced 90% of their songs an artist either.

  5. NewUpcomingArtist says:

    SINGERS ARE ARTISTS. One, such as an actor or singer, who works in the performing arts ARE CALL ARTISTS. Why do people try to change the definition to words to make them look important? Don’t change what an artist is to your perception, just accept what an artist is. Jessica Simpson is a person whose work shows exceptional creative ability and skill. (vocally) like I said before an ARTIST

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    Yeah your right. I believe people try to change the definition because they want to separate people like Britney, J.Lo, etc., who I would say are just entertainers, from people who truly sing and show more artistic endeavors beyond just using their sex appeal all the time. Those are people like Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, etc. I believe that there’s more to being an artists than just singing. If being an artists was just all about singing than anybody can be an ARTIST. But anyways, I agree with what you mean, people should just accept what an artists is technically instead of changing the whole definition completely.

    Okay, I agree with you, but you seem to be overlooking the reality TV show as being the only thing that Jessica Simpson is famous for and making it seem as if the show was what launched her music career. Jessica Simpson was known before the show (if she weren’t then there wouldn’t be a show), and she had at least 2 hits on her belt, so it’s not like she just came out of nowhere and became a famous reality TV show star from simply saying tuna is chicken. Give the girl credit, she’s just about in the same league as Britney, Xtina, Mandy Moore, etc. (not musically, just when it comes to being known and popular), and even though she might not be the best singer (i think she needs to learn to sing more rather than belt every note out and trying to hit high notes that she can’t control), I would say that she deserves at least a little credibility. Doing a show like this was a smart thing she did, since it after all made her popular again.

  7. galleta says:

    Jessica is a singer, she has a good strong voice but she is not an entertainer. Britney, Madonna they are entertainers who can hold a note longer than the average person. If Jessica ever became serious about her craft she would probably make it in the business. Pop artist are always more successful than real singers because lets face it pop sells to the teenies and they are more vocal and spend more money on CD’s and merchandise more often than older people with real taste for real music and singers. Jessica seems to me that she is just after quick fame and hopefully Nick is investing their money wisely because Jessica’s star will burn out soon, she’s not a serious performer which is too bad cause she has the voice

  8. hellahooked says:

    Jessica Simpson is not a real musician. Yeah she has a good voice but she is only famous NOW because of her stupidity. All she has to do is keep on saying stupid stuff on TV and she’ll be here for ever, lol.

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