Is Justin Timberlake Wrecking ‘Shrek 3’?

Radar magazine reports that is ruining ‘Shrek 3’ after girlfriend Cameron Diaz pushed to have the star voice the role of Fiona’s long-lost relative King Arthur. “The problem is that the plot of the movie basically rides on the back of this Artie character [the young King Arthur], and DreamWorks was having a helluva time casting it, trying to find the right young actor with the right voice,” says a source close to the studio. “But after they made the mistake of mentioning it to Cameron, they were backed into a corner. They needed her, so to keep her happy, they had to go with Justin. But when he came in to record he was just awful. Every other time they’ve brought on a new character—like Antonio Banderas or Rupert Everett—they’ve added to the mix. Timberlake is just a liability.”

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2 thoughts on “Is Justin Timberlake Wrecking ‘Shrek 3’?

  1. cao says:

    loved Shrek 3 but I can’t wait till Shrek 4.

  2. pao says:

    I loved the first two but the third wasn’t too great

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