“Is Kelly Clarkson Pregnant” Searches Explode After ‘Idol’ Performance

Kelly Clarkson pregnant

A flood of searches on popdirt.com last night wondering if was pregnant probably wasn’t the reaction the 26-year-old or her label RCA were hoping for when the singer performed her ‘All I Ever Wanted’ lead single ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ during Wednesday night’s ‘’. Watch the performance at YouTube.

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2 thoughts on ““Is Kelly Clarkson Pregnant” Searches Explode After ‘Idol’ Performance

  1. beth says:

    Even if she were pregnant its really not our business until she lets the “secret” out if there really is one. Leave her alone!!! Give her some privacy, you wouldn’t want people mucking in your business, would you? Why don’t people gossip about things that really matter? Speak up about something like abuse, not Rihanna and Chris, or drugs, not how good it is cause its not, about religion, JESUS DOES LOVE YOU!!! About things that really do matter

  2. Jeff Core Winn says:

    Shove your Jesus crap up your butt.

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