Is Lady Gaga Copying Roisin Murphy’s Persona?

As continues to take flack for copying Lady Gaga’s style, some fans are trying to turn the table on Lady Gaga appearing to emulate Irish electro pop singer Roisin Murphy. Check out a clip demonstrating how many of Gaga’s wardrobe choices appear to have been originated by Murphy below.

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15 thoughts on “Is Lady Gaga Copying Roisin Murphy’s Persona?

  1. lady gaga says:

    Christina fans are just jealous throwing dirt to Lady Gaga and it wont work Lady Gaga is getting bigger that than Christina bitch and Lady Gaga obviously keeps getting better! You Christina fans get a life!

  2. Bombchell in Atlanta says:

    You know what, props for finding the similarities.

    I guess in fashion everyone influences everyone. and builds on it, to make it something original.

  3. Brent says:

    Lady GaGa may be copying her style, but she’s doing it bigger and better than anyone. Every artist out there rips stuff off from someone, its that type of Biz. Obviously there is something about HER that makes her so much more popular than those other singers. If it was just the awkward fashion sense, that Raisin? girl who NO ONE has heard of would be all over the radio, magazines, and television. BUT SHE ISNT. SO LADY GAGA WINS.

  4. mogwai says:

    Brent: you lose at life! Believe it or not, people actually made music before Lady Gaga did. And lo and behold, Róisín Murphy is one of them! Also note: she’s a f____ng genius. Suck it up!

  5. ana says:

    yes she is but … well it does not matter in that industry everybody copies everybody!!!

  6. ana says:

    I don’t understand …why the comment about Christina ..we are talking about gaga and Roisin and Gaga’s lack of originality Christina has nothing to do here!!

  7. dude says:

    here is something funny, celebrity copying ( borrowing, incorporating, stealing, liking, … ) someone else’s style. it’s what we all do, if you like gaga, or Christina’s style you add it to your wardrobe. either as a whole or just pieces. everyone likes what others have, some are just more popular and get scrutinized if they wear something another person wore first. it’s a part of fashion, otherwise fashion would not progress. just throwing it out there. quit wining. all these girls win if they look nice, or hot, regardless of who they are.

  8. IppyEvie says:

    I cannot believe people who think that US seems to be the only place people make music. Get out of your shell. Roisin Murphy has done this avant-garde techno style music/fashion 4 years ahead of Lady GaGa. GaGa, four years after, commercialized Roisin’s style in the US. Timeline is the witness here, which means Roisin does influences/ or being copied, I let you decide. Doesn’t matter who’s more famous, as if US market is the proof of success to everything. It’s not. If it’s anything of a proof, it’s proof that you can commercialize your music everyone in the mass like it. Doesn’t mean it’s a a success in the rest of the world’s eyes. Educate yourself before making comments otherwise you will look like an idiot.

  9. getoverit says:

    what is up with all this arguing about who is better or more original? Who cares, why can’t we all just respect each other’s taste in music? Just because some of Roisin Murphy or Lady Gaga’s fans are idiots doesn’t mean that the respective artist is. it’s not a contest – if you like the music then that’s all that matters.

  10. unknown says:

    I always thought it was hilarious how people accused Christina of copying Gaga (who Christina didn’t even know in 2008)… because of simple BANGS! Christina has had bangs before Gaga was even born!!!!!!!

    But people are completely ignoring the fact that Gaga is a huge copy of Roisin Murphy. 99% of Gaga’s outfits have been worn by Roisin before.

    LOL… you want to compare artists??? Compare Gaga and Roisin.

    Leave Christina Aguilera alone. Christina Aguilera is THE BEST, MOST AMAZING SINGER EVER.

    CELINE DION AGREES!!!!!!!!!!! (Look it up)

    2010 : new Christina music + movie

  11. Zack says:

    I honestly don’t think Lady Gaga’s copying her. I respect Roisin as an artist, even though I’m from the US and haven’t heard much about her. But Gaga’s been doing her style for years, too.

    Lady Gaga’s very, very open about her influences. She would list Roisin if Roisin was influencing her style.

    Most of the pictures shown are either vague, coincidental, or just ridiculous. Gloves and sunglasses? Apparently, since NOBODY has ever done that before Roisin, Gaga must be a fraud!

  12. Samantha says:

    Lady Gaga is a cheap hack. Roisin Murphy actually has musical talent and taste in clothes. Lady Gaga is trashy.

  13. PhonerBoner says:

    Alright- Lady Gaga has spent a couple of years babbling about artistry, when in fact the style she wears is not her own, selling an image is a serious business, what’s Stefa Nigh without a glossed over wardrobe- it sold her, only to find out it is someones else’s style and wardrobe, but she claims herself as “original” the art’ tist’. Americans lack in understanding of respect to others work, what is Roisin Murphy intended to do? hate her own clothes, she’s a fashion diva,has grace,isn’t ugly, why would she bother to insult? What a waste and insult to culture, it is the perpetuation of brainwashed consumption…bottom line is that lady collects a check in the vain of someone else’s persona. “Single White Female” she is……

  14. alanamamamama says:

    ok I am sick and tired of saying people Gaga and Gaga copying people because the fact is its not true Gaga is amazing and she is not copying anyone she has said many times before that she is inspired usually artists need inspiration to create something spectacular and same goes for gaga it doesn’t matter who came first it just matters what kind of artist/person they are and Gaga is both an amazing artist and person so suck it bitches

  15. ANGE says:

    Artists and singers make a living because of their art and songs but also because of their image and look, it is part of their act and art; I don’t think Elvis Presley would have been too happy if another singer would have copied his clothes, but then money talks, he was probably protected; to steal a look from someone who has worked on it for years and paste it in 10 minutes to themselves is in my opinion theft – Yes some singers from abroad come to London to “inspire” themselves, because nobody will know back home where the ideas came from…most of the time.

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